British Instrumental Guitar Music Of The Sixties - Ku-Pow!

British Instrumental Guitar Music Of The Sixties
The recordings made by producer Joe Meek in the late fifties and early sixties changed the face of pop music and revolutionised the recording processes behind it.
Claiming to "Paint pictures in sound," Meek enjoyed a string of hits, including John Leyton's Johnny Remember Me and The Honeycombs' Have I the Right, but it was Telstar, his own composition, performed by The Tornados, a number one hit on both sides of the Atlantic, for which he will best be remembered.
Hit-maker to Britain's first generation of homegrown pop stars, Meek was an outsider who singlehandedly challenged the supremacy of the record industry establishment. He felt he had a destiny; that he was the man who was going to invent a new sound for a new era.
The Shadows' monumental hit Apache, had ushered in the golden era of British instrumental guitar pop. They, along with John Barry, Bert Weedon and, of course, Joe Meek's Tornados scored hits with consistency, while others merely flirted with chart success.
The four other artists on the edition's nine Meek productions, The
Packabeats, The Moontrekkers, Flee-Rekkers and The Outlaws all belong in this category; each however a masterpiece in the sound technology created by Meek at his Holloway Road studio.
Elsewhere, The Fentones existed both as a backing group to Shane Fenton (a Gene Vincent soundalike called Bernard Jewry, destined to find seventies fame as Alvin Stardust) and as an instrumental unit in their own right. The Mexican and The Breeze and I both made the Top 50, though it is the B side of the latter, the sublime Just for Jerry that best showcases their artistry. The Ted Taylor Four cleverly combined a reverb-drenched guitar with the sound of the clavioline for M1; to commemorate the opening of Britain's first long-distance motorway. Meanwhile, Tony Hatch blends guitar with harpsicord to dramatic effect in creating the theme of Out Of This World, an ABC television programme, inspired by the Twilight Zone and introduced each week by Boris Karloff.
Bristol's Eagles can hardly be confused with the Californian soft-rock millionaires of the same name. Their altogether more urgent sound and their experiences as a youth club group were the centrepieces of Cliver Donner's film Some People, which starred Kenneth More and a young David Hemmings, while with Taboo, Sounds Inc. are far ahead of their time in anticipating the hallucinogenic "Cambridge Sound" of the early Pink Floyd.

Release Date: 17/06/2013

Track Listing:

1. THE PACKABEATS - Theme From "The Traitors”
2. THE PACKABEATS - Evening In Paris
3. THE TORNADOS – Telstar
4. THE TORNADOS – Earthy
5. THE OUTLAWS – Ku-Pow!
6. THE OUTLAWS - Sioux Seranade
7. THE MOONTREKKERS - There's Something At The Bottom of the Well
8. THE MOONTREKKERS - Hatashiai (Japanese Sword Fight)
9. FLEE-REKKERS - Stage to Cimarron
10. THE FENTONES – The Mexican
11. THE FENTONES – The Breeze & I
12. THE FENTONES – Just For Jerry
14. JUDD PROCTOR – The Turk
15. JUDD PROCTOR – Backfire
16. JUDD PROCTOR – It's Bluesy
17. THE ECHOES – Cloak and Dagger

19. TED TAYLOR FOUR – Fried Onions
20. TED TAYLOR FOUR – Surf Rider
21. TED TAYLOR FOUR – Spotlight
22. DENNIS NEWEY – Checkpoint
23. DENNIS NEWEY – Title Unknown
24. DENNIS NEWEY – Border Patrol
25. DENNIS NEWEY – Yea Yea
26. SOUNDS INC. – Taboo
27. BERT WEEDON – Poinciana (Song of the Tree)
28. BERT WEEDON – Twist A Napoli
29. THE EAGLES – Bristol Express
30. THE EAGLES – Exodus
31. THE EAGLES – March of the Eagles
32. THE PHANTOMS – Phantoma
33. TONY HATCH - Out Of This World

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