Esoteric Label Discography

Please find below a list of all releases on the Esoteric label:

Agitation Free Shibuya Nights Live in Tokyo EAGFCD1001
Todd Rundgren The Individualist ECLEC2297
Arthur Brown Chisholm in My Bosom ECLEC2299
Norman Haines Band (The) Den Of Iniquity ECLEC2301
Todd Rundgren No World Order : Expanded Edition ECLEC22296
Jack Bruce Band (The) Live 75 ECLEC22300
Man Live at the Marquee 13th May 1983 ECLEC32298
Bill Nelson The Practice of Everyday Life - Celebrating 40 Years of Recordings - COCDBOX102
Tangerine Dream Sorcerer O/S/T EREACD1023
Todd Rundgren One Long Year ECLEC2303
Todd Rundgren With A Twist ECLEC2302
Jade Warrior Floating World ECLEC2210
Jade Warrior Waves ECLEC2211
Fields Fields ECLEC2207
Touch Touch ECLEC2310
Gary Boyle Electric Glide ECLEC2308
Gary Boyle The Dancer ECLEC2307
Hawkwind It Is The Business Of The Future To Be Dangerous ATOMCD21032
Lindisfarne Magic in the Air ECLEC2314
Aardvark Aardvark ECLEC2286
Ache De Homine Urbano ECLEC2344
Ache Green Man ECLEC2345
Acqua Fragile Acqua Fragile ECLEC2277
Acqua Fragile Mass-Media Stars ECLEC2278
Alan Bown The Alan Bown! ECLEC2190
Alan Bown Listen ECLEC2193
Alan Bown Stretching Out ECLEC2194
Alan Hull Squire ECLEC2392
Alice Cooper Trash (Plus Bonus Tracks) HNECD031
Alquin Marks ECLEC2144
Alquin The Mountain Queen ECLEC2145
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe: Expanded and Remastered Edition ECLEC22465
Jon Anderson Change We Must ECLEC2420
Andy Jackson Signal To Noise EANTCD1040
Andy Jackson Signal To Noise: Deluxe Limited 2 Disc Edition EANTCD21041
Andy Summers Synaesthesia (Remastered and Expanded Edition) ECLEC2430
Anthony Phillips Harvest Of The Heart - An Anthology: Deluxe Remastered 5CD Box Set ECLECBOX2
Anthony Phillips The Geese And The Ghost: Definitive Edition - 2CD/1DVD Clamshell Set ECLEC32482
Aphrodite’s Child End Of The World ECLEC2205
Aphrodite’s Child It’s Five O’Clock ECLEC2206
Arc Arc… At This ECLEC2097
Argent All together now ECLEC2321
Armageddon Armageddon ECLEC2150
Arthur Brown & Kingdom Come Galactic Zoo Dossier ECLEC2179
Arthur Brown & Kingdom Come Kingdom Come ECLEC2186
Arthur Brown & Kingdom Come Journey ECLEC2187
Arthur Brown & Vincent Crane Faster Than The Speed Of Light ECLEC2283
Asgard In The Realm Of Asgard ECLEC2209
Ashley Hutchings and Ernesto De Pascale My land is your land ECLEC2078
Audience The House On The Hill: Remastered & Expanded Edition ECLEC2492
Audience Lunch: Remastered & Expanded Edition ECLEC2493
Baker Gurvitz Army Hearts On Fire ECLEC2249
Baker Gurvitz Army Elysian Encounter ECLEC2248
Baker Gurvitz Army Baker Gurvitz Army ECLEC2247
Bakerloo Bakerloo: Remastered and Expanded Edition ECLEC2468
Banco Banco MANTCD1009
Banco As In A Last Supper MANTCD1010
John Lees' Barclay James Harvest Legacy - Live At The Shepherds Bush Empire 2006 ECLEC2010
Barclay James Harvest Ring Of Changes ECLEC2332
Barclay James Harvest North: Deluxe Edition EANTCD21022
Barclay James Harvest Victims of circumstance 2CD ECLEC22330
Barclay James Harvest Eyes Of The Universe ECLEC2370
Barclay James Harvest Turn Of The Tide ECLEC2371
Barclay James Harvest A Concert For The People (Berlin) 30th Anniversary Edition ECLEC2217
Barclay James Harvest Live ECLEC2122
Barclay James Harvest Live Tapes (Expanded Edition) ECLEC22123
Barclay James Harvest Sea Of Tranquillity - The Polydor Years 1974-1997 ECLEC32157
Barclay James Harvest Glasnost 2CD ECLEC22384
John Lees' Barclay James Havest North: Deluxe Edition EANTCD21022
Barclay James Havest North EANTCD1023
