Otherworld - Space Ritual

A band formed by former founder members of Hawkwind, the group Space Ritual are true exponents of Space Rock, performing sell-out concerts drawing on "Classic" Hawkwind repertoire written by Nik Turner, Dave Anderson and Terry Ollis. Now Space Ritual come alive in the 21st Century with a stunning new studio album of original material that takes the ground breaking music of these ex-Hawkwind members into a new dimension that is both contemporary but still aware of its heritage and roots. Also featuring written poems by Sci-fi author Michael Moorcock, "Otherworld" has been described as "more Hawkwind than Hawkwind" by one commentator, but Space Ritual are more than that. They are a band in their own right, with their own style and future. Catch them on tour in the UK in October and on their new album, "Otherworld" now!
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The Return / Otherworld / The Black Corridor / Bubbles / Communiqué Ii / Ritual Of A Ravaged Earth / Asdf / Sonic Savages / Droid Love / Time Crime / Arrival In Utopia / Atomik / The Riddle / Cold Planet / Walking Backwards
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Live Chronicles
Atomhenge, the home of Hawkwind's catalogue from 1976 – 1997, continue their series of definitive reissued editions of these classic albums with the release of 'Live Chronicles'. The double album, originally released in 1986, was a recorded document of the band's 'Chronicle of the Black Sword' stage show of 1985, based on the Elric series of novels by Michael Moorcock.

The original CD release omitted Moorcock's on-stage narration and contribution. This newly remastered edition features the entire stage show and restores Moorcock's narrative on CD for the first time outside of a rare 1994 American CD release, making a definitive edition of one of Hawkwind's most memorable works.

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25 Years On
Atomhenge, the home of Hawkwind's catalogue from 1976 – 1997, continue their series of definitive reissued editions of these classic albums with the release of 'HAWKLORDS: 25 Years On'. The album, originally released in 1978, was Dave Brock and Robert Calvert's vision of a mechanised society that perfectly embraced the influence of the musical New Wave to deliver one of the most effective albums released during Calvert's tenure with Hawkwind.

This expanded edition features a bonus CD featuring live recordings by The Sonic Assassins from 1977 and 9 previously unreleased recordings from the album sessions. Including such classic tracks as 'PSI Power', 'Flying Doctor' and '25 Years', this reissue has been remastered from the original master tapes (a first for any CD issue of this album).

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Strange Trips & Pipe Dreams

ATOMHENGE, the home of HAWKWIND’s catalogue, is pleased to announce the release of the 1995 solo album by DAVE BROCK. "STRANGE TRIPS & PIPE DREAMS” was recorded at Dave’s studio in Devon in 1994 and 1995 and is widely hailed by fans as Dave’s finest solo album. Featuring the classic track ‘BOSNIA’ the album was originally issued on the Emergency Broadcast label in July 1995 to acclaim by fans, but has been unavailable on CD for some years.

This Atomhenge reissue has been newly remastered and features the rare bonus track, ‘YOU BURN ME UP’, pre-viously issued in 1998 on a rare Italian compilation. The reissue also restores the original CD artwork and includes an illustrated booklet with new essay.

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