Fellini Masterpieces: La Strada / Nights of Cabiria - Nino Rota

Fellini Masterpieces: La Strada / Nights of Cabiria
The artistic partnership between film director Federico Fellini and composer Nino Rota was one of the most productive and enduring in cinema history. "La Strada" and "Nights of Cabiria" announced their arrival on the scene to an awestruck Italian and international public. Both movies won academy awards for "the best foreign language film"; establishing the style that would soon reach full expression with the renowned "La Dolce Vita".

These are the original mono soundtracks recorded in 1952 and 1956 respectively: the same recordings that are used on the films and both are long out of print in any format.
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Tema della strada / "Mi ha anche dato 10.000 lire..." / "E arrivato Zampanò!" / Gelsomina5/ La trattoria/ Solitudine di Gelsomina / Il pranzo di nozze / Il bambino malato / Zampanò e la vedova / "Io me ne vado!" / I tre suonatori - La processione / Il matto sul filo / Il circo Giraff / Gelsomina e il matto / Addio del matto / Il viaggio continua / Partenza dal convento / Zampanò abbandona Gelsomina / Zampanò sulla spiaggia - Finale Le Notti Di Cabiria (The Nights Of Cabiria) / Le notti di Cabiria / Aspettando Giorgio / Donne di vita (Mambo di Cabiria) / Via Verneto - Il divo / Cabiria e il divo (Mambo di Cabiria) / "E se anche lo racconto chi ci crede?" / Spiando dal bagno / Il pellegrinaggio / Pic-nic al Divino Amore / L'illusionista / 30 Cabiria e il ragioniere - Frà Giovanni - Sulla strada / 31 "Fra 15 giorni ci sposiamo..." / 32 Il trasloco / 33 "Lla rì lli rà" - La trattoria / 34 Ma la vita continua - Finale
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After a two-year foray into book-writing and contemporary art, Momus returns to pop with his strongest release in over a decade. This time he's focused on what he calls "the catnip factor". Just what is it that makes us want to play a great song over and over again on YouTube? What is it about some simple chords and rhymes that really gets under our skin and penetrates deep into our memory and emotion?

After avoiding pop, or asking it to do things books and art can do better, Momus suddenly found himself, in the spring of 2010, playing his favourite songs on YouTube, drawing inspiration for new songs from them, recording the songs and making videos for them during marathon "videosong" sessions, then uploading the results straight up to YouTube.

The Hypnoprism album is the "hard copy" of this process of falling back in love with pop music via its greatest visual moments. And although "hypnoprism" isa made-up word, it might as well be a synonym for YouTube itself: that hypnotic prism that makes songs visible.

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The View from the Edge
Released 18/05/09. The View from the Edge is about the rolke of percussion in modern music and is a sequel to el's previous Varese edition, The Complete Works of Edgard Varese Volume 1 (ACMEM125CD). An important restoration of the composer's earliest recordings, the edition was greeted by great critical enthusiasm and sold especially healthily on export.

Varese also has a strong base in America, mostly by virtue of the association with Frank Zappa, who for years championed the work of this genius who today is regarded now as "The Father Of Electronic Music”; a man that has been described as the Leonardo da Vinci of modern music

‘Arcana’ and ‘Ionisation’ are the composer's key works; two of the most important of the twentieth century. Leonard Bernstein's historic seventeen minute Arcana with The New York Philharmonic is amongst the rarest Varese recordings The American Percussion Society's vigorous recording of ‘Ionisation’ has been inexplicably out of print for five decades

The Oliver Messiaen pieces are his first official recordings ever, dating from 1946 & 1947, and orginally released on 78 by Pathe. Both are beautifully performed by a young Yvonne Loriod.
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Your Obedient Servant
Orson Welles is a titantic figure in popular culture. Before Kane, before Ambersons, The Lady From Shanghai and The Third Man; Before Touch of Evil, his astounding Othello, Chimes At Midnight and F for Fake, Welles created the sensational War of the Worlds broadcast that terrified a nation of American radio listeners.

While Hollywood beckoned, Welles and his company, The Mercury Theatre continued to produce compelling radio drama that still sounds extraordinary. Make no mistake, if radio held sway over us like it did during its Golden Age, much of Welles' work in the medium would be as venerated as Kane or any of the other creative triumphs that were to follow. The Hitch-hiker and the chilling Search for Henri Le Fevre were written by Lucille Fletcher. Sredni Vashtar is the work of the inscrutable late nineteenth century English writer, Saki The Music for all three performances was composed by long-time Welles (and Hitchcock) collaborator Bernard Herrmann
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Man Of Letters
The first ever DVD to feature one the true enigmatic figures of alternative music's last twenty years, Momus. Throughout his recording career for Cherry Red Records and Creation Records, now stretching over twenty years, Momus has always excited and confounded in equal measure – his work always contains something different and challenging, and 'Man Of Letters' is no exception.

'Man Of Letters' was produced by Finnish director Hannu Puttonen (who has also worked with Billy Bragg and Bill Drummond), and has been described as 'not so much a documentary, but a stream of consciousness, visualizations of songs, moral discussions by Momus and companions…of whom some have a high profile in British pop culture…'

The guest appearances referred to in that description include Jarvis Cocker, Saint Etienne singer Sarah Cracknell, Ed Ball and Simon Turner. The 'Man Of Letters' DVD contains the full length version of the programme, with nearly twenty minutes of unseen footage from the original video release. The DVD will also contain a short documentary on Momus that has only previously been seen on American Cable Television.

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The Last Picture Show
Released in 1971 and hailed as the most impressive work by a young American director since Citizen Kane, Peter Bogdanovich's Last Picture Show is an elegiac study of life amid the dust and loneliness of a dying town. An account of adolescents coming of age filmed  under a vast, empty Texas sky.          
The film has no conventional score. All of the music is from the period between November 1951 and October 1952 when the film is set and linked to each scene. It is played on home radios, car radios, truck radios, 45 rpm players, jukeboxes, and at a community Christmas dance. The Hank Williams song, heard on the radio in Sonny's old truck in the opening scene, ‘Why Don't You Love Me (Like You Used to Do)?’ sets the tone for the music as well as the movie. All of the songs featured in the film are collected together in this edition.          

Low-key, perceptive, bleak, and melancholy, The Last Picture Show shares with Welles' Magnificent Ambersons, a heartache for a time and place forever gone. The film boasts some superlative performances from the ensemble cast which the Academy recognised in awarding Oscars to Cloris Leachman and the monumental Ben Johnson. It is more than a great film, it is a supremely moving work of art…


"If your mood is right, this is a delight, with artists such as Frankie Laine, Eddy Arnold and Kay Starr showing us how it should be done, with charisma and effortless vocal performance that have rarely been bettered". 4/5* (Record Collector August 2012)          

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