Beggars Opera Nimbus, The Vertigo Years Anthology 2CD ECLEC22343
Big Sleep Bluebell Wood ECLEC2008
Bill Fay Bill Fay ECLEC2037
Bill Fay Time Of The Last Persecution ECLEC2038
Bill Nelson Practically Wired (or how I became guitar boy) COCD1004
Bill Nelson Noise Candy: Deluxe 6CD Box Set COCD61011
Bill Nelson Northern Dream COCD1001
Bill Nelson Simplex COCD1005
Bill Nelson After The Satellite Sings COCD1010
Bill Nelson Trial By Intimacy (The Book of Splendours) 4CD LIMITED EDITION BOXED SET COCD4007
Bill Nelson Northern Dream Ltd Edition Vinyl COCDLP1001
Bill Nelson's Orchestra Arcana Iconography COCD1008
Blonde On Blonde Contrasts ECLEC2218
Bob Downes Deep Down Heavy ECLEC2399
Bob Downes Electric City ECLEC2188
Bob Downes Open Music ECLEC2189
Bond And Brown Two Heads Are Better Than One ECLEC2042
Box Of Frogs Strange Land ECLEC2254
Box Of Frogs Box Of Frogs ECLEC2253
Boxer Below The Belt ECLEC2341
Boxer Bloodletting ECLEC2342
Brainbox Brainbox ECLEC2241
Burnin Red Ivanhoe Canal Trip – An Anthology 1969–1974 2CD ECLEC22395
Burnin Red Ivanhoe W.W.W.: Remastered Edition ECLEC2484
C. C. S. Tap Turns on the Water – The CCS Story 2CD ECLEC22404
Café Jacques Round The Back ECLEC2213
Café Jacques International ECLEC2214
Camel Stationary Traveller ECLEC2154
Camel Single Factor ECLEC2156
Camel Breathless ECLEC2155
Camel I Can See Your House From Here - Expanded Edition ECLEC2158
Camel Nude - Expanded Edition ECLEC2159
Camel Pressure Points – Live In Concert - Expanded Edition ECLEC22162
CCLR Cavalli-Cocchi, Lanzetti, Roversi eclec2280
Chicken Shack Unlucky Boy ECLEC2378
Chicken Shack Goodbye ECLEC2379
Chicken Shack Imagination Lady ECLEC2333
Chris Spedding Backwood Progression: Remastered Editon ECLEC2433
Chris Spedding The Only Lick I Know: Remastered Edition ECLEC2434
Chris Thompson Jukebox - The Ultimate Collection: 2CD Remastered Anthology ECLEC22478
Chris Thompson Toys & Dishes EANTCD1029
Chris Wood Vulcan ECLEC2079
Circus Circus ECLEC2136
Claire Hamill The Minor Fall, The Major Lift - The Best Of… ECLEC2024
Claire Hamill One House Left Standing ECLEC2031
Claire Hamill October ECLEC2032
Claire Hamill Voices ECLEC2068
Claire Hamill Love In The Afternoon ECLEC2070
Claire Hamill Touchpaper ECLEC2077
Clark-Hutchinson Free To Be Stoned – The Complete Decca Recordings Anthology ECLEC2219
Climax Blues Band Tightly Knit ECLEC2385
Climax Blues Band Rich Man ECLEC2386
Climax Blues Band FM Live ECLEC2387
Climax Blues Band Plays on ECLEC2374
Climax Blues Band A Lof Of Bottle ECLEC2375
Climax Blues Band Sense of Direction (Remastered and Expanded Edition) ECLEC2406
Climax Blues Band Stamp Album (Remastered and Expanded Edition) ECLEC2407
Climax Blues Band Gold Plated (Remastered and Expanded Edition) ECLEC2408
Climax Chicago Blues Band Climax Chicago Blues Band ECLEC2373
CMU Open Spaces ECLEC2093
CMU Space Cabaret ECLEC2094
Cochise Velvet Mountain 2CD ECLEC22388
Colosseum II Strange New Flesh:Expanded Edition ECLEC22315
Crazy World Of Arthur Brown (The) The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown 2CD Deluxe Edition ECLEC22178
Crazy World Of Arthur Brown (The) Strangelands ECLEC2258
Cressida Trapped In Time ECLEC2347
Cressida The Vertigo Years Anthology 1969-1971 2CD ECLEC22348
Curved Air Live ECLEC2067
Daevid Allen Good Morning ECLEC2004
Daevid Allen Now Is The Happiest Time Of Your Life – Re-Mastered Edition ECLEC2125
Darryl Way Concerto For Electric Violin ECLEC2167
Darryl Way’s Wolf Night music ECLEC2064
Darryl Way’s Wolf Canis lupis ECLEC2065
Darryl Way’s Wolf Saturation point ECLEC2066
