Esoteric - Media

Aardvark : Aardvark (ECLEC2286)
Alan Bown : Stretching Out (ECLEC2194)
Alan Bown : Listen (ECLEC2193)
Alan Bown : The Alan Bown! (ECLEC2190)
Aphrodite’s Child : It’s Five O’Clock (ECLEC2206)
Aphrodite’s Child : End Of The World (ECLEC2205)
Arc : Arc… At This (ECLEC2097)
Armageddon : Armageddon (ECLEC2150)
Armaggedon : Armaggedon (EREACD1016)
Arthur Brown & Kingdom Come : Journey (ECLEC2187)
Arthur Brown & Kingdom Come : Kingdom Come (ECLEC2186)
Arthur Brown & Kingdom Come : Galactic Zoo Dossier (ECLEC2179)
Arthur Brown & Vincent Crane : Faster Than The Speed Of Light (ECLEC2283)
Asgard : In The Realm Of Asgard (ECLEC2209)
Baker Gurvitz Army : Hearts On Fire (ECLEC2249)
Baker Gurvitz Army : Elysian Encounter (ECLEC2248)
Baker Gurvitz Army : Baker Gurvitz Army (ECLEC2247)
Banco : As In A Last Supper (MANTCD1010)
Banco : Banco (MANTCD1009)
Barclay James Harvest : Sea Of Tranquillity - The Polydor Years 1974-1997 (ECLEC32157)
Barclay James Harvest : A Concert For The People (Berlin) 30th Anniversary Edition (ECLEC2217)
Big Sleep : Bluebell Wood (ECLEC2008)
Bill Fay : Time Of The Last Persecution (ECLEC2038)
Bill Fay : Bill Fay (ECLEC2037)
Bill Nelson : Northern Dream (COCD1001)
Blonde On Blonde : Contrasts (ECLEC2218)
Bob Downes : Open Music (ECLEC2189)
Bob Downes : Electric City (ECLEC2188)
Bond And Brown : Two Heads Are Better Than One (ECLEC2042)
Box Of Frogs : Strange Land (ECLEC2254)
Box Of Frogs : Box Of Frogs (ECLEC2253)
Brainbox : Brainbox (ECLEC2241)
Brainticket : Celestial Ocean (EREACD1006)
Brainticket : Psychonaut (EREACD1005)
Café Jacques : International (ECLEC2214)
Café Jacques : Round The Back (ECLEC2213)
Camel : Pressure Points - Live In Concert - Expanded Edition (ECLEC22162)
Camel : Nude - Expanded Edition (ECLEC2159)
Camel : I Can See Your House From Here - Expanded Edition (ECLEC2158)
Camel : Single Factor (ECLEC2156)
Camel : Breathless (ECLEC2155)
Camel : Stationary Traveller (ECLEC2154)
Chris Wood : Vulcan (ECLEC2079)
Circus : Circus (ECLEC2136)
Claire Hamill : Touchpaper (ECLEC2077)
Claire Hamill : Love In The Afternoon (ECLEC2070)
Claire Hamill : Voices (ECLEC2068)
Claire Hamill : October (ECLEC2032)
Claire Hamill : One House Left Standing (ECLEC2031)
Claire Hamill : The Minor Fall, The Major Lift - The Best Of… (ECLEC2024)
CMU : Space Cabaret (ECLEC2094)
CMU : Open Spaces (ECLEC2093)
Curved Air : Live (ECLEC2067)
Daevid Allen : Now Is The Happiest Time Of Your Life - Re-Mastered Edition (ECLEC2125)
Daevid Allen : Good Morning (ECLEC2004)
Darryl Way : Concerto For Electric Violin (ECLEC2167)
Darryl Way’s Wolf : Saturation point (ECLEC2066)
Darryl Way’s Wolf : Canis lupis (ECLEC2065)
Darryl Way’s Wolf : Night Music (ECLEC2064)
David Bedford : Nurses Song With Elephants (ECLEC2276)
Demon Fuzz : Afreaka! (ECLEC2111)
Denny Gerrard : Sinister Morning (ECLEC2045)
Deuter : Aum (EREACD1009)
Deuter : D (EREACD1008)
Dick Heckstall–Smith : A Story Ended - Expanded Edition (ECLEC2137)
Dog Soldier : Dog Soldier (ECLEC2252)
Earth And Fire : To The World Of The Future (ECLEC2279)
East Of Eden : Snafu (ECLEC2034)
East Of Eden : Mercator Projected (ECLEC2033)
Eela Craig : One Niter (EREACD1007)
Egg : The Polite Force (ECLEC2036)
Egg : Egg (ECLEC2035)
Egg : The Civil Surface (ECLEC2003)
Eric Burdon : Mirage (ECLEC2141)
Fairweather : Beginning From An End (ECLEC2028)
