Sex Appeal - Simon Turner

Sex Appeal
This first class record has been unavailable for over a year and is a welcome return to the Cherry Red Catalogue. The album is a classic masterpiece which takes a look inside the wonderful world of the toy boy pin up child prodigy Simon Turner who was initially discovered by 70’s pop guru Jonathon King; his answer to Cassidy and Osmond.
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The Prettiest Star / Wold Thing / 17 / Love Around / Sit Down I Think I Love You / Shoeshine Boy / I Wanna Love My Life Away / She Was Just A Young Girl / Sex Appeal / I’ve Been A Bad Bad Boy / California Revisited; Incorporating///Surf City Fun Fun Fun So You Wanna Be A Rock ‘n ’ Roll Star / Simon Talk / A Picture Of Dorian Gray / Valleri / The Rubens Room / Smash Hit Wonder / Trial Of Dr/ Fancy / Lee Remick / Flirt / Personality Parade / Straits Of Malacca / Poptones
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Claret (Best Of)
The Jim Webb, Neil Young and Andy Williams of él, Claret showcases to entertaining effect the art and craft of the popular songwriter. This Best Of collection demonstrates the full spectrum of Louis Philippe; obsessions, loss of innocence, voyeurism, solitude and hedonism. Our Price: £9.95

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Appointment With Venus
In the great traditions of French bi-lingual balladeers, Louis Philippe's dreamy and fantastical first album evokes Debussy at his most turbulent and the vivid colours of Provence under a broiling Mediterranean sun. Our Price: £9.95

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The Many Moods Of Simon Turner
The Simon Turner of the 80s, the Simon Turner of the popular art cinema. Almost all of it work for his mentor the late British film director Derek Jarman. Selections here from Sloane Square, Caravaggio, The Last Of England and The Garden. Essentially the soundtrack to the new British cinema and a fascinating contrast to Turner's pop work in the seventies and later in the guise of The King Of Luxembourg. Our Price: £9.95

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The House Of Love 3CD Deluxe Edition
THE HOUSE OF LOVE were one of the most successful and critically acclaimed bands to grace Creation Records back in the late 1980s.
Their eponymous debut album was cited as one of the best albums of 1988 by music magazines and Indie fans alike. It has been out-of-print on CD for some time now.
This deluxe edition of THE HOUSE OF LOVE offers the band’s complete Creation recordings from 1987-1988, together with a raft of previously unissued bonus material.
The package boasts all their Creation Records singles, from the original version of ‘Shine On’, ‘Real Animal’ and the US favourite ‘Christine’ (which reached #8 in the Modern Rock chart there) to their final single for the label, ‘Destroy The Heart’.
Disc 3 is devoted to nineteen hitherto unheard HOUSE OF LOVE demos, including two exclusive Guy Chadwick songs ‘Hold On Me’ and ‘Modern World’, which were never released!
Also making their debut on CD is the rare 7” album freebie (two demos) and the ‘Flexidisc’ version of ‘Shine On’, together with Guy’s original demo of this song which eventually gave them a sizeable hit.

This 3-CD package is housed in a stylish Digipak with fresh sleeve-notes and rare images from the band’s photographer Suzie Gibbons.

Press: "Here was a band who knew just how good they were... If you don't already own The House Of Love, buy it." - Michael Hann, The Guardian, 24/11/2012

"Two super serving discs of extras include single fan-pleasing alternate takes and intriguing demos..." - MOJO, December 2012

"Considered by many to be the fledgling band's finest work, it has been hansomely expanded into a three-CD deluxe edition..." - Alan Jones, Music Week, November 2012

"...still sound like a band engaging into top gear and riding the crest of a wave." - Andy Peart, Vive Le Rock, Jan/Feb 2013

Release Date: 26/11/2012

Disc 1: The House Of Love

1. Christine
2. Hope
3. Road
4. Sulphur
5. Man To Child
6. Salome
7. Love In A Car
8. Happy
9. Fisherman's Tale
10. Touch Me
Bonus tracks:
11. Shine On (Demo - Bonus 7”)
12. Christine (Demo - Bonus 7”)
Disc 2: Singles, B-Sides, Rarities

1. Shine On
2. Love
3. Flow
4. Real Animal
5. Plastic
6. Nothing To Me
7. The Hill
8. Loneliness Is A Gun
9. The Hedonist
10. Welt
11. Destroy The Heart
12. Blind
13. Mr. Jo
14. Destroy The Heart (Demo)
15. Shine On (Fuck Version)
16. I Don’t Know Why I Love You But I Do (Live - Previously Unissued)
17. Love In A Car (Live - Previously Unissued)
18. Destroy The Heart (Live - Previously Unissued)
19. I Wanna Be Your Dog (Live - Previously Unissued)
Disc 3: Previously Unissued Mixes & Demos

1. Shine On (Guy Chadwick Solo Demo)
2. Touch Me (Demo 1)
3. Real Animal (Demo)
4. Happy (Demo 1)
5. Hold On Me (16 Track Demo)
6. Christine (16 Track Demo)
7. Modern World (Demo)
8. Salome
9. Man To Child
10. Hope
11. Love In A Car
12. Touch Me
13. Road
14. Fisherman’s Tale
15. Happy (Demo 2)
16. Sulphur
17. Real Animal (16 Track Demo)
18. Little Girl (alias Mr Jo)
19. Shine On (Band Demo)

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