Dave Brock Looking For Love In The Lost Land Of Dreams EANTCD1009
Dave Brock Memos and Demos ATOMCD1033
Dave Brock Looking For Love In The Lost Land Of Dreams LP EDITION EANTLP1009
David Bedford Nurses Song With Elephants eclec2276
David Bedford Stars End ECLEC2316
David Sancious Forest Of Feelings ECLEC2457
David Sancious & Tone Transformation (The Speed Of Love) ECLEC2458
Day Of Phoenix Wide open N-Way ECLEC2331
Decameron Mammoth Special ECLEC2327
Decameron Say Hello to the Band ECLEC2320
Deke Leonard Iceberg: Remastered and Expanded Edition ECLEC2479
Deke Leonard Kamikaze: Remastered and Expanded Edition ECLEC2480
Demon Fuzz Afreaka! ECLEC2111
Denny Gerrard Sinister Morning ECLEC2045
Deviants (The) Ptooff! ECLEC2118
Deviants (The) Disposable ECLEC2119
Deviants (The) Deviants Three ECLEC2120
Dick Heckstall–Smith A Story Ended – Expanded Edition ECLEC2137
Dog Soldier Dog Soldier ECLEC2252
Dog That Bit People (The) The Dog That Bit People ECLEC2229
Earth and Fire To The World Of The Future eclec2279
Earth And Fire Earth And Fire ECLEC2146
Earth And Fire Song Of The Marching Children ECLEC2147
Earth And Fire Atlantis ECLEC2148
East Of Eden Mercator Projected ECLEC2033
East Of Eden Snafu ECLEC2034
Eela Craig One Niter EREACD1007
Egg The Civil Surface ECLEC2003
Egg Egg ECLEC2035
Egg The Polite Force ECLEC2036
Ellis Riding On The Crest Of A Slump: Remastered Edition ECLEC2447
Ellis Why Not?: Remastered Edition ECLEC2450
Keith Emerson Honky ECLEC2419
Eric Burdon Mirage ECLEC2141
Fairweather Beginning From An End ECLEC2028
Fat Mattress Fat Mattress – Expanded Edition ECLEC2134
Fat Mattress Fat Mattress ll – Expanded Edition ECLEC2135
Fields Contrasts: Urban Roar To Country Peace - Remastered Edition ECLEC2488
Fire The Magic Shoemaker ECLEC2117
Fish On Friday Godspeed EANTCD1037
Flash Flash ECLEC2166
Flash Out Of Our Hands ECLEC2200
Flash In The Can ECLEC2201
FM NEARFest 2006: Deluxe CD/DVD Expanded Edition EANTCD21038
FM Transformation EANTCD1050
FM Black Noise ECLEC2376
FM Direct To Disc ECLECM2377
FM Surveillance ECLEC2382
FM City Of Fear ECLEC2383
Fruupp Seven Secrets ECLEC2102
Fruupp The Prince Of Heaven’s Eyes ECLEC2103
Fruupp Future Legends ECLEC2104
Fruupp Modern Masquerades ECLEC2105
Fuzzy Duck Fuzzy Duck ECLEC2323
Galliard Strange Pleasure ECLEC2098
Galliard New Dawn ECLEC2099
Gary Brooker Lead Me To The Water ECLEC2271
Gary Farr Strange fruit ECLEC2029
Gasoline Band (The) The Gasoline Band: Remastered Edition ECLEC2467
Giles, Giles And Fripp The Cheerful Insanity Of Giles, Giles & Fripp ECLEC2049
Gilgamesh Gilgamesh ECLEC2242
Gilgamesh Another Fine Tune You’ve Got Me Into – Re-Mastered Edition ECLEC2126
Ginhouse Ginhouse ECLEC2394
Gnidrolog In Spite of Hary's Toenail ECLEC2325
Gnidrolog Lady Lake ECLEC2326
Gods (The) Genesis (2CD) ECLEC22368
Gods (The) To Samuel A Son ECLEC2369
Gordon Giltrap The Peacock Party: Remastered and Expanded Edition ECLEC2453
Gordon Giltrap Visionary ECLEC2400
Gordon Giltrap Perilous Journey ECLEC2401
Gordon Giltrap Fear Of The Dark ECLEC2402
Gordon Giltrap Live at Oxford ECLEC2409
Gordon Giltrap & Oliver Wakeman Ravens & Lullabies 2CD Signed Limited Edition EANTCD21012
Gordon Giltrap & Oliver Wakeman Ravens & Lullabies EANTCD1013
Gordon Giltrap Band Airwaves: Remastered and Expanded Edition ECLEC2454
Graeme Edge Band Kick Off Your Muddy Boots ECLEC2142
Graeme Edge Band Paradise Ballroom ECLEC2143
Graham Bond Mighty Grahame Bond ECLEC2240
Graham Bond Love Is The Law ECLEC2239
Greatest Show On Earth (The) Horizons ECLEC2362
Greatest Show On Earth (The) The Going’s Easy ECLEC2363
