Bowler Hat & Leather Boots (Personalities Go Pop Art) - Various Artists

Bowler Hat & Leather Boots (Personalities Go Pop Art)
In the mid to late fifties, post-war consumerism combined with the advent of both the teenager and television to create a boiling cauldron of inventiveness in the popular arts. 

Tradition met modernity head on and exploded with consistently stylish, often hilarious consequences. Such compelling entertainments as The Avengers television series were unique to this exciting period; an era which encouraged the emergence and development of such singular figures as Dirk Bogarde, George Melly, Anthony Newley and Oliver Reed and comic geniuses Kenneth Williams, Peter Cook, Leslie Phillips, Norman Wisdom, Frankie Howerd and the other vivid talents showcased by
this edition.

Bowler Hat & Leather Boots is a compilation of 1960s stage and screen personalities in the realm of pop art and surrealism. It may surprise and perhaps even shock you. You certainly won't have heard anything like it.

1. GEORGE MELLY – Sounds That Saved My Life
2. HAYLEY MILLS – Let's Get Together
3. HAYLEY MILLS – Johnny Jingo
4. LESLIE PHILLIPS – The Navy Lark
5. ELKE SOMMER – Be Not "Notty”
6. OLIVER REED – The Wild One
7. OLIVER REED – Lonely for a Girl
8. OLIVER REED – Sometimes
9. OLIVER REED – Ecstacy
10. DIRK BOGARDE – Just One of Those Things
11. DIRK BOGARDE – You Go to My Head
12. DIRK BOGARDE – Where or When
13. DUDLEY MOORE – Strictly for the Birds
16. NORMAN WISDOM – You Gotta Get Aht
17. ANTHONY NEWLEY – That Noise
18. MAX HARRIS – Gurney Slade
21. ROBERT MITCHUM – What is this Generation Coming To?
22. IAN CARMICHAEL – Lemon Twist
24. SOPHIA LOREN – Bing! Bang! Bong!
26. TOM COURTENAY – Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter
27. QUENTIN CRISP – Stop the Music for a Moment
28. MALCOLM ARNOLD – St Trinians School Song
29. DAVID NIVEN - Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn
30. GEORGE SANDERS – Try a Little Tenderness
31. VINCENT PRICE – With a Guitar, To Jane
32. ANTHONY PERKINS – Moonlight Swim
33. ORSON WELLES – You Made Me Love You
34. SALVADOR DALI – Dali Paints a Picture

Available 18/11/2013
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Edda Dell'Orso is the sound of Italian cinema. Her astonishing voice recognisable to anyone who has experienced the landmark spaghetti western films made by Sergio Leone; films that were in the mid sixties scored by a young whippersnapper called Ennio Morricone. The recent revival of interest in mid-century post-modern art and the restoration of so many wonderful Morriconne scores has led many to discover Edda Dell'Orso. Her work is the epitome of intelligence and sophistication. It is utopian in its scope and its potential is vast.
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Knife In The Water O/S/T
Knife in the Water was Roman Polanski's first full-length feature,
the film with which he effectively announced his genius to
international cinema.
A middle class couple pick up a hitchhiker who turns their lives upside down in the course of one day. Here is a natural filmmaker making a stunning cinematic debut out of almost nothing.
It was first seen in the West at the Venice Film Festival,
where the International Federation of Film Critics gave it their
FIPRESCI award. Two years later it would be nominated for an Academy Award as Best Foreign Language Film.
The screenplay was by Polanski and Jerzy Skolimowski
It opened doors for Polanski in Western Europe and America that made his extraordinary career possible.
The music was written by the brilliant young Polish composer and pianist Krzysztof Komeda. It is arguably one of the most effective scores in cinema history; understated jazz that compliments the picture's sharp monochrome cinematography and the tense minimalism of the script and brings to the film another emotional dimension.
Also included here are three pieces composed and performed by Komeda for Andrzej Wajda's 1960 film The Innocent Sorcerers. Written by Skolimowski, this is a stylish, humorous film about Polish youth: their underground scene, girls, scooters, jazz etc. Both Komeda and Polanski appear on screen.
Komeda would go on to write three further film scores for Polanski; Rosemary's Baby, The Fearless Vampire Killers, Cul-de-sac. Overall Komeda wrote more than seventy soundtracks before his tragically early, somewhat mysterious death in 1969, at the age of just 38.

