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Panorama De Musique Concrète

Released on 20/09/10. Musique Concrète is often confused with electronic music, which originated in Germany and which is concerned with the electronic manufacture of sounds built up from basic tones. Musique Concrète makes use of real everyday sounds which are modified by tape manipulation and electronic treatment.

From the late forties, the genres two leading exponents have been the French composers Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry. If their compositions seem quaint to today s ears, in 1948, their bizarre, brittle, often beautiful, soundscapes were revolutionary. Schaeffer and Henry began their revolt by recording sounds from the natural world onto phonograph discs, altering them through the primitive means available, and creating an alarming music that they dubbed musique concrete Schaeffer and Henry created audio portraits for the end of themachine age and the beginning of the electronic age that burst with mechanical noises, orchestral hits, trains, and text-sound babble.

Doors open and close on indecipherable conversations; engines start, stop and transform into screams and moans; disembodied pianists jam with mouth noise rhythm sections. Now, almost 60 years later, the scratches on the records they used give this vanguard work a charming, antique quality. Their methods may seem archaic by contemporary standards, but the resulting music is powerfully evocative by any standards.

Apostles include Bill Nelson ( enviromental guitar ), Brian Eno and Holger Czukay. Out-of-print for decades, A PANORAMA OF MUSIQUE CONCRÈTE is the movement’s essential historic document.

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Classique - Bidule en Ut (Trifle in C) Pierre Henry, Pierre Schaeffer / Études Instrumentals (Instrumental Studies) - Batterie fugace (Fleeting Percussion) Pierre Henry / Flûte mexicaine (Mexican Flute) Pierre Schaeffer / Deux Aspects De Piano - Étude pour piano (Study for Piano) Pierre Schaeffer / Final du concerto des ambiguités (Finale of the Concerto of Ambiguities) Pierre Henry / Tam -Tam III Pierre Henry / Expressionisme 1952 - Musique sans titre (Music without a Title) - Pierre Henry /  Cinquième mouvement (Fifth Movement) / Fête foraine (Fun Fair) / PRIMITIF 1948 - Étude aux tourniquets (Study for Whirligigs) Pierre Schaeffer / Cantate Dramatique - Le Voile D'Orphée (The Veil of Orpheus) Pierre Henry / TROIS DIRECTIONS - Étude aux chemins de fer (Railway Study) Pierre Schaeffer / Étude pathétique (Study in Pathos) Pierre Schaeffer / Boîte à musique (Musical Box) Philippe Arthuys / SERIAL ESSAYS - Antiphonie (Antiphony) (12 pitches - 12 durations – 12 silences) - Pierre Henry / Vocalises- Son et transposition chromatique (On 1 pitch and chromatic transposition) Pierre Henry / CLASSIQUE- Symphonie pour un homme seul (Symphony for a Man Alone) Pierre Schaeffer, Pierre Henry /  Prosopopée 1 / Partitia / Valse / Erotica / Scherzo/ Prosopopée / Eroica / Apostrophe / Intermezzo / Cadence / Strette / Genre Piece -  L'Oiseau RAI (R.A.I. Bird) Pierre Schaeffer, Pierre Henry

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