Greg Lake Songs Of A Lifetime EANTCD1010
Steve Hackett The Bremen Broadcast, Musikladen 8th November 1978 EANTDVD1001
Happy The Man Happy The Man ECLEC2354
Happy The Man Crafty Hands ECLEC2355
Hapshash and the Coloured Coat Featuring the Human Host and the Heavy Metal Kids ECLEC2416
Hapshash and the Coloured Coat Western Flier ECLEC2417
Hardin and York The World’s Smallest Big Band ECLEC2090
Harsh Reality Heaven & Hell ECLEC2290
Hatfield and The North Hatfield and The North – Expanded Edition ECLEC2139
Hatfield and The North The Rotters’ Club ECLEC2140
Hawkwind Light Orchestra Stellar Variations EANTCD1008
Hawkwind Light Orchestra Stellar Variations LP EDITION EANTLP1008
Heaven Brass Rock 1 ECLEC2030
Help Yourself Reaffirmation: An Anthology 1971-1973 2CD ECLEC22459
Henry Lowther Band Child Song ECLEC2393
Here & Now Give And Take ECLEC 2222
Here & Now All Over The Show ECLEC 2223
Hi Fiction Science Curious Yellow EANTCD1034
High Tide Sea Shanties ECLEC2204
High Tide High Tide ECLEC2203
Home The Alchemist ECLEC2191
Home Pause For A Hoarse Horse ECLEC2269
Home Home ECLEC2268
Hot Tuna Hoppkorv ECLEC2292
Hot Tuna Yellow Fever ECLEC2291
Ian Matthews If You Saw Thro’ My Eyes ECLEC2360
Ian Matthews Tigers Will Survive ECLEC2361
Igginbottom Inginbottom’s Wrench ECLEC2164
Illusion Illusion ECLEC2260
Illusion Out Of The Mist ECLEC2259
Isotope Isotope ECLEC 2272
Isotope Illusion ECLEC2273
Isotope Deep End ECLEC2274
Jack Bruce I’ve Always Wanted To Do This ECLEC2073
Jack Bruce Automatic ECLEC2116
Jack Bruce Somethin’ Els (Remastered and Expanded Edition) ECLEC2427
Jack Bruce Cities Of The Heart (2CD Remastered Edition) ECLEC22428
Jack Bruce Monkjack (Remastered Edition) ECLEC2429
Jack Bruce Jack Bruce - Silver Rails - 2 Disc CD/DVD Special Edition EANTCD21030
Jack Bruce Jack Bruce - Silver Rails EANTCD1028
Jack Bruce Out Of The Storm ECLEC2289
Jack Bruce A Question Of Time ECLEC2270
Jackie McAuley Jackie McAuley ECLEC2110
Jackson Heights The 5th Avenue Bus ECLEC2170
Jackson Heights Ragamuffin’s Fool ECLEC2171
Jackson Heights Bump ‘N’ Grind ECLEC2172
Jade Warrior Way of The Sun ECLEC2198
Jade Warrior Kites ECLEC2199
Jan Akkerman Talent for Sale ECLEC2309
Jan Schelhaas Dark Ships ECLEC2063
Jim Capaldi The Sweet Smell of Success ECLEC2328
Jim Capaldi Let The Thunder Cry ECLEC2329
Jim Capaldi The Contender (Expanded and Remastered Edition) ECLEC22432
Jim Capaldi Some Come Running ECLEC2349
Jim Capaldi Oh How We Danced ECLEC2317
Jim Capaldi Whale Meat Again ECLEC2318
Jimmy Campbell Son Of Anastasia ECLEC2106
Jimmy Campbell Half Baked ECLEC2107
Jimmy Campbell Jimmy Campbell’s Album ECLEC2108
Joan Armatrading Whatever's For Us: Remastered and Expanded Edition ECLEC2491
Joe Byrd & The Field Hippies The American Metaphysical Circus: Remastered Edition ECLEC2483
John Cale & Terry Riley Church Of Anthrax: Remastered Edition ECLEC2448
John G. Perry Sunset Wading ECLEC2041
John Kongos Kongos: Remastered and Expanded Edition ECLEC2466
John Lees A Major Fancy : 2CD Deluxe Re-Mastered Special EDI ECLEC22233
John Lees' Barclay James Harvest Legacy - Live At The Shepherds Bush Empire 2006 ECDVD1001
John Lees' Barclay James Havest North EANTCD1023
John Lodge 10,000 Light Years Ago EANTCD1049
John Lodge 10,000 Light Years Ago: Limited Edition 2 Disc CD/DVD Set EANTCD21051
John Lodge Natural Avenue: Remastered And Expanded Edition ECLEC2437
John Martyn Well Kept Secret: Remastered and Expanded Edition ECLEC2445
Jon & Vangelis Page of Life (Remastered by Vangelis) ECLEC2426
Jon Anderson In The City Of Angels ECLEC2246
