Stray Dog - Expanded Edition - Stray Dog

Stray Dog - Expanded Edition
Released 26/10/09. The 1973 debut from a band who became cult figures on the blues-rock scene, mainly because there was a real crunch to the music. Greg Lake (of Emerson, Lake and Palmer) signed them to the bands Manticore label, and he produced three of the tracks on this album. This release (along with While You re Down There by Stray Dog) is the first to be issued on the reactivated Manticore label, under an exclusive license to Cherry Red Records and managed by the people who brought you Esoteric Recordings and Atomhenge.
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Tramp (How It Is) / Crazy / A Letter / Chevrolet / Speak Of The Devil / Slave / Rocky Mountain Suite (Bad Road) / Bonus Tracks - Crazy / The Journey / Eric Takes A Walk / Rocky Mountain Suite (Bad Road) / Tramp (How It Is) / Dog's Blues Inc Guitar Solo / Chevrolet
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While You’re Down There - Expanded Edition
Released 26/10/09. The second album from the blues-rockers, (who by now had expanded to a five-piece outfit, with the addition of a second guitarist and a keyboard player), is now available on CD in the UK for the first time. While You re Down There was Stray Dogs last release for Emerson, Lake and Palmer's label, Manticore. This album, issued in 1974, saw the band adopt a slightly smoother, less antagonistic style. This release (along with the band's self titled debut album) is the first to be issued on the reactivated Manticore label, under an exclusive license to Cherry Red Records and managed by the people who brought you Esoteric Recordings and Atomhenge. Our Price: £10.95

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Whatever Turns You On
Esoteric Recordings are proud to release this classic rock album from 1973, the second by the amazing power trio, West Bruce & Laing. Forming in 1972 the band brought together Cream bassist, vocalist and writer Jack Bruce with Leslie West and Corky Laing from the American band Mountain. Together WBL recorded three albums, all of which demonstrated the group's power and dexterity. Following the release of their debut, 'Why Doncha?' for CBS records in Europe, the band moved to RSO Records to record this, their last studio album which featured such classics as ‘Scotch Krotch'. Alas, the band only lasted some eighteen months before breaking apart. This Esoteric release, re-mastered from the original tapes, follows on the heels of the label's critically acclaimed 6 CD set Jack Bruce retrospective 'Can You Follow?' and is indeed a welcome one for all fans of classic rock!
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Why Dontcha
Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce a newly re-mastered edition of the classic 1972 debut album by WEST, BRUCE & LAING; "WHY DONTCHA”.
The album was the first studio offering by the trio and was a fine blend of hard rock (as defined by LESLIE WEST) and the unique compositional style of JACK BRUCE, finely complimented by the percussive powerhouse CORKY LAING.
"WHY DONTCHA” featured such fine compositions as the outstanding ‘Out into the Fields’, ‘The Doctor’ and ‘Why Dontcha’.
This Esoteric Recordings reissue has been newly re-mastered from the original master tapes and features a booklet that fully restores all original album artwork with a new essay.

Press: "Remastered and re-issued on Esoteric Recordings, this album sounds valid and fresh and has stood the test of time well..." - Merv Osborne, Blues Matters!

Release Date: 30/07/2012
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Born To Love
When Peabo Bryson and Roberta Flack teamed up in 1983 to record the Capitol album BORN TO LOVE, the pair had already experienced success as a duo thanks to the 1980 LP, Live & More (a Top 10 R&B best-selling album). By the time they headed into the studio to cut BORN TO LOVE, Bryson was six years into his recording career and had established himself as one of the premier black male vocalists of the day; Flack was already considered an internationally-renowned artist thanks to classic recordings such as ‘The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’ and ‘Killing Me Softly With His Song.’
With tracks produced by songwriters Michael Masser, Bob Crewe and Bryson himself, BORN TO LOVE achieved gold status in the US as well as becoming both artists’ highest-charting international success. The impact of the now-classic single, ‘Tonight, I Celebrate My Love’ (co-written by Masser, then known for songs such as Diana Ross’ ‘Touch Me In The Morning’ and Natalie Cole’s ‘Someone That I Used To Love’ and Gerry Goffin) was global, reaching No. 2 on the UK charts, No. 10 in Australia, No. 4 in Canada and No. 16 in the US).
The album also included two other charted singles, ‘Maybe’ and ‘You’re Looking Like Love To Me’ while ‘Heaven Above Me’ got radio and club play in the UK.
This 2013 expanded edition of BORN TO LOVE includes three bonus tracks along with liner notes by Billboard Senior Editor, Gail Mitchell with new quotes from Roberta Flack.

Release Date: 17/06/2013
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Watchin’ TV (With The Radio On)/You Can’t Get Off With Your Shoes On
· Barefoot Jerry was an American Southern rock and country rock band, based in Nashville, Tennessee, active from 1971 to 1977.

· It was composed of area studio musicians under the tutelage of Wayne Moss, and Mac Gayden (Barefoot Jerry was a store next to where Mac Gayden lived in the Smoky Mtns. and Barefoot Jerry the older fiddle playing man inside). Mac named the group from him. They were both lead guitarists of Area Code 615 and other 615 alumni.

· Barefoot Jerry's third and fourth albums, Watchin' TV and You Can't Get Off with Your Shoes On have enough moments to make them of interest to serious collectors and fans of early-'70s country-rock.

· These two albums from the bands mid-period, contain some of their finest work and are hard to get on CD. The albums have been re-mastered and contain new liner notes from Malcolm Dome and enhanced artwork

Available 23/09/2013

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