A Banda Tropicalista Do Duprat - Rogerio Duprat

A Banda Tropicalista Do Duprat
Born in Rio De Janeiro in 1932 the composer Rogerio Duprat lived in São Paulo and it was there in the early sixties that the he developed an interest in the avant-garde and that would soon lead to him studying in Europe with Karleinz Stockhausen and Pierre Boulez. Returning to Brazil Duprat wrote scores for Walter Hugo Khouri¹s films and against the background of military dictatorship Duprat met the leaders of Tropicália, Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil; drawn to the movement by their determination to absorb universal culture and revolutionise Brazilan music. So in 1968, he wrote several arrangements for the seminal ‘Tropicália’ album which involved Caetano, Gil, Tom Zé, Gal Costa, Os Mutantes, Nara Leão and Torquato Neto and played a decisive role in liberating the sound of the groundbreaking albums of Os Mutantes. Duprat’s arrangements are marvellous; intelligent, imaginative, playful and distinctive. He has been called the George Martin of Tropicalia - the Brian Wilson of Brazil. Rogerio Duprat's solo LP ‘A Banda Tropicalista’ was released in 1968 when he was at his peak. Sao Paulo was living a modernist dream, classical music was in the air and so was psychedelia. Duprat audaciously fused these elements. Under rogerio’s skilful auspices, material by John Fred and his playboy band, The Beatles and the Cowsills is harmonised with the compositions of Tom Jobim, Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil. Os Mutantes perform-joyfully-on four tracks. Sometimes knockabout, always within an atmosphere of refinement, the album is a cultural mosaic - a positive happening. In later years Duprat spent time writing jingles but was slowly forced to withdraw from his artistic activities due to hearing problems. He now lives in retirement on his farmhouse in the Sao Paulo countryside. Today, the work of this important pop composer is being discovered outside of Brazil. Seek out these productions. The name of Rogerio Duprat on any record is the stamp of quality.
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