Introducing…. - Four King Cousins

At last the re-release of one of the best and rarest albums of the sunshine pop / light psychedelic harmony genre of the late sixties. The Four King Cousins “Introducing…” is one of the last undiscovered masterpieces of that golden age. Produced, arranged, and conducted by the great David Axelrod under the pseudonym Lex de Azevedo, the already seductive four female voices are charged still further by Axelrod's characteristic sensuality. The Four King Cousins covers of period material such as Bacharach-David's ‘This Girl's In Love With You’, Brian Wilson's ‘God Only Knows’ and Roger Nichols' ‘Love So Fine’ are as good as any contemporary recordings and compare favourably with giants such as Harper's Bizarre, the Association and the Free Design. Vocal music is currently undergoing a huge renaissance and Axelrod is big business and hip anyway…
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This Girl's In Love With You / It's All In The Game / Walk On By / California Nights / Let's Get Away From It All / I Wanna Be Free / Good Day Sunshine / God Only Knows / Love So Fine / Here, There And Everywhere / I Fell
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New Directions In Music

Karlheinz Stockhausen was hailed as the prophet of a new world of sound and a composer of unarguable greatness. He has also been attacked for his mystical, semi-hippie philosophy and for his impenetrable music. Not since Stravinsky has a composer generated such excitement and controversy.

His concerts in Europe, America, Japan and the Middle East offered a new kind of musical ritual, and his following amongst the young is such that one critic has called him the Pied Piper of Youth.

Stockhausen appears in Peter Blakes' famous collage for the front cover of Sgt Pepper and inspired The Beatles to experiment with techniques ranging from the use of reversed tape to the total abandonment of metre and melody - evidenced most notably on Revolution 9. New Directions In Music includes Stockhausen’s Étude (the composer’s first experimentation in musique concrète, and David Tudor s premiere recording of all four movements of Klavierstück XI. These works are complimented by Robert Craft’s historic New Directions in Music album comprising Stockhausens Zeitmasse (Time-measures) for five woodwinds and Pierre Boulez Le Marteau sans maître (The Hammer without a Master).

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America The Beautiful/Does The Sun Really Shine On The Moon
Gary McFarland blazed through the American music landscape of the 1960's and disappeared almost as fast as he appeared. Possessed of a brilliant melodic gift, he quickly distinguished himself on jazz projects with Gerry Mulligan, Stan Getz and Bill Evans and saw his first taste of wide popularity with the 'soft samba' album, where he explored the music of The Beatles with such sidemen as Antonio Carlos Jobim, Kenny Burrell, and Willie Bobo.the jazz Cognescenti, however, were not impressed, tending in those days to rather look down on popular music. Nonetheless, McFarland was a man of many faces and throughout the sixties he never looked back; scoring a jazz ballet, writing commercial jingles to pay the rent, and composing his largest orchestral work in the form of the inexplicably still unreleased score for the David Niven, David Hemmings Sharon Tate occult film '13' (otherwise known as 'eye of the devil'). By 1969 McFarland, like the United States, was in transition. having alienated his original uptight jazz fans, and not yet having been discovered by the long-haired crowd, he threw all his cards on the table in what was and remains his greatest work; 'America the Beautiful' is a stunningly original jazz-rock tone poem about the state of the country, circa 1968. With the environment in shambles, a seemingly endless war raging, and corporate greed running amuck, Gary expressed his outrage the only way he knew how: through music. It barely needs to be said this album is as relevant today as it was then. McFarland's trademark mix of gallows humour and sadness dominates this album, from the song titles ('suburbia-two poodles and a plastic Jesus') to the music itself. Listen and try not to be moved by the slash & burn guitar of Eric Gale on 'on this site..' or Snooky Young's mournful trumpet solo on 'last rites for the promised land', which was originally composed in 1963 for 4 black girls killed in an Alabama church bombing. After the intensity of 'America the Beautiful' this edition moves into a more relaxed mood, the flipside of McFarland's musical coin, 'Does the sun really shine on the moon?' a buoyant excursion through the pop charts of the day, it is suffused with his trademark vibes and vocalise including the super-funky flea market with its multi-tracked vibe solo, originally composed as a jingle for fresca(!) Moving into the seventies, McFarland would steer ever more towards pop, gaining confidence as a producer in the studio and releasing two albums ('today' & 'butterscotch rum)' which remain, perhaps, the two last great undiscovered pop classics of that era. It all came crashing down on November 2, 1971 when, celebrating the end of a particularly gruelling recording session, McFarland ingested a drink with a fatal overdose of liquid methadone. Some say he was the victim of a malicious prank, others that it was misadventure (McFarland was not without his share of personal demons). Whatever happened, it ended a remarkable musical career. He was 38 years old. Our Price: £9.95

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Surf, Sex and Cycle-Psychos… (A Diverse Potpourri Of Antediluvian Film Music By Stu Phillips)
Stu Philips has had a long, varied and successful career music. He has gone from playing piano in cocktail lounges to conducting theLos Angeles Philharmonic. In between he has spent time as an arranger and conductor for night club performers; as a successful A & R record producer; as a composer for television and film. Stu studied music at the high school of music & art in New York City and at the Eastman school of music in Rochester NY. His first professional job was as a copyist for 'The Milton Berle Texaco Hour'. at Eastman he wrote arrangements of pop tunes for the Rochester Civic Orchestra. Among some of the artists he accompanied and was musical director for were Jimmie Rodgers and Chris Connor. Whilst at Colpix, Stu produced three number one hits; 'Blue Moon' for The Marcels', 'Johnny Angel' by Shelley Fabares and James Darren's 'Goodbye Cruel World'. He also produced Nina Simone, Vince Edwards, The Chad Mitchell Trio, The Skyliners and Jimmy Beaumont and The Ronettes (before 'Be My Baby' and Phil Spector). At Capitol Records, Stu Phillips created and produced the Hollyridge Strings - who remarkably at one point in the early sixties had three albums simultaneously in the American top 20. As head of West Coast A & R for Epic Records, he recorded The Doodletown Pipers as well as