Fat Mattress : Fat Mattress ll - Expanded Edition (ECLEC2135)
Fat Mattress : Fat Mattress - Expanded Edition (ECLEC2134)
Fields : Fields (ECLEC2207)
Fire : The Magic Shoemaker (ECLEC2117)
Flash : In The Can (ECLEC2201)
Flash : Out Of Our Hands (ECLEC2200)
Flash : Flash (ECLEC2166)
Fuhrs & Frohling : Ammerland (EREACD1003)
Galliard : New Dawn (ECLEC2099)
Galliard : Strange Pleasure (ECLEC2098)
Gary Farr : Strange fruit (ECLEC2029)
Giles, Giles And Fripp : The Cheerful Insanity Of Giles, Giles & Fripp (ECLEC2049)
Gilgamesh : Gilgamesh (ECLEC2242)
Gilgamesh : Another Fine Tune You’ve Got Me Into - Re-Mastered Edition (ECLEC2126)
Graeme Edge Band : Paradise Ballroom (ECLEC2143)
Graeme Edge Band : Kick Off Your Muddy Boots (ECLEC2142)
Graham Bond : Mighty Grahame Bond (ECLEC2240)
Graham Bond : Love Is The Law (ECLEC2239)
Hardin and York : The World’s Smallest Big Band (ECLEC2090)
Hatfield and The North : The Rotters’ Club (ECLEC2140)
Hatfield and The North : Hatfield and The North - Expanded Edition (ECLEC2139)
Heaven : Brass Rock 1 (ECLEC2030)
Here & Now : All Over The Show (ECLEC2223)
Here & Now : Give And Take (ECLEC2222)
High Tide : Sea Shanties (ECLEC2204)
High Tide : High Tide (ECLEC2203)
Home : Pause For A Hoarse Horse (ECLEC2269)
Home : Home (ECLEC2268)
Home : The Alchemist (ECLEC2191)
Igginbottom : Inginbottom’s Wrench (ECLEC2164)
Illusion : Illusion (ECLEC2260)
Illusion : Out Of The Mist (ECLEC2259)
Isotope : Deep End (ECLEC2274)
Isotope : Illusion (ECLEC2273)
Isotope : Isotope (ECLEC2272)
Jack Bruce : Can You Follow - A Six CD Retrospective (ECLECBOX1)
Jack Bruce : A Question Of Time (ECLEC2270)
Jack Bruce : Automatic (ECLEC2116)
Jack Bruce : I’ve Always Wanted To Do This (ECLEC2073)
Jackie McAuley : Jackie McAuley (ECLEC2110)
Jackson Heights : Bump ‘N’ Grind (ECLEC2172)
Jackson Heights : Ragamuffin’s Fool (ECLEC2171)
Jackson Heights : The 5th Avenue Bus (ECLEC2170)
Jade Warrior : Waves (ECLEC2211)
Jade Warrior : Floating World (ECLEC2210)
Jade Warrior : Kites (ECLEC2199)
Jade Warrior : Way of The Sun (ECLEC2198)
Jan Schelhaas : Dark Ships (ECLEC2063)
John G. Perry : Sunset Wading (ECLEC2041)
John Lees' Barclay James Harvest : Legacy - Live At The Shepherds Bush Empire 2006 (ECLEC2010)
Jon Anderson : In The City Of Angels (ECLEC2246)
Jonesy : Masquerade - The Dawn Years Anthology (ECLEC2009)
Juicy Lucy : Lie Back And Enjoy It (ECLEC2216)
Juicy Lucy : Juicy Lucy (ECLEC2215)
Julian Jay Savarin : Waiters On The Dance (ECLEC2040)
Julian’s Treatment : A Time Before This (ECLEC2039)
Keef Hartley Band : Lancashire Hustler (ECLEC2101)
Keef Hartley Band : Seventy Second Brave (ECLEC2100)
Keef Hartley Band : The Battle Of North West Six (ECLEC2052)
Keef Hartley Band : Little Big Band (ECLEC2051)
Keef Hartley Band : Halfbreed (ECLEC2050)
Keef Hartley Band : Overdog (ECLEC2048)
Keef Hartley Band : The Time Is Near (ECLEC2047)
Keith Christmas : Tomorrow Never Ends: The Anthology 1974 – 1976 (MANTCD21012)
Ken Hensley : Eager to Please (ECLEC2181)
Ken Hensley : Proud Words On A Dusty Shelf (ECLEC2180)
Khan : Space Shanty (ECLEC2046)
Locomotive : We Are Everything You See (ECLEC2228)
Lol Coxhill : Ear Of Beholder (ECLEC22275)
Love Sculpture : Forms and Feelings (ECLEC2016)
Love Sculpture : Blues Helping (ECLEC2015)
Machiavel : Mechanical Moonbeams (ECLEC2225)
Machiavel : Jester (ECLEC2224)
Made In Sweden : Made In England (ECLEC2169)