Jonesy Masquerade – The Dawn Years Anthology ECLEC2009
Juicy Lucy Get A Whiff A This ECLEC2389
Juicy Lucy Juicy Lucy ECLEC2215
Juicy Lucy Lie Back And Enjoy It ECLEC2216
Julian Jay Savarin Waiters On The Dance ECLEC2040
Julian’s Treatment A Time Before This ECLEC2039
Kayak Royal Bed Bouncer ECLEC2356
Kayak See See The Sun ECLEC2335
Kayak Kayak ECLEC2336
Keef Hartley Band The Time Is Near ECLEC2047
Keef Hartley Band Overdog ECLEC2048
Keef Hartley Band Halfbreed ECLEC2050
Keef Hartley Band Little Big Band ECLEC2051
Keef Hartley Band The Battle Of North West Six ECLEC2052
Keef Hartley Band Seventy Second Brave ECLEC2100
Keef Hartley Band Lancashire Hustler ECLEC2101
Keith Cross & Peter Ross Bored Civilians: Remastered and Expanded Edition ECLEC2441
Keith Emerson At The Movies: 3CD Boxset Edition ECLEC32460
Keith Emerson Changing States (Remastered Edition) ECLEC2440
Keith Tippett Group (The) You Are Here... I Am There ECLEC2366
Keith Tippett Group (The) Dedicated To You, But You Weren’t Listening ECLEC2367
Ken Hensley Proud Words On A Dusty Shelf ECLEC2180
Ken Hensley Eager to Please ECLEC2181
Ken Hensley Love & Other Mysteries EANTCD1005
Ken Hensley Love & Other Mysteries Ltd Edition Vinyl EANTLP1005
Kestrel Kestrel: Remastered 2CD Expanded Edition ECLEC22481
Khan Space Shanty ECLEC2046
Lifesigns Lifesigns (180g 2LP Vinyl Edition) EANTLP2101
Lifesigns Lifesigns EANTCD1011
Lindisfarne Back and Fourth ECLEC2313
Liverpool Scene (The) The Amazing Adventures of… ECLEC22138
Locomotive We Are Everything You See ECLEC2228
Lol Coxhill Ear Of Beholder eclec22275
Lord Sutch Lord Sutch And Heavy Friends ECLEC2405
Love Sculpture Blues Helping ECLEC2015
Love Sculpture Forms and Feelings ECLEC2016
Machiavel Jester ECLEC2224
Machiavel Mechanical Moonbeams ECLEC2225
Made In Sweden Made In England ECLEC2169
Maestoso / Woolly Wolstenholme Caterwauling ECLEC2017
Man Man ECLEC2012
Man Do You Like It Here Now, Are You Settling In? ECLEC2013
Man Live At The Padget Rooms, Penarth ECLEC2014
Man Christmas At the Patti ECLEC2018
Man Be Good To Yourself At Least Once A Day ECLEC2019
Man Rhinos, Winos & Lunatics (2cd expanded edition) ECLEC2020
Man Back Into The Future ECLEC2060
Man Maximum Darkness ECLEC2061
Man Slow Motion ECLEC2062
Man Revelation – Re-mastered and Expanded Edition ECLEC2127
Man 2 oz’s Plastic with a Hole in the Middle ECLEC2128
Man Reanimated Memories EANTCD1046
Man The Twang Dynasty: 3CD Boxset Edition ECLEC32455
Man Call Down The Moon ECLEC2456
Man All’s Well That Ends Well (Deluxe 3CD Clamshell Boxset Edition) ECLEC32431
Man Welsh Connection 2CD ECLEC22403
Marsupilami Arena ECLEC2007
Marsupilami Marsupilami ECLEC2095
Matching Mole Matching Mole:2cd Expanded Edition ECLEC22311
Matching Mole Little Red Record:2cd Expanded Edition ECLEC22312
Matt Stevens Lucid EANTCD1027
Matthews Southern Comfort Kind Of New 2CD ECLEC22359
Mellow Candle Swaddling Songs ECLEC2044
Michael Moorcock & Deep Fix The New World’s Fair ECLEC2026
Mick Farren Mona – The Carnivorous Circus ECLEC2121
Moody Blues (The) The Magnificent Moodies: 50th Anniversary Deluxe 2CD Remastered Edition ECLEC22473
Moody Blues (The) The Magnificent Moodies: 50th Anniversary Remastered and Expanded Edition ECLEC2474
Morgan Nova Solis ECLEC2152
Mountain Crossroader ~ An Anthology 1970-1974 ECLEC22230
Mountain Go For Your Life ECLEC2390
National Head Band Albert 1 ECLEC2074
National Health National Health – Re-mastered Edition ECLEC2129
National Health Of Queues and Cures (Re-Mastered Edition) ECLEC2130
NEIL Neil's Heavy Concept Album: Remastered and Expanded Edition ECLEC2444