Release Date: 13/08/2012
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Windy: A Ruthann Friedman Songbook
Having written The Association’s ‘Windy’ while living in David Crosby’s basement, RUTHANN FRIEDMAN remained an intriguing and mysterious figure of ‘60s pop for decades. Until recently her released output consisted of a lone folk album issued in 1970. Unbelievably, many fascinating recordings she created with some of the most revered names in West Coast pop have remained locked away in the vaults… until NOW!
Featuring productions by CURT BOETTCHER, TOMMY LiPUMA, and VAN DYKE PARKS, Windy: A Ruthann Friedman Songbook contains 18 tracks from 1966-1970, focusing on Ruthann’s pop/rock efforts from this era. Musicians include RANDY NEWMAN, RON ELLIOTT of The Beau Brummels, and RUSS GIGUERE from The Association! One listen to this CD and you’ll wonder why Ruthann didn’t have more hits of the magnitude of "Windy.”
Mastered by Alan Brownstein FROM THE ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES!

The full-colour booklet includes rare photos and extensive liner notes featuring the participation of Ruthann herself!

Release Date: 27/05/2013
Our Price: £9.95

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Féminin: The Complete 60s Recordings
  • For the first time outside France, Féminin: The Complete ’60s Recordings collects the entire releases by Chantal Goya made in the Sixties, from 1964 to 1967.
  • Féminin: The Complete ’60s Recordings defines the upbeat, swinging sound of France’s’60s girl pop.
  • Now, she is known for her music for children, but in the Sixties she defined a new type of French girl singer - the yé-yé girl. She featured in Jean-Luc Godard’s 1966 film Masculin-Féminin as a pop star who might as well have been her.
  • Chantal Goya married songwriter Jean-Jacques Debout in 1966. The songs he wrote for her, like those he had composed for Charles Aznavour, Johnny Hallyday and Sylvie Vartan, were evocative, immediate and very French. Together, they defined the yé-yé sound.
  • Féminin: The Complete ’60s Recordings is the perfect complement to RPM Interntational’s France Gall and Sylvie Vartan collections: Made in France: France Gall’’s Baby Pop and Irrésistiblement.
Available 23/09/2013
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Burt Bacharach: Make it Easy on Yourself 1962
·       Third in El's series of Burt Bacharach composer anthologies following The First Book of Songs 1954-58 (ACMEM166CD) and Long Ago Last Summer 1959-61 (ACMEM233CD)
·       All of these recordings were released in 1962, a time in which Bacharach was at last - after years of unhappy compromise - beginning to be able to exert some control over the arranging and recording and finished presentation of his compositions
·       The advantages of Bacharach's personal supervision was evidenced by such memorable hits as Jerry Butler's 'Make It Easy on Yourself' which reached number 20 on the Billboard Top100, Chuck Jackson's ‘Any Day Now’, and the first recording of the beautiful ‘I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself’ performed by former Flamingos vocalist Tommy Hunt. ‘Love of A Boy’ by Timi Yuro, The Shirelles, ‘It's Love That Really Counts (In The Long Run)’ and ‘Forgive Me (For Giving You Such a Bad Time)’ by Babs Tino, were other Burt Bacharach - Hal David compositions that charted that year.
·       Beside the hits, our edition also contains a number of Bacharach rarities; the only known recording of Marlene Dietrich performing a Bacharach song, ‘Kleine Treue Nachtigall’ (Small True Nightingale), soon to be more widely known as ‘Message to Michael’; a French version of ‘Too Late to Worry’ (Donne-Moi Ma Chance), sung by Sophia Loren, and the Drifters' ‘Mexican Divorce’, a classy but obscure flip-side session, where, among the backing singers, Bacharach encountered for the first time a certain Dionne Warrick (Warwick).
·       1962 found the duo that would revolutionise popular songwriting, establishing their style and getting into their stride. Within months they would commit to working together exclusively...

Available 14/10/2013
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