Man : 2 oz’s Plastic with a Hole in the Middle (ECLEC2128)
Man : Revelation - Re-mastered and Expanded Edition (ECLEC2127)
Man : Slow Motion (ECLEC2062)
Man : Maximum Darkness (ECLEC2061)
Man : Back Into The Future (ECLEC2060)
Man : Rhinos, Winos & Lunatics (2cd expanded edition) (ECLEC2020)
Man : Be Good To Yourself At Least Once A Day (ECLEC2019)
Man : Christmas At the Patti (ECLEC2018)
Man : Live At The Padget Rooms, Penarth (ECLEC2014)
Man : Do You Like It Here Now, Are You Settling In? (ECLEC2013)
Man : Man (ECLEC2012)
Marsupilami : Marsupilami (ECLEC2095)
Marsupilami : Arena (ECLEC2007)
Mellow Candle : Swaddling Songs (ECLEC2044)
Michael Moorcock & Deep Fix : The New World’s Fair (ECLEC2026)
Morgan : Nova Solis (ECLEC2152)
Mountain : Crossroader - An Anthology 1970-1974 (ECLEC22230)
Murphy Blend : First Loss (EREACD1013)
National Head Band : Albert 1 (ECLEC2074)
National Health : Of Queues and Cures - Re-mastered Edition (ECLEC2130)
National Health : National Health - Re-mastered Edition (ECLEC2129)
Neil Ardley : Harmony Of The Spheres (ECLEC2096)
Out Of Focus : Four Letter Monday Afternoon (EREACD21011)
Out Of Focus : Out Of Focus (EREACD1012)
Out Of Focus : Wake Up! (EREACD1010)
Paladin : Charge (ECLEC2006)
Paladin : Paladin (ECLEC2005)
Paul Bretts Sage : Schizophrenia (ECLEC2114)
Paul Bretts Sage : Jubilation Foundry (ECLEC2113)
Paul Bretts Sage : Paul Brett Sage (ECLEC2112)
Pekka Pohjola : The Mathematician’s Air Display (ECLEC2177)
Pekka Pohjola : B The Magpie (ECLEC2176)
Pete Sinfield : Still (2CD expanded Edition) (MANTCD21003)
Peter Banks : Two Sides Of Peter Banks (ECLEC2165)
Peter Bardens : The Answer (ECLEC2221)
Peter Bardens : Peter Bardens (ECLEC2220)
PFM : Cook - Limited Edition 3CD Set (MANTCD31011)
PFM : River of Life - The Manticore Years Anthology 1973-1977 (MANTCD21004)
PFM : Chocolate Kings Remastered and Expanded Edition (MANTCD2008)
PFM : Jet Lag Remastered And Expanded Edition (MANTCD1007)
PFM : Photos Of Ghosts Remastered And Expanded Edition (MANTCD1006)
PFM : The World Became The World Remastered And Expanded Edition (MANTCD1005)
Pierre Moerlen’s Gong : Live (ECLEC2251)
Pierre Moerlen’s Gong : Leave It Open (ECLEC2250)
Pierre Moerlen’s Gong : Time is the key (ECLEC2236)
Pierre Moerlen’s Gong : Downwind (ECLEC2235)
Quintessence : Indweller (ECLEC2089)
Quintessence : Self (ECLEC2076)
Ramases : Glass Top Coffin (ECLEC2184)
Randy California : Kapt. Kopter And The (Fabulous) Twirly Birds (ECLEC2227)
Rare Bird : Born Again (ECLEC2092)
Rare Bird : Somebody’s watching (ECLEC2091)
Rare Bird : As Your Mind Flies By (ECLEC2002)
Rare Bird : Rare Bird (ECLEC2001)
Ray Thomas : From Mighty Oaks….Hopes Wishes & Dreams Limited Edition 4 Disc Boxset (3xCD and 1xDVD) (ECLEC42219)
Ray Thomas : Hopes, Wishes & Dreams (ECLEC2262)
Ray Thomas : From Mighty Oaks (ECLEC2261)
Renaissance : Illusion (ECLEC2232)
Renaissance : Renaissance (ECLEC2231)
Room : Pre-Flight (ECLEC2043)
Sam Gopal : Escalator (ECLEC2197)
Samurai : Samurai (ECLEC2025)
Satisfaction : Satisfaction (ECLEC2069)
Schicke, Fuhrs & Frohling : Ticket to Everywhere (EREACD1004)
Schicke, Fuhrs & Frohling : Sunburst (EREACD1002)
Schicke, Fuhrs & Frohling : Symphonic Pictures (EREACD1001)
Skin Alley : Two Quid Deal (ECLEC2244)
Skin Alley : Big Brother Is Watching You : The CBS Recordings Anthology (ECLEC22243)
Soft Heap : Soft Heap - Re-mastered edition (ECLEC2131)
