The hits Of Joao Gilberto - Joao Gilberto

The hits Of Joao Gilberto
'Bossa nova rhythm is very attractive to play to if you’re a musician or a singer because it keeps you afloat. That’s why the jazz people adopted it and it's what Stan Getz saw in it. He saw a nice new carpet that he could roll around on.' Henry Mancini
Jazz had been one of the influences of bossa and with the success of João Gilberto, within Brazil, it was inevitable that eventually the two schools would began to mix. This fusion was encouraged by the US state department in sponsoring such musicians as guitarist Charlie Byrd and flautist Herbie Mann on goodwill tours of South America. When Byrd returned home to Washington DC., he enthused about bossa to the saxophonist Stan Getz and in 1962 the two created Jazz Samba. The record enjoyed unprecedented success for an instrumental album, reaching number one and spending seventy weeks on the chart. Bossa nova captured the imagination of the North American public. Its simplicity and cool sophistication seemed the ideal soundtrack for the consumerist early sixties; a new world of sports cars, hi-fi and bikinis.
Jazz Samba was the vanguard. The architects of Bossa were poets and intellectuals; writers of the calibre of Antônio Carlos Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes and Carlos Lyra and their compositions translated well, reinvigorating jazz with a vital new songbook and a musical lexicon of the highest class. Liberated, jazz musicians – as documented by this edition - proceeded to revel in the fertile pastures of bossa nova.
Bossa's emergence on the world scene would culminate, the following year in the million-selling Getz/Gilberto on Creed Taylor's Verve; an album that featured a song that was to become one of the most popular of the twentieth century, the Jobim-Vinicius composition, Garota da Ipanema (The Girl from Ipanema). 

Release Date: 7/1/2013

Track Listing:

1. STAN GETZ and CHARLIE BYRD – Desafinado
2. HERBIE MANN - Minha saudade
3. HERBIE MANN - Samba de uma nota só
4. BOB BROOKMEYER – A Felicidade
5. QUINCY JONES – Desafinado
6. PERY RIBEIRO – Garota de Ipanema
8. CAL TJADER – Meditação
9. ZOOT SIMS - Maria ninguém
10. TAMBA TRIO - Samba de uma nota só
11. TAMBA TRIO - O Barquinho
12. LAURINDO ALMEIDA - Desafinado
13. JOÃO DONATO E SU TRIO – Minha saudade
14. SACHA DISTEL – Desafinado
15. SACHA DISTEL – Chanson sur une seule note
18. LALO SCHIFRIN – Chega de saudade
19. CHARLIE BYRD - Un Abraco Do Bonfá
20. CHARLIE BYRD - Bim bom
21. GEORGE SHEARING - Samba de uma nota só
22. JON HENDRICKS - Rosa Morena
23. JON HENDRICKS - Little Paper Ball
24. THE PAUL WINTER SEXTET - Foolish One (Insensatez)
25. JULIE LONDON - Desafinado
26. BOLA SETE - Manhã de carnaval (Morning of the Carnival)
27. WALTER WANDERLEY – Você e Eu (You and I)

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O Amor, O Sorriso E A Flor
Amor, o sorriso è a flor (Love, a Smile, and a Flower) is the second in the trilogy of formative bossa nova albums released by João Gilberto between 1959 and 1961 (Chega de saudade ACMEM 179CD being the first).

These albums are quite literally the aesthetic and musical blueprints for a genre that would exert an irresistible worldwide influence on popular music. Our edition features the original (long out of print) classic album in its entirety and original packaging. It includes Joao's historic, first performances of such masterpieces as Samba de uma nota só (One Note Samba), Meditação (Meditation), O pato, Corcovado, Discussão and Outra vez (One More Time)

The album is augmented by rare recordings of some of the famous songs of both O Amor, o sorriso è a flor Chega de Saudade by such important contemporaries as Sergio Mendes, Walter Wanderley, Sylvia Telles, Carlos Lyra, Alaide Costa, Agostinho Dos Santos, Isaura Garcia, Os Cariocas and Luiz Eca

In 1962 Gilberto moved to the United States where he and Stan Getz recorded the million-selling Getz / Gilberto for Creed Taylor¹s Verve; an LP which featured a song (sung by João's then wife Astrud) that was to become one of the most popular of the twentieth century, the Jobim-Vinícius composition, La Garota de Ipanema (The Girl from Ipanema).

