The Voice Of Greece - Nana Mouskouri

The Voice Of Greece
Nana Mouskouri is one of the biggest selling female artists of all time. In a fifty year career, she has sold over 350 million records and sung in more than 15 languages.

The road that took her from her modest roots in Crete and Athens to international superstardom, reads like a script from a Hollywood movie; a bespectacled, plump, shy, child grows into one of the worlds most iconic female artists. Nana at first captivated audiences in the tavernas and nightclubs of Athens, singing Greek folksongs and compositions written for her by the respected Greek composer Manos Hadjidakis and lyricist Nikos Gatsos. One such song, Hartino to fengaraki (The Paper Moon) became a huge domestic hit and was followed by another Hadjidakis composition, Ta Pedia Tou Pirea (The Children Of Piraeus) Aka Never On A Sunday, from the film of the same name. Overnight, the movie sparked a huge interest in Greek music and culture and propelled Nana onto the world stage.
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Xypna Agapi Mou (Wake Up My Love) / Erini (Irene) / Kanela-Kaneloriza (On The Waterfront) / Mera Mayou (May Day) / To Tragoudi Tis Khalimas / Triantafilo Sto Stithos (A Rose On The Chest) / Kontessa Konessina Mou / I vrochoula (The Rain) / Mia Sinnefia (Cloudy Sky) / Ilissos (River Ilissus) / Mia Mera Akomi (One More Day) / San Paramithi San Istoria (Like A Tale) / Ta Pedia Tou Pirea (The Children Of Piraeus) Aka Never On A Sunday / I Prodosia (Treason) / Kathe Trello Pedi (Every Crazy Boy) / To Fengari Ine Kokkino (The Moon Is Red) / Xero kapio Asteri (The Little Star) / I Timoria (The Punishment) / O Imittos (Mount Himmitos) / Pisso Ap'tis Triandafiles (Behind The Rose Bushes) / Ela Pare Mou Ti Lipi (Take My Sorrow Away) / Hartino To Fengaraki (The Paper Moon) /. Gia Sena Tin Agapi Mou (My Love Is For You) / O Karaghiozis / Agapi Pou Ejinesdikopo Macheri (Love Is A Double-Edged Sword / Mazi Me Sena (Together) / Glike Mou Esi Den Hathikes (My Sweet You Are Not Lost)
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The White Rose Of Athens
Released on 13/02/12. Nana Mouskouri is one of the biggest selling
female artists of all time. In a career spanning more than five decades,
she has sold a devastating 350 million records, sung in more than 15
languages.Nana at first captivated audiences in the tavernas and
nightclubs of late fifties Athens, singing Greek folksongs and
compositions written for her by the composer Manos Hadjidakis and
lyricist Nikos Gatsos. Hartino to fengaraki (The Paper Moon) became a
huge domestic hit and was followed by the celebrated Ta Pedia Tou Pirea
(The Children Of Piraeus) Aka Never On a Sunday, from the film of the
same name. Never On a Sunday sparked a huge interest in Greek music and
culture and propelled Nana almost overnight onto the world stage.Through
1960-61, Nana built rapidly on her early promise. She flew to Berlin to
record five songs for the Hadjidakis Gatos score of a film entitled,
Greece, Land of Dreams and cut two German language versions that would
constitute her first international hit, ‘The White Rose of Athens’. She
then ventured to Paris to complete two EPs for her French mentor, Louis
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Roses Blanches De Corfou
"With my songs I tried to prove that there is love." Nana Mouskouri
Nana Mouskouri. Greek singing legend and inspirational jet-setting philanthropist; she of trademark dark-rimmed glasses with long raven hair parted down the centre. A remarkable woman who worked her way up from humble beginnings with irresistible charm and style to become one of the world's most popular divas.
Born Ioanna (Nana is her nickname) in Crete, she moved at the age of three to Athens, where her father, a movie projectionist, was a resistance fighter during the Second World War. Nana started taking classical voice lessons when she was 12 but was expelled from the Athens Conservatory when (horror of horrors) it was discovered she’d been singing with a jazz group at night.
Nana overcame her disappointment; she continued to frequent Athens' bohemian circles where she would meet the famous Greek composer Manos Hadjidakis. He offered to write songs for her, a huge compliment. Almost at once, the young singer enjoyed domestic hits and swept all before her at song festivals in Athens and Barcelona.
While these early successes quickly established her around the Mediterranean, she was beginning to be noticed by European record labels, eventually signing with the Paris-based Fontana. Nana's involvement in the German film documentary Greece, Land of Dreams resulted in her recording the single Weiße Rosen aus Athen ("White Roses of Athens"), a song originally adapted by Hadjidakis from a folk melody. It went Gold in Germany, selling over a million copies. It would be re-recorded in French,
English, Spanish and Italian; the first major international success of Nana's career.

Release Date: 11/02/2013

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The Genius In Harmony
The architects of The Nashville Sound, the voices behind such eternal hits as Roy Orbison's Only the Lonely, Jim Reeves' He'll Have to Go and I'm Sorry by Brenda Lee, The Anita Kerr Singers, through their long career, released several "tribute" albums; Bert Kaempfert Turns Us On, The Anita Kerr Singers reflect on the Hits of Burt Bacharach and the immensely popular, We Dig Mancini - which defined the best of mid-sixties MOR and snatched a Grammy from under the noses of the Beatles. "The Genius" in Harmony, released in 1962, was their first such album, comprising songs written by or associated with Ray Charles.
The result of the layering of the charm and polish of the Kerr voices on
such dark material as Hard Times and Drown In My Own Tears is remarkable and it's difficult to understand how such a fine set can have been allowed to languish out of print for so long.
Here's what Anita Kerr herself said about the project at the time: 'It's
like electing someone to public office who feels just the way you feel
about things. Ray Charles was the person chosen to express all the pent-up emotions of the human soul: the entertainer born to spread these emotions out on the table for the whole world to see, close up and in broad daylight.
They call him "The Genius". I think of him as a restless genius. One
moment he's topping everything you've ever heard in blues singing, and the next moment he moves on to old standards like Hoagy Carmichael's Georgia On My Mind. Before you can get used to him in that vein he's
gospel-flavouring the songs he does, like I Got A Woman. Then he's
knee-deep in the country field or meeting Irving Berlin head on in a song that dates back to 1911, Alexander's Ragtime Band. And in between all these have come other great songs we've tried to interpret for you here, such as Ruby, with its lush, soft-ballad air, the almost haunting Hard Times and the ram-paging Hit the Road Jack. 'Reflections on Ray Charles' greatness in the dimen-sions of four voices - this is what we've tried our very best to bring you.'
One of the best arrangers in the business, Anita was not averse playfully
exploring the early sixties pop universe with fictitious ensembles and
featured here also are the two singles by Anita & the So & So's, including their sweet US hit, Joey Baby.

Release Date: 13/05/2013
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