Neil Ardley Harmony Of The Spheres ECLEC2096
Bill Nelson Getting the Holy Ghost Across (Expanded and Remastered) COCD21009
Nick Magnus N'Monix EANTCD1032
Omnia Opera Omnia Opera / Red Shift DECLEC2001
Paladin Paladin ECLEC2005
Paladin Charge ECLEC2006
Panama Limited Indian Summer: Remastered and Expanded Edition ECLEC2436
Panama Limited Jug Band Panama Limited Jug Band: Remastered And Expanded Edition ECLEC2435
Panic Room Satellite: Deluxe CD/DVD Expanded Edition EANTCD21033
Panic Room Skin EANTCD1006
Parlour Band (The) Is A Friend? ECLEC2192
Paul Brett Sage Paul Brett Sage ECLEC2112
Paul Brett Sage Jubilation Foundry ECLEC2113
Paul Brett’s Sage Schizophrenia ECLEC2114
Pavlov's Dog Pampered Menial ECLEC2380
Pavlov's Dog At The Sound Of The Bell ECLEC2381
Pekka Pohjola B The Magpie ECLEC2176
Pekka Pohjola The Mathematician’s Air Display ECLEC2177
Pete Brown The Not Forgotten Association: Remastered Edition ECLEC2496
Pete Brown & Phil Ryan Ardours of the Lost Rake / Coals to Jerusalem 2CD ECLEC22396
Peter Banks Two Sides Of Peter Banks ECLEC2165
Peter Bardens Heart to Heart ECLEC2322
Peter Bardens Peter Bardens ECLEC2220
Peter Bardens The Answer ECLEC2221
Peter Hammil & Gary Lucas Other World EANTCD1026
Peter Hammill / Gary Lucas Other World 180 Gram Gatefold Vinyl LP EANTLP1026
PFM River of Life ~ The Manticore Years Anthology 1973-1977 MANTCD21004
PFM The World Became The World Remastered And Expanded Edition MANTCD1005
PFM Photos Of Ghosts Remastered And Expanded Edition MANTCD1006
PFM Jet Lag Remastered And Expanded Edition MANTCD1007
PFM Chocolate Kings Remastered and Expanded Edition MANTCD2008
PFM Cook MANTCD31011
Pierre Moerlen's Gong Leave It Open ECLEC2250
Pierre Moerlen’s Gong Live ECLEC2251
Pierre Moerlen’s Gong Downwind ECLEC2235
Pierre Moerlen’s Gong Time Is The Key ECLEC2236
Mike Pinder The Promise/Among The Stars: Expanded Edition ECLEC32418
Quantum Jump Quantum Jump: Expanded and Remastered Edition ECLEC2472
Quantum Jump Barracuda: 2CD Remastered & Expanded Edition ECLEC22477
Quatermass Quatermass CD/DVD ECLEC22397
Quicksand Home Is Where I Belong ECLEC2293
Quintessence Self ECLEC2076
Quintessence Indweller ECLEC2089
Ramases Glass Top Coffin ECLEC2184
Randy California Kapt. Kopter And The (Fabulous) Twirly Birds ECLEC2227
Rare Bird Rare Bird ECLEC2001
Rare Bird As Your Mind Flies By ECLEC2002
Rare Bird Somebody’s watching ECLEC2091
Rare Bird Born Again ECLEC2092
Ray Thomas From Mighty Oaks ECLEC2261
Ray Thomas Hopes, Wishes & Dreams ECLEC2262
Reasoning (The) Adventures In Neverland EANTCD1007
Renaissance Renaissance ECLEC2231
Renaissance Illusion ECLEC2232
Richard Wahnfried & Arthur Brown Time Actor ECLEC2282
Rick Wakeman Out Of The Blue: Official Remastered Edition ECLEC2451
Rick Wakeman Softsword - King John & The Magna Carta: Official Remastered Edition ECLEC2452
Rick Wakeman Fields Of Green: Official Remastered Edition ECLEC2461
Rick Wakeman In The Nick Of Time - Live 2003: Official Remastered Edition ECLEC2462
Rick Wakeman Out There (Official Remastered Edition) ECLEC2438
Robert Wyatt The End of an Ear ECLEC2324
Roger Ruskin Spear Electric Shocks: Expanded and Remastered Edition ECLEC2463
Roger Ruskin Spear Unusual: Expanded and Remastered Edition ECLEC2464
Room Pre-Flight ECLEC2043
Todd Rundgren Todd Rundgren’s Johnson Live (Deluxe Limited CD/DVD Set) EANTCD21025
Rupert Hine Unshy On The Skyline: The Best Of Rupert Hine ECLEC2485
Sallyangie (The) Children Of The Sun ECLEC22294
Sam Gopal Escalator ECLEC2197
Samurai Samurai ECLEC2025
