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El The Legendary B Sides
El Records is growing in stature as one of the most collectable of all labels. Vinyl copies of the El singles are becoming increasingly rare making these tracks even harder to find. The CD comes as two discs in one case and was specially compiled by label founder Mike Alway.
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LOUIS PHILIPPE Touch Of Evil / ANTHONY ADVERSE T/R/O/U/B/L/E / THE KING OF LUXEMBOURG How To Get On In Society / GOL GAPPAS Albert Parker / MOMUS Don't Leave / BID Love / THE CAVALIERS Ian Botham / The I/T/ Man / ROSEMARY'S CHILDREN Whatever Happened To Alice? / ANTHONY ADVERSE Eine Symphonie Des Grauens / THE KING OF LUXEMBOURG Sketches Of Luxembourg / LOUIS PHILIPPE Twangy Twangy / ALWAYS The Arcade / THE UNDERNEATH Fire (Variations) / MARDEN HILL Let's Make Shane & McKenzie / MAYFAIR CHARM SCHOOL Little Black Dresses / KLAXON 5 Great Railway Journeys / GOL GAPPAS Roman / CAGLIOSTRA Madmen & Lovers / LOUIS PHILIPPE Little Pad / THE KING OF LUXEMBOURG Espadarte / DISC TWO: THE KING OF LUXEMBOURG Lee Remick / THE FLORENTINES Whisper Not / THE RAJ QUARTET Invocation Of Thoth / ALWAYS Park Row / WOULD/BE/GOODS The Hanging Gardens Of Reigate / ANTHONY ADVERSE Fountain / MARDEN HILL Hangman / LOUIS PHILIPPE What If A Day? / THE KING OF LUXEMBOURG The Elusive Pimpernel (Le Chevalier De Londres) / BAD DREAM FANCY DRESS Up The King Of Luxembourg! / ALWAYS The Flying Display / ANTHONY ADVERSE Green Park / MARDEN HILL The Exection Of Emperor Maximillian / AMBASSADOR 277 Valediction / THE KING OF LUXEMBOURG Personality Parade / WOULD/BE/GOODS Cecil Beaton's Scrapbook / LOUIS PHILIPPE Smash Hit Wonder / BAD DREAM FANCY DRESS Choirboys Gas / BAD DREAM FANCY DRESS You Wind Me Up / ANTHONY ADVERSE Good Girl
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Sex Appeal
This first class record has been unavailable for over a year and is a welcome return to the Cherry Red Catalogue. The album is a classic masterpiece which takes a look inside the wonderful world of the toy boy pin up child prodigy Simon Turner who was initially discovered by 70’s pop guru Jonathon King; his answer to Cassidy and Osmond. Our Price: £9.95

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Psychedelic is the third in the series of Mike Alway compiled and designed theme compilations on El Records. Following on from a resurgence of interest in the Psychedelic movement, the album features contributions from the King Of Luxembourg, Loveletter, Would Be Goods and Bad Dream Fancy Dress. The style of the El artists dovetails well with the fascinating historical eccentricities of the RPM label, who are represented here by artists including Harmony Grass, Tony Rivers and the Castaways and Spencer Davis. Everything But The Girl's Tracey Thorn also appears with her beautifully downbeat and sensuous performance of the Nico / Velvet Underground masterpiece "Femme Fatale" and her cover of the Bid / Monochrome Set composition "Goodbye Joe", released here or the fist time in 15 years and for the first time ever on CD. Our Price: £9.95

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