The Music of India/Drums of India - Sharan Rani/Chatur Lal

The Music of India/Drums of India
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·       Sharan Rani was the first woman instrumentalist and the only female sarod player of India, a musician so synonymous with her instrument her appreciative public called her "Sarod Rani”
·       Her teachers were the revered Allauddin Khan, guru to Ravi Shankar, who taught most of the best known instrumentalists in Northern India, and his son, Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, the great master sarodist who founded schools in America and who, with his brother-in-law Shankar did so much to bring world renown to the mysteries of Indian classical music.
·       With more formal education than most Indian performers (she held an M.A from Delhi University), Sharan Rani combined intellectual understanding of her art with a very special gift for emotional communication.
·       Her touch was light but very sure and her improvisations sprung from the from the heart with a remarkably direct tenderness and sensuality that could be overwhelming.
·       These recordings was made in San Francisco in November 1961, during the course of a world tour that took in Australia, the Fiji Islands, France, England, Switzerland and West Germany.
·       "The eloquence of the two drums played by Chatur Lal was something truly remarkable. With a fluctuating pressure of his wrist on the larger of the two drums, Mr. Lal could vary its pitch so subtly that it spoke with almost human intonation.”
       The New York Times
·       Chatur Lal, the best known Indian drummer of his generation (he had already toured the United States and Europe with Ali Akbar Khan and Ravi Shankar) and a performer of breathtaking virtuosity, provides tabla accompaniment to Sharan Rani and performs three lengthy solos of his own.
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·       During his lifetime, Kimio Eto was considered to be Japan's foremost master of the koto, the ancient 13-string instrument of his native land. He, like so many, was attracted to the koto by both its beautiful tonal qualities and remarkable versatility.
·       In his youth, Eto studied the koto under the great master Michio Miyagi with his first composition for the instrument, Omoide, being published at just seventeen years. Eto would prove to be a prolific composer and a musician of both feeling and unparallelled technical excellence. His virtuosity being all the more remarkable when it is realised that he was totally blind from the age of five.
·       The fine art developed through the ages in Japan has long been appreciated in the West. The style of a previously strange and mysterious culture is being increasingly integrated; literature, music, film, painting, architecture, manufacturing and food. But above all, the basic culture of Japan has remained, and one still finds the simplicity and awareness that has always been there: an insight born out of extreme sensitivity.
·       Koto music is part of Japan's ancient heritage and was first heard as court music. The composers of today are creating a new form of art with this classical music as a foundation.
·       Some of the truly outstanding performances of Kimio Eto have been gathered together to create this edition including a handful of extraordinarily lovely duets with the American jazz flautist Bud Shank.

Available 14/10/2013
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