Sanguine Hum Now We Have Light: 2CD Edition EANTCD21042
Sanguine Hum Now We Have Light: 2CD/1DVD Edition EANTCD31043
Sanguine Hum The Weight Of The World EANTCD1014
Sanguine Hum The Weight Of The World CD/DVD Edition EANTCD21016
Sanguine Hum Diving Bell EANTCD1001
Sassafras Expecting Company: Remastered and Expanded Edition ECLEC2442
Satisfaction Satisfaction ECLEC2069
Schnauser Protein For Everyone EANTCD1036
Skin Alley Big Brother Is Watching You : The CBS Recordings Anthology ECLEC22243
Skin Alley Two Quid Deal ECLEC2244
Sky Sky: Expanded and Remastered CD/DVD Edition ECLEC22470
Sky Sky 2: Expanded and Remastered CD/DVD Edition ECLEC22471
Sky Sky - Sky / Sky 2 ECLECBUNDLE01
Sky Sky 3: Deluxe CD/DVD Expanded Edition ECLEC22475
Sky Sky 4: Forthcoming: Deluxe CD/DVD Expanded Edition ECLEC22476
Sky The Great Balloon Race: Remastered Edition ECLEC2486
Sky Mozart: Remastered Edition ECLEC2487
Sky Cadium: 2 Disc CD/DVD Expanded Edition ECLEC22489
Sky Five Live: 2CD Deluxe Remastered Edition ECLEC22490
Socrates Phos ECLEC2287
Soft Heap Soft Heap – Re-mastered edition ECLEC2131
Soft Machine Alive & Well Recorded in Paris : 2CD Deluxe Re-Mastered Special Edition ECLEC22234
Soft Machine Land Of Cockayne ECLEC2208
Soft Machine Bundles ECLEC2196
Soft Machine Softs ECLEC2202
Soft Machine Tales Of Taliesin: The Emi Years Anthology 1975 – 1981 ECLEC22281
Soft Machine Legacy Burden Of Proof EANTCD1015
Solstice Prophecy EANTCD1024
Solution Solution ECLEC2337
Solution Divergence ECLEC2338
Sontaag Sontaag EANTCD1031
Space Ritual Otherworld ECLEC2011
Speedy Keen Y Know Wot I Mean? ECLEC2284
Speedy Keen Previous Convictions ECLEC2288
Sphincter Ensemble Harrodian Event #1 ECLEC2398
Spirogyra St. Radigunds: Remastered ECLEC2410
Spirogyra Old Boot Wine: Expanded Edition ECLEC2411
Spirogyra Bells, Boots and Shambles: Expanded Edition ECLEC2412
Spontaneous Combustion Triad ECLEC2340
Spooky Tooth Lost in my Dreams – An Anthology 1968 – 1974 – Re-Mastered ECLEC22132
Spooky Tooth with Pierre Henry Ceremony – Re-mastered Edition ECLEC2133
Spriguns Revel, Weird And Wild ECLEC2364
Spriguns Time Will Pass ECLEC2365
Spring Spring: Remastered & Expanded 2CD Edition ECLEC22495
Squackett A Life Within A Day EANTCD1002
Squackett A Life Within A Day DELUXE EDITION EANTCD21002
Squackett A Life Within A Day LP EANTLP1002
Squackett Sea of Smiles LTD EDITION 7-INCH VINYL SINGLE / Record Store Day 2012 EANTS1001
Steve Hackett The Tokyo Tapes 2CD/1DVD EANTCD31021
Steve Swindells Messages - Expanded Edition ECLEC2163
Stomu Yamashta Go ECLEC2081
Stomu Yamashta The Man From The East ECLEC2082
Stomu Yamashta One By One (East Wind) ECLEC2083
Stomu Yamashta Floating Music ECLEC2084
Stomu Yamashta Raindog ECLEC2085
Stomu Yamashta Go - Live From Paris ECLEC2086
Stomu Yamashta Freedom Is Frightening ECLEC2087
Stomu Yamashta Go Too ECLEC2151
Stray Dog Stray Dog - Expanded Edition MANTCD1001
Stray Dog While You’re Down There - Expanded Edition MANTCD1002
String Driven Thing String Driven Thing ECLEC2358
String Driven Thing The Machine That Cried ECLEC2346
Stud Stud ECLEC2053
Supersister Present from Nancy ECLEC2056
Supersister To The Highest Bidder ECLEC2057
Supersister Iskander ECLEC2058
Supersister Pudding En Gistern (Pudding And Yesterday) ECLEC2059
Sweet Okay Supersister Spiral Staircase ECLEC2168
Tangerine Dream Green Desert EREACD1022
Tangerine Dream Electronic Meditation/Atem/Alpha Centauri LPs - 3 for £40! EANTLP1099
Tangerine Dream Live Miles EREACD1024
Tempest Living In Fear ECLEC2267
Tempest Tempest ECLEC2266
