The Grand Moghul Suite / The Universal Language Of Music - Korla Pandit

The Grand Moghul Suite / The Universal Language Of Music
The most exotic and enigmatic of all of the artists of what is broadly described a the "exotica" genre, Korla Pandit's astounding early concept albums are here together restored to the catalogue for the first time in five decades. A kind of Indian Ziggy Stardust, Korla Pandit's work is taken extremely seriously and is extremely collectable amongst followers of Martin Denny, Les Baxter and Esquivel. Pandit's Wurlitzer has a strange David Lynch quality to it and has aged very well.
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The Grand Moghul Suite / Magnetic Theme / Kumar / Kartikeya / Aicha's Theme / Ode to a Desert Love / The Hypnotist / Procession of the Grand Moghul / Theme of the Meta-Logy / Trance Dance / Omar / The Turkish Dance The Universal Language of Music-Volume 1 / The Banjello / Clare De Lune / Stormy Weather / Over The Rainbow / Samba / Trance Dance / Theme from Tchaikovsky's 5th Symphony / Aicha's Dance (Moghul Suite) / Intermettzo / Beyond the Sunset / Chopin's Waltz in A Major
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The Many Moods of
Released 23/03/09. The sole album release by the infamous Murry Wilson, father of the beach boys three wilson brothers. A suite of orchestral pop instrumentals, including a Brian Wilson production, a cover of warmth of the sun , an Al Jardine original and material written by Wilson Snr himself. Recorded in la in 1967, this album is an intriguing insight into the mindset of this unique, much discussed character of legend. A must for any beach boys fan or collector, the many moods of Murry Wilson is presented here in its very rare stereo mix and packaged in a digipak with an 8 page booklet containing comprehensive sleeve-notes, production info etc. Huge collector’s potential for this much overlooked piece of the jigsaw puzzle that is the Beach Boys story. The vinyl album commands consistently high prices among collectors when it does appear, but has become an increasingly rare presence at record fairs, on ebay etc. Our Price: £9.95

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Space Escapade
Released 20/04/09. The Founding-Father of Exotica, Les Baxter's wild inventiveness has made him a hero to modern artists as diverse as Jello Biafra and Beck. Exotica became a hugely popular trend from the early fifties; with the onset of international jet travel, making it possible for middle-class Americans to simulate an authentic travelogue experience in the comfort of their suburban homes, 'The Music of Les Baxter is never sad of gloomy - it is full of the adventure of life, the sounds of exotic lands and the free spirit of life close to nature'. Space Escapade (not re-issued or digitalised in the half century since it's original release) is the holy grail to Baxterites and students of the Exotica genre; showcasing all of the eclecticism and sensual orchestral effects that are Baxter's remarkable trademark. The historic restoration of Space Escapade is complimented by an attractive special feature; a programme of extremely rare Les Baxter single A & B sides from the fifties; sweet and subtle gems never before re-issued in any context and digitalised here for the first time. Our Price: £9.95

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