Sketch For Summer - Gary McFarland & Gabor Szabo

Sketch For Summer
Released 21/07/08. Though they came from radically different cultures and found their way into Jazz via widely divergent routes, Gabor Szabo and Gary McFarland formed an all - too brief working relationship that produced a spectacular range of solo and collaborative works spanning Jazz, Bossa Nova, Psychedelia, Indian Raga, Hungarian Folk, Orchestral and Film Music. Focusing on the mid - sixties years with Prestige, Verve and Impulse, this edition comprises highlights from Gypsy 66, Spellbinder, Jazz Raga, The Sorcerer, Simpatico, The In Sound, Scorpio and Other Signs and McFarland’s score for Eye of the Devil and includes such impossible rarities as Gary'scharacteristically serene performances of Margo Guryan’s Rivergirl and The Dreamer by Antonio Carlos Jobim.
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Gabor Szabo - Gypsy Jam / Gabor Szabo - The Last One to be Loved / Gabor Szabo - Gypsy Queen / Gabor Szabo - Yearning / Gabor Szabo - Raga Doll / Gabor Szabo - Mizrab / Gabor Szabo - Lou - ise / Gabor Szabo - Space / Gary McFarland - The Dreamer / Gary Mcfarland - Rivergirl / Gary McFarland - Here I Am / Gary McFarland - Bloop Bleep / Gary McFarland - The Sting of the Bee / Gary McFarland - I Can't Get No Satisfaction / Gabor Szabo & Gary McFarland - Spring Song / Gabor Szabo & Gary McFarland - Simpatico / Gary McFarland - Winter Samba / Gary McFarland - Summer's Gone Away / Gary McFarland - Eye of the Devil Main Theme (harp) / Gary McFarland - Train Ride / Gary McFarland - Thanks but No Thanks / Gary McFarland - Close Your Eyes and Follow Me / Gary McFarland - Runaway Heart
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