Songs On Page One - Serge Gainsbourg

Songs On Page One
Released 16/03/09. There are many standard-issue personae to which an aspiring rock star might be drawn, but one has always been cooler, darker and sexier than all the rest. It is that of the artist who single-mindedly pursues his creative muse while embracing the full panoply of self-destructive, decadent, badboy behaviour: heavy drinking, frequent drug use, committed womanising, a general fuck-you attitude to both public and media, a casual disregard for society's sacred cows and taboos, and a self-belief bordering on the messianic. For three turbulent decades Serge Gainsbourg heroically exemplified all of the above - and much more.

He wrote and directed four controversial movies, he published a scurrilous novel, his records were often denounced as obscene and he was perpetually embroiled in scandal, whether for turning up drunk on a TV show and offering to f**k fellow guest Whitney Houston, recording a reggae version of Le Marseillaise, burning a 500 franc banknote on prime-time TV, or making a decidedly queasy video with his 13-year-old daughter Charlotte to promote their single, Lemon Incest. Summarising his approach to life and art, he said: "Without controversy it would all be very boring" and "For me, provocation is oxygen."

The EL edition comprises his shockingly brilliant debut album, a live track from the same period transmitted on Radio France and fine versions of songs from this momentous first album recorded with commercial success by Parisian comtemporaries Michèle Arnaud and Jean Claude Pascal Serge Gainsbourg has been one of, if not the, major single international influence on British and American independent pop music; Portishead, Franz Ferdinand, Tricky, Jarvis Cocker, Beck, Arcade Fire, Placebo, PJ Harvey, Brett Anderson, Mick Harvey, Momus and Belle and Sebastian have all claimed him as mentor In France, Gainsbourg is nothing less than an institution. As Jane Birkin put it recently: "Now French culture is talked of as before and after Serge."
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Serge Gainsbourg - Le Poinçonneur des Lilas / La Recette de l'amour fou / Douze belles dans la peau / Ce Mortel ennui / Ronsard 58 / La Femme des uns sous le corps des autres / Alcool / Du Jazz dans le ravin / Charleston des déménageurs de piano / Mes petites odalisques (Radio France 5-1-58) Michèle Arnaud- La Recette de l'amour fou / Douze belles dans la peau / Jeunes femmes et vieux messieurs / La Femme des uns sous le corps des autres / Ronsard 58 / Il était une oie / Jean Claude Pascal - Douze belles dans la peau / La Recette de l'amour fou
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The View from the Edge
Released 18/05/09. The View from the Edge is about the rolke of percussion in modern music and is a sequel to el's previous Varese edition, The Complete Works of Edgard Varese Volume 1 (ACMEM125CD). An important restoration of the composer's earliest recordings, the edition was greeted by great critical enthusiasm and sold especially healthily on export.

Varese also has a strong base in America, mostly by virtue of the association with Frank Zappa, who for years championed the work of this genius who today is regarded now as "The Father Of Electronic Music”; a man that has been described as the Leonardo da Vinci of modern music

‘Arcana’ and ‘Ionisation’ are the composer's key works; two of the most important of the twentieth century. Leonard Bernstein's historic seventeen minute Arcana with The New York Philharmonic is amongst the rarest Varese recordings The American Percussion Society's vigorous recording of ‘Ionisation’ has been inexplicably out of print for five decades

The Oliver Messiaen pieces are his first official recordings ever, dating from 1946 & 1947, and orginally released on 78 by Pathe. Both are beautifully performed by a young Yvonne Loriod.
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Moon River and Me
· Henry Mancini is regarded by his peers, the critics and the public to be one of the giants of popular music. With a singular playfulness and style, "Hank” composed a legacy of music for film which broke with cinema's symphonic traditions and incorporated elements of jazz and popular music.
· His theme song for Blake Edwards' Breakfast at Tiffany's, the hauntingly beautiful Moon River (with lyrics by Johnny Mercer), perfectly encapsulates the mood of the era and is amongst the most celebrated compositions of the second half of the twentieth century.
· Henry Mancini won two Oscars for Breakfast at Tiffany's ­ one for Best Original Score, and another for Best Film Song of the Year, Moon River.
· Moon River and Me comprises Danny Williams' version of the ballad that reached number one in the UK single chart and Jerry Butler's interpretation that was a hit in America, along with seventeen cues from the original film score of Breakfast at Tiffany's (including Audrey Hepburn's plaintive version of Moon River that the composer insisted was the best) and hip jazz variations on both Moon River and the Breakfast at Tiffany's score by Barney Kessel, Eddie Harris, Art Blakey and Al Caiola.
· Adapted from Truman Capote's novella, Breakfast at Tiffany's ­ by virtue of the daring naturalness, the elegant minimalist allure of Audrey Hepburn's iconic Holly Golightly - is arguably the first sixties film. As much of a landmark for Audrey Hepburn as it was for Mancini, Tiffany's is the pinnacle of her career and the film's stylistic influences (in attitudes and fashion) continue to prevail.
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