POP! Goes The West - Various Artists

POP! Goes The West
Hardly anyone alive can remember a time when there weren't western movies. The western continues to thrill and is increasingly a matter for serious critical attention.

Pop! Goes the West! is testament to the influence of the mythology of the Wild West on Sixties popular culture and a musical homage to the cinema of John Wayne, John Ford Country, and the timeless, heroic landscape where it is forever high noon

The set comprises the songs from four classic Duke westerns; Rio Bravo, The Alamo, North to Alaska
and The Comancheros. These are combined with a collection of rare vocal and instrumental singles from across the genre including Frankie Laine's manly renditions of Gunfight At the O.K. Corral and High Noon, Anthony Perkins' Kentuckian Song and Tab Hunter's 'I'm A Runaway', cut with searing guitar instrumentals that serve to illustrate the global influence and enduring popularity of the western on young musicians everywhere; Link Wray (Comanche), Jorgen Ingmann (Apache), The Fireballs (Vaquero - Cowboy) and three brilliant Joe Meek productions, reflecting his own personal fascination with the Western, The Outlaws (Ambush and Western Sunset) and The Flee-Rekkers (Lone Rider) and also, for the first time on cd, themes from the controversial British western, The Singer, Not The Song that starred Dirk Bogarde as the leather-clad Mexican bandit, Anacleto.

Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear!

Release Date: 09/07/2012


"Strange, sweet-hearted pop comp of tunes from the heyday of the American western." (MOJO, September 2012)

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2. DEAN MARTIN & RICKY NELSON ­ - My Rifle, My Pony & Me (from Rio Bravo)
3. RICKY NELSON ­ - Restless Kid (from Rio Bravo)
4. DEAN MARTIN ­ - Rio Bravo (from Rio Bravo)
5. MARTY ROBBINS - Ballad of the Alamo (from The Alamo)
6. THE BROTHERS FOUR - The Green Leaves of Summer (from The Alamo)
7. FRANKIE AVALON - Tennessee Babe (from The Alamo)
8. FRANKIE AVALON - Here's To The Ladies (from The Alamo)
9. JOHNNY HORTON ­- North To Alaska (from North to Alaska)
10. CLAUDE KING ­- The Comancheros (from The Comancheros)
11. THE OUTLAWS - ­ Ambush
12. FRANKIE LAINE ­- Gunfight At the O.K. Corral
13. FRANKIE LAINE -­ City Boy
14. FRANKIE LAINE -­ High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me)
15. FRANKIE LAINE -­ The 3:10 to Yuma
16. FRANKIE LAINE ­- The Hanging Tree
17. LINK WRAY - ­ Comanche
18. TAB HUNTER - ­ I'm a Runaway (from Gunman's Walk)
19. FLEE REKKERS ­- Lone Rider
20. ANTHONY PERKINS -­ The Kentuckian Song
21. THE FIREBALLS ­- Vaquero (The Cowboy)
22. JOHNNY WESTERN ­- Ballad of Paladin
23. JOHNNY WESTERN ­- Guns of Rio Muerto
24. JØRGEN INGMANN -­ Apache
25. AL MARTINO ­- The Man from Laramie
26. PHILIP GREEN - The Singer Not the Song
27. PHILIP GREEN - Anacleto's Theme
28. DALE EVANS & ROY ROGERS ­- Happy Trails
29. THE OUTLAWS ­- Western Sunset

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