Space Shanty - Khan

Space Shanty
Best known as the album that first brought the guitar playing talents of guitarist Steve Hillage to public prominence, Khans sole album is a splendid example of a fusion of Canterbury flavoured rock combined with jazz and space-rock influences. Originally released in 1972 by Deram records, it can now clearly be seen as the blue print for Hillage'slater solo success. Hillage has acknowledged that Space Shanty was the dry run for his classic Fish Rising album.
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Space Shanty / Stranded / Mixed Up Man Of The Mountains / Driving To Amsterdam / Stargazers / Hollow Stone / Bonus Tracks -Break The Chains / Mixed Up Man Of The Mountains (Early Version)
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Galactic Zoo Dossier
Released on 22/02/10 Esoteric Recordings are proud to announce the release of a newly re-mastered and expanded of Galactic Zoo Dossier , the first album by Arthur Brown's Psych / Space Rock outfit Kingdom Come. Issued on Polydor in 1971, the album launched the band, gaining instant notoriety. Touching on the musical territory of fellow travellers Hawkwind, Galactic Zoo Dossier was a masterwork and is now rightly regarded as a classic. This newly remastered edition includes bonus tracks of three alternate versions of Metal Monster , Space Plucks and Sunrise , together with both tracks from a BBC Radio One John Peel session from March 1971 (previously unreleased on CD). Our Price: £10.95

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This now legendary debut album by Egg featured the talents of Dave Stewart on Keyboards, Mont Campbell on Bass and Clive Brooks on Drums. Egg were associated with the so-called 'Canterbury' style of rock music pioneered by artists such as Caravan and Soft Machine. The trio produced music of startling originality and energy, drawing on influences ranging from rock to jazz to psychedelia to classical. This fusion resulted in one of the most enduring releases to appear on Decca's short lived Nova imprint and is now critically regarded as one of the more unique albums of the early 1970's. Re-mastered from the original tapes, the Esoteric Recordings reissue includes three bonus tracks, including both sides of the bands only single and 'Movement 3' from the albums notorious opus 'Symphony No. 2', now restored in its rightful place in this extended composition. Our Price: £10.95

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Automatic Man
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Formed by Michael Shrieve, drummer and one of the founder members of Santana, he also recruited Guitarist Pat Thrall for the band [who went on to play with Glenn Hughes, Pat Travers and Deep Purple]. Never before released on CD, this original Island album is a real connection between Traffic, Stomu Yamashata, Santana, tones of all 3 in places but also a very original album - Steve Winwood is apparently uncredited on this album for his backing vocals and keys. This is a really interesting quality release with digitally remastered original artwork, biog and sleevenotes.
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Diving Bell
DIVING BELL, the excellent debut album by Oxford’s SANGUINE HUM. Featuring JOFF WINKS (vocals, guitars, drum programming and samples), MATT BABER (Rhodes, synthesizer, percussion, mini drum kit), BRAD WAISSMAN (bass) and PAUL MALLYON (drums, percussion, mini drum kit), the band was formed from the ashes of the Joff Winks Band and the Antique Seeking Nuns (a heady mix of Zappa and Canterbury influenced instrumental compositions with songwriting that owed much to artists such as Robert Wyatt). However, after a year of not performing live and only working in the studio, the need for the duo to be back in a band reached a feverish pitch.
So with an ever-mounting pile of new songs the members of the Joff Winks Band came back together under the new moniker of Sanguine Hum, recording the album "Diving Bell” in 2011. Initially released in limited quantities on the Troopers for Sound website, the album is a complex ensemble work, featuring profound song writing, uniquely ambitious instrumental pieces and an equally important attention to the sonic landscape of the music as a whole, giving the band its defining characteristics. Sanguine Hum continue to pursue diverse areas of writing flitting between intense instrumental pieces and unorthodox songwriting. Influenced as much by Zappa and Mahavishnu Orchestra as they are by bands such as Tortoise, Sanguine Hum create avant-prog-post-rock with groove and melody to spare.
This new edition of "Diving Bell” adds three new songs and sees the Oxford quartet consolidate an already remarkably varied career, showcasing a new and exciting immediacy in their song writing that recalls the very best of Radiohead, Porcupine Tree and the Flaming Lips.
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The Weight Of The World

Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce the release of the eagerly awaited new studio album by Sanguine Hum. "The Weight of the World” sees Sanguine Hum expand their musical horizons on all fronts with a seven-track collection of diverse compositions - technically challenging and exciting yet always melodic and direct.
Songs such as ‘From the Ground Up’ and ‘System for Solution’ pursue the Porcupine Tree meets Radiohead approach of the debut record "Diving Bell” with powerful yet intricate riffs propelling the songwriting that continues to make ever more inventive use of surprising twists and turns in the arrangement. Surprises are to be found as well in the instrumentation as the band open up the sound and more explicitly reference a love of electronica and the music of artists such as Boards of Canada and Aphex Twin, best heard in the song ‘Day of Release’ as synthetic percussion and rumbling synths give way to chiming acoustic guitar and a soaring vocal melody. Perhaps even more exciting for a band that perhaps held some of their Prog influences in check on their debut album, is the 15-minute title track that manages the task of combining effective and emotional songwriting with thrilling musical developments that push the band to the limit.
"The Weight of the World” breaks new ground for a band at the forefront of truly "progressive” music.


Release Date: 25/03/2013

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