The Flowers of India - Ravi Shankar

The Flowers of India
Historic Ravi Shankar beginning with the astonishing 28 minute 'Raga Jog' recorded in 1956 and arguably one of his absolute finest recordings. The other really serious rarities of this set are the those made of the Hindu musicians that provided music for the production of original Uday Shankar (Ravi's brother) dance company of Hindu Musicians when it made its historic first visit to the United States in 1937; the young Ravi Shankar was amongst that number. These are therefore the earliest recordings of Ravi that exist, originally released on 78's and available digitally for the first time ever. Ravi Shankar is the biggest name in world music and-due partly to the closeness of his involvement with the Beatles - a towering figure in psychedelic circles also. 'Raga Jog' is first and foremost, the most refined Indian classical music; it is also the most incredible piece of sitar psychedelia you will hear!
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Raga Jog Indian Music Ragas And Dances The Orginal Uday Shankar Company Of Hindu Musicians, Recorded During The Historic 1937 Visit To The United States / Raga Tilanga / Raga Bahar / Danse Gandharva: Raga Malkauns / Danse Ramachandra: Ragas Sinhendra-Maddhyama, Hansaddhwani / Tabla-Taranga: Raga Adana / Danse Kartikeyya: Raga Malkauns / Danse Indra: Raga Bhairada / Danse Snanum: Ragas Durga, Khamaj / Bhajana (Religious Song) / Raga Mishra-Kaphi
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Film India – The Cinema Of Ravi Shankar
Released 19/10/ 09 Film India comprises five film soundtracks from Ravi Shankar - four from the films of India’s internationally celebrated director Satyajit Ray, including the masterful Pather Panchali / The Apu Trilogy - Ustad Vilayat Khan’s music for Ray’s imperious Jalsaghar (The Music Room), and the soundtrack from Jean Renoir’s first Technicolor feature, The River, the first colour film made in India and regarded by Martin Scorsese as one of the most beautiful ever made. The soundtrack of each film in the Apu Trilogy was scored by Ravi Shankar. The music for Pather Panchali, described as at once plaintive and exhilarating, is featured in the The Guardian’s list of 50 greatest film soundtracks. In 1955, Satyajit Ray made his debut as director with the masterpiece of world cinema that is Pather Panchali. Played with restraint by a non-professional cast and influenced by such Italian neorealist features as Bicycle Thieves, it’s a story of a young Bengali boy's introduction to the ways of the world and is remarkable for its simplicity and humanity. The first in the acclaimed Apu trilogy (Aparajito and The World of Apu make up the saga), it astounded everyone when it won the Special Jury Prize at Cannes, particularly as it was filmed on weekends and holidays over a four-year period, with Ray having to pawn his wife's jewellery to complete the shoot. Our Price: £9.95

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Psychedelic Music of India
Both regarded as absolute masters in their homeland Ustad Ali Akbar Khan and Ustad Vilayat Khan, exact contemporaries and sarod and sitar players respectively are in India spoken of with the same reverence that is usually reserved for Ravi Shankar. Of course both are familiar to students of the genre of Indian classical music in the west (Vilayat Khan is known for his famous score to the merchant-ivory film "The Guru") but the commercial potential of their incredible art is only now beginning to be realised. Like Shankar, their work is hypnotic and spellbinding realised by flawless technique through a lifetime of devotion to their music. Our Price: £9.95

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That Which Colours The Mind
"Any player on any instrument, with any ears, would be deeply moved by Ravi Shankar. If you love music, it would be impossible not to be."David Crosby. Few in the West had even heard of the sitar before Ravi Shankar began touring Europe and America in the fifties and early sixties. Introduced to Shankar's music by Roger McGuinn at an Acid-fuelled party in Benedict Canyon, the Beatles quickly became disciples. The sitar would influence Rubber Soul, Revolver and Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, and the Benares-born master would be propelled to international star-dom.

For all this fame, and his many successful collaborations with western musicians, Shankar's classicism would not be compromised. That Which Colours the Mind finds Ravi Shankar in magisterial form. A beautiful bouquet of sound and rhythm, and profoundly psychedelic. The five centrepiece tracks of this edition were produced by George Avakian in 1957, whilst the remainder (which feature Ravi and Ali Akbar Khan) are culled from UNESCO's historic Anthology of Indian Classical Music which first appeared in the mid-fifties.
Our Price: £9.95

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