The Warm World Of... - Antonio Carlos Jobim

The Warm World Of...
Tom Jobim revolutionised music within Brazil and breathed new life into popular songwriting internationally. He discovered João Gilberto and wrote and produced timeless masterpieces for "O Mito". He coined the term "Bossa Nova". Jobim composed ‘The Girl from Ipanema’, made eternal by Astrud Gilberto, the second most recorded song in history (after ‘Yesterday’) with his long-term collaborator, the poet and diplomat, Vinicius de Moraes. If Jobim is honoured around the world, he is an institution within Brazil. The guitarist Celso Fonseca speaks for many when he says, "Jobim has everything. He is Brazil in itself. He has the mountains, the forest and the sun." The Warm World of Antonio Carlos Jobim collects together recordings of his compositions made at the start of the sixties, including the long deleted 1960 version of his first large-scale work, The Sinfonia Rio de Janeiro.
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Sinfonia Do Rio De Janeiro (A Montanha - O Sol - O Mar) (The Mountain, The Sun, The Sea) 1960 Ted Moreno - Os Cariocas - Risaadinha - Luely Figueiró - Albertinho Fortuna - Nelly Martins - Maysa - Jamelão - Chorus De Severinho Filho - Orchestra Radames Gnattal / Samba De Uma Nota Só (One Note Samba) -João Gilberto  / Dindi - Maysa  / Meditacao - Isaura Garcia & Walter Wanderley  / Sucedeu Assim - Sylvia Telles  / Eu Preciso De Você - Sylvia Telles  / Eu Não Existo Sem Você - Sylvia Telles & Lúcio Alves  / Dindi - Lúcio Alves  / Lamento No Morro - Lúcio Alves  / Esuecendo Voce - Alaide Costa  / Dindi - Alaide Costa  / Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar - Agostinho Dos Santos  / Dindi - Agostinho Dos Santos / Amor Em Paz - Agostinho Dos Santos / Amor Sem Adeus - Luiz Bonfá & Norma Suely  / Perdido Nos Teus Olhos - Dick Farney  / Esquecendo Você - Dick Farney  / Por Que Tinha De Ser - Anna Lucia  / Esquecendo Você - Anna Lucia  / Este Seu Olhar (That Look You Wear) -Norberto Baldauf  / Brigas Nunca Mais - Norberto Baldauf  / Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar - Norberto Baldauf  / So Em Teus Bracos - Marisa / Amor Em Paz - Marisa  / Esquecendo Você - Marisa
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