Inginbottom’s Wrench - Igginbottom

Inginbottom’s Wrench
Released 26/10/09. Allan Holdsworth is a legendary figure in the world of Jazz and Rock guitar players. For four decades he has been considered one of the finest exponents of the instrument. Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce the release of the album that saw Holdsworth make his recorded debut, Igginbottom's Wrench. Igginbottom was formed in Bradford in 1968 and also featured Dave Freeman (drums), Steven Robinson (guitar, vocals) and Mick Skelly (bass). Their sole album was originally released by Decca's Deram label in 1969, and featured such innovative pieces as The Castle and Sweet Dry Biscuits. The record also enjoyed the patronage of Jazz legend Ronnie Scott. A criminally under-rated work, Esoteric is proud to present the album to a new audience.
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The Castle / Out Of Confusion / The Witch / Sweet Dry Biscuits / California Dreamin / Golden Lakes / Not So Sweet Dreams / Is She Just A Dream? / Blind Girl / The Donkey
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New Dawn
Esoteric Recordings are pleased to release both of the highly collectable albums by Progressive / Jazz Rock outfit Galliard. Formed in the Midlands in 1969 featuring Andrew Abbott (bass), Geoff Brown (vocals), Dave Caswell (saxophones), Richard Pannell (guitar), Les Podraza (drums) and John Smith (woodwind), this innovative group recorded their second album for Decca's Deram imprint in 1970. Like many other Deram acts, Galliard failed to achieve the commercial success they deserved. Both 'New Dawn' and their previous release 'Strange Pleasure' (also released this month by Esoteric) are among the most collectable and valuable records of the Progressive Rock genre. Our Price: £10.95

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Man's first classic album for liberty / ua - now 24-bit re-mastered from the original master tapes with previously unreleased bonus track. Man's importance in the history of welsh rock music cannot be understated. Fusing the worlds of Psychedelia, Blues, Rock and Roll and west coast inspired Rock, They were simply one of Britain's most original groups of the 1970's. Recording a series of classic albums for Liberty / United Artists, Man, along with label-mates Hawkwind, were true champions of the "underground" spirit. Esoteric recordings are proud to undertake the reissuing of man's entire legacy for united artists beginning with their debut for the label released in march 1971. The reissue features a previously unreleased 17 minute bonus track and liner notes exclusively penned by man guitarist and raconteur Deke Leonard. The time is right to re- experience the musical ages of man! Our Price: £10.95

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Revelation – Re-mastered and Expanded Edition
Hard Way To Die / Grasshopper / Rock And Roll You Out / You Don't Like Us / Bedtime Bone / One More Chance / Rainbow Eyes /Day And Night / Previously unreleased bonus tracks- Grasshopper (First Mix) / Rock And Roll You Out (First Mix) / Hard Way To Die (B-Side Of Single) / Somebody's Calling (Live 1975) / Many Are Called, But Few Get Up (Live 1975) / a hard way to live (live 1975) Our Price: £10.95

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Mass-Media Stars
Following on from the successful series of reissues of Italian progressive rock legends PFM and BANCO, ESOTERIC RECORDINGS is pleased to announce the release of both albums by Italy’s ACQUA FRAGILE. Formed in Milan, Acqua Fragile featured BERNARDO LANZETTI (vocals, guitar), GINO CAMPANINI (guitar, vocals), MAURIZIO MORI (keyboards, vocals), FRANZ DONDI (Bass) and PIERO CANAVERA (Drums, Guitar, Vocals). 

Inspired by British groups such as Genesis and Family and by the success of fellow group PFM, ACQUA FRAGILE wrote original material and sung lyrics in English. No mere clones of their British counterparts, ACQUA FRAGILE’s second album, MASSMEDIA STARS, was an accomplished work with many marvellous songs and enjoyed a release in the USA. The music was inspired enough for vocalist Bernardo Lanzetti to be sought out as a future member of PFM.

This Esoteric Recordings reissue is newly re-mastered and fully restores the original album artwork. The booklet also features a new essay with an interview with Bernardo Lanzetti.
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Esoteric Recordings are happy to release a new remastered edition of the self titled album by Progressive rock group AARDVARK. The band were an imaginative quartet comprising DAVID SKILLIN on Vocals, STEVE MILLINER on keyboards, STAN ALDOUS on Bass and FRANK CLARK on drums who came together in 1969. Driven by Steve Milliner’s keyboard playing ability, Aardvark’s only album was released in 1970 on Decca s short lived progressive imprint DERAM NOVA.One of the best albums released on NOVA, Aardvark features such outstanding pieces as the evocative ONCE UPON A HILL , MANY THINGS TO DO and the powerful album closing track; PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT . This Esoteric Recordings reissue has been newly remastered from the original master tapes and features a booklet with fully restored artwork and new essay.
Our Price: £10.95

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