The reclusive João Gilberto is the "Great Master" of bossa nova; His art both enigmatic and timeless. He has worked with the Tropicalistas, Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso and influenced generations of arrangers, musicians and singers

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Os Afro-Sambas / A Vontade
Vinicius de Moraes was the principal lyricist of Bossa Nova, (Girl from Ipanema, Chega de Saudade and Insensatez are amongst the famous international hit songs he wrote with Tom Jobim), and Os Afro-Sambas is his response to the commercialisation of the movement by the mid-sixties. Co-written with the brilliant Brazilian guitarist Baden Powell and eventually released in 1966, these eight songs combine Powell'smelodic gifts with Bahian folk traditions and Gregorian chant. With the joyous vocalisations of Quarteto Em Cy, the atmosphere is at once haunting and spontaneous. The music hasn’t even begun to date. Recorded at a time when musicians around the world were looking to break down barriers - between classical and pop, East and West - but the Afro-sambas appear to recognise no such barriers in the first place. Os Afro-Sambas is an absolute stunner. One of the most exquisite pieces of Brazilian music ever recorded, it is combined on this edition with the intimate, irresistible, A Vontade, Baden'smost successful solo LP of the period and one of his finest achievements.
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Chega De Saudade
Released on 18/01/10. In the summer of 1958, a singer-guitarist from Bahia in the north of Brazil called João Gilberto created a musical revolution when he joined with Bossa Novas seminal songwriting team, the gifted composer Antônio Carlos Jobim, and the poet and former diplomat, Vinicius de Moraes, to record the songs that would launch this cool, futuristic new music for a confident new era. Bossa nova - The New Way - was influenced by modern classical music (Villa-Lobos, Debussy), jazz and samba-canção. Gilberto brought an unprecedented guitar style and a hushed, understated form of vocal expression that defined the movement and changed the course of music history. In 1959 João Gilberto released Chega de saudade, the first bossa nova LP record and Brazilian music never looked back. Our edition features the original (long out of print) classic album in its entirety, supplemented by the impossibly rare EP of songs from the film Black Orpheus and recordings of some of the famous songs of Chega de saudade by contemporaries such as Elizete Cardoso, Os Cariocas, Alaide Costa, Norma Bengell and Bola Sete. .João Gilberto Chega De Saudade - Chega de saudade (No More Blues) / Lobo bobo (Foolish Wolf) / Brigas nunca mais (Fights, Never More) / Hô-bá-lá-lá / Saudade fez um samba (Saudade made a Samba) / Maria ninguém (Maria Nobody) / Desafinado (Off-Key) / Rosa morena (Brunette Rose) / Morena boca de ouro (Brunette with a Mouth of Gold) / Bim bom / Aos pés da cruz (At the Foot of the Cross) / É luxo só (It's Just a Luxury) Our Price: £9.95

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Brasilia - Sinfonia da Alvorada
In 1958, Juscelino Kubitschek, president of Brazil, asked Antonio Carlos Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes to compose a symphonic suite to be used at the opening ceremony of Brasilia, a city, designed by the architect Oscar Niemeyer, that was being built in the state of Goias in the middle of the country and which would be inaugurated as the nation's new capital in April 1960. Niemeyer's vision was one of history's boldest, most dramatic architectural statements that for Brazil was meant to represent a new vision for the future. Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Moreas were two of the principle artchitects of bossa nova. The pair famously co-wrote The Girl From Ipanema and Jobim produced Joao Gilberto's original trilogy of albums that would be the stylistic blueprint for bossa.For the Sinfonia Alvorada, Tom Jobim is conducting the orchestra with the participation of Radames Gnattali (piano), Vinicius de Our edition features the original Oscar Niemeyer artwork. Sinfonia da Alvorada is accompanied by another major Braziilian orchestral work, The Forest of The Amazon, by Heitor Villa-Lobos. Conducted by the composer in his last year, 1959, with the great Brazilian soprano Bidu Sayão, the piece displays the whole range of Villa-Lobos's style, brilliantly evoking the sounds and colours of the jungle with musical. Our Price: £9.95

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Bossa Nova
Carlos Lyra wrote some of the classics of bossa nova and Música Popular Brasileira, either alone, or with such partners as Vinicius de Moraes and Ronaldo Bôscoli. His most famous compositions include Coisa Mais Linda, Você e Eu, Maria Ninguém (once claimed by Jacqueline Kennedy to be her favorite song), and Influência do Jazz. Along with Roberto Menescal, he was a primary figure of the younger generation of bossa nova musicians who closely followed the inception of the style by João Gilberto and Antonio Carlos Jobim. With Menescal, he also created a guitar academy that became a meeting point for future artists like Edu Lobo, Marcos Valle and Nara Leão with whom he collaborated later, as part of the bossa's activist wing, seeking a return to its samba roots.João Gilberto included no less than three Lyra compositions on his momentous Chega de saudade 1959 debut lp; Maria Ninguém, Lobo Bobo, and Saudade Fez um Samba. That same year, Lyra recorded his first solo album, Bossa Nova, which we are pleased to present along with its eponymous sequel.
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