Terry Riley A Rainbow In Curved Air ECLEC2306
Terry Riley In C ECLEC2305
Thunderclap Newman Hollywood Dream ECLEC2149
Tin Spirits Wired to Earth EANTCD1004
Tin Spirits Scorch EANTCD1035
Tir Na Nog Tir Na Nog ECLEC2357
Tir Na Nog A Tear And A Smile ECLEC2350
Tir Na Nog Strong In The Sun ECLEC2351
Titus Groan Titus Groan ECLEC2226
Todd Rundgren At The BBC 1972-1982: 4Disc Clamshell Box Set Edition ECLEC42469
Todd Rundgren Live At The Warfield - 10th March 1990 2CD ECLEC22352
Todd Rundgren State 2LP EANTLP1017
Todd Rundgren Global EANTCD1047
Todd Rundgren Global: Limited Edition 2 Disc CD/DVD Set EANTCD21048
Todd Rundgren Global: 180g Vinyl LP Edition EANTLP1047
Todd Rundgren State EANTCD1017
Todd Rundgren State Limited Edition 2CD EANTCD21018
Todd Rundgren & Utopia Live At The Electric Ballroom Milwaukee 23rd October 1978: 2CD Remastered Edition ECLEC22446
Todd Rundgren & Utopia Disco Jets ECLEC2319
Tom Newman Faerie Symphony ECLEC2109
Tony Banks A Curious Feeling (CD ONLY) ECLEC2160
Tony Patterson & Brendan Eyre Northlands EANTCD1039
Tony Williams Lifetime (The) Turn It Over ECLEC2257
Tony Williams Lifetime (The) Emergency! ECLEC2256
Trader Horne Morning Way ECLEC2088
Trifle First Meeting ECLEC2212
Tudor Lodge Tudor Lodge ECLEC2285
United States Of America The United States Of America - The Columbia Recordings: Remastered and Expanded Edition ECLEC2449
Utopia Redux 92: Live In Japan ECLECS22238
Utopia Oblivion ECLECS22237
Utopia POV ECLEC2255
Van Der Graaf Generator Merlin Atmos - Live Performances 2013 EANTCD1044
Van Der Graaf Generator Merlin Atmos - Live Performances 2013: 2CD Digipack Limited Edition EANTCD21045
Van Der Graaf Generator Alt - LP Edition EVDGLP1003
Van Der Graaf Generator Alt - CD Edition EVDGCD1003
Van Der Graaf Generator A Grounding in Numbers EVDGCD1001
Van Der Graaf Generator A Grounding In Numbers (Vinyl Edition) EVDGCD1001V
Vangelis Heaven And Hell (Official Vangelis Supervised Remastered Edition) ECLEC2421
Vangelis Albedo 0.39 (Official Vangelis Supervised Remastered Edition) ECLEC2422
Vangelis Spiral (Official Vangelis Supervised Remastered Edition) ECLEC2423
Vangelis Beaubourg (Official Vangelis Supervised Remastered Edition) ECLEC2424
Vangelis Direct (Official Vangelis Supervised Remastered Edition) ECLEC2425
Jon and Vangelis Page of Life: Remastered Edition ECLEC2426
Vanilla Fudge Rock & Roll ECLEC2391
Various Artists Cave Of Clear Light: The Pye and Dawn Records Underground 1967-1975 ECLEC32173
Various Artists THE MANTICORE RECORDS ANTHOLOGY 1973 - 1976 Various Artists MANTCD21013
Various Artists Spectral Mornings 2015: Charity EP for Parkinson's Society UK EANTCDS2001
Various Artists The Last Daze Of The Underground - Delerium Records ECLEC32245
Oliver Wakeman with Steve Howe The 3 Ages of Magick: Expanded Edition ECLEC2415
Walrus Walrus ECLEC2071
Web Theraphosa Blondi ECLEC2055
Web Fully Interlocking ECLEC2080
Web I Spider ECLEC2027
West, Bruce & Laing Live ‘n’ Kickin’ ECLEC2072
West, Bruce & Laing Whatever Turns You On ECLEC2075
West, Bruce & Laing Why Dontcha ECLEC2334
Wigwam Nuclear Nightclub ECLEC2174
Wigwam The Lucky Golden Stripes and Starpose ECLEC2175
Wigwam Fairyport ECLEC2182
Wigwam Being ECLEC2183
Wigwam Live Music from the Twilight Zone ECLEC2185
Wigwam Tombstone Valentine ECLEC2372
Wild Turkey Battle Hymn: Remastered ECLEC2413
Wild Turkey Turkey: Expanded Edition ECLEC2414
William R. Strickland Is Only The Name ECLEC2115
Woolly Wolstenholme & Maestoso Uneasy Listening ECLEC22124
XPTs Parachute Reborn EANTCD1003

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