Soft Machine : Alive & Well Recorded in Paris : 2CD Deluxe Re-Mastered Special Edition (ECLEC22234)
Soft Machine : Land Of Cockayne (ECLEC2208)
Soft Machine : Softs (ECLEC2202)
Soft Machine : Bundles (ECLEC2196)
Space Ritual : Otherworld (ECLEC2011)
Spooky Tooth : Lost in my Dreams - An Anthology 1968 - 1974 - Re-Mastered (ECLEC22132)
Spooky Tooth with Pierre Henry : Ceremony - Re-mastered Edition (ECLEC2133)
Steve Swindells : Messages - Expanded Edition (ECLEC2163)
Stomu Yamashta : Go Too (ECLEC2151)
Stomu Yamashta : Freedom Is Frightening (ECLEC2087)
Stomu Yamashta : Go - Live From Paris (ECLEC2086)
Stomu Yamashta : Raindog (ECLEC2085)
Stomu Yamashta : Floating Music (ECLEC2084)
Stomu Yamashta : One By One (East Wind) (ECLEC2083)
Stomu Yamashta : The Man From The East (ECLEC2082)
Stomu Yamashta : Go (ECLEC2081)
Stray Dog : While You’re Down There - Expanded Edition (MANTCD1002)
Stray Dog : Stray Dog - Expanded Edition (MANTCD1001)
Stud : Stud (ECLEC2053)
Supersister : Pudding En Gisteren (Pudding And Yesterday) (ECLEC2059)
Supersister : Iskander (ECLEC2058)
Supersister : To The Highest Bidder (ECLEC2057)
Supersister : Present from Nancy (ECLEC2056)
Sweet Okay Supersister : Spiral Staircase (ECLEC2168)
Tangerine Dream : Zeit (EREACD21017)
Tangerine Dream : Ride on the Ray - The Blue Years Anthology 1980 – 1987 (EREACD21015)
Tangerine Dream : Sunrise in the Third System - The Pink Years Anthology 1970 – 1973 (EREACD21014)
Tangerine Dream : Poland - The Warsaw Concert – 2CD edition (EREACD2018)
The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown : Strangelands (ECLEC2258)
The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown : The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown 2CD Deluxe Edition (ECLEC22178)
The Deviants : Disposable (ECLEC2119)
The Deviants : Ptooff! (ECLEC2118)
The Dog That Bit People : The Dog That Bit People (ECLEC2229)
The Liverpool Scene : The Amazing Adventures of… (ECLEC22138)
The Parlour Band : Is A Friend? (ECLEC2192)
The Tony Williams Lifetime : Turn It Over (ECLEC2257)
The Tony Williams Lifetime : Emergency! (ECLEC2256)
Titus Groan : Titus Groan (ECLEC2226)
Tom Newman : Faerie Symphony (ECLEC2109)
Tony Banks : A Curious Feeling (ECLEC2160)
Trader Horne : Morning Way (ECLEC2088)
Trifle : First Meeting (ECLEC2212)
Van Der Graaf Generator : A Grounding in Numbers (vinyl) (EVDGCD1001V)
Van Der Graaf Generator : A Grounding in Numbers (EVDGCD1001)
Various Artists - Clear Light : Cave Of Clear Light: The Pye and Dawn Records Underground 1967-1975 (ECLEC32173)
Various Artists - Delerium : The Last Daze Of The Underground Delerium Records (ECLEC32245)
Various Artists - Manticore : Envelopes Of Yesterday - The Manticore Records Anthology 1973 - 1976 (MANTCD21013)
Walrus : Walrus (ECLEC2071)
Web : Fully Interlocking (ECLEC2080)
Web : Theraphosa Blondi (ECLEC2055)
Web : I Spider (ECLEC2027)
West, Bruce & Laing : Whatever Turns You On (ECLEC2075)
West, Bruce & Laing : Live ‘n’ Kickin’ (ECLEC2072)
Wigwam : Live Music from the Twilight Zone (ECLEC2185)
Wigwam : Fairyport (ECLEC2182)
Wigwam : The Lucky Golden Stripes and Starpose (ECLEC2175)
Wigwam : Nuclear Nightclub (ECLEC2174)
William R. Strickland : Is Only The Name (ECLEC2115)
Woolly Wolstenholme & Maestoso : Caterwauling (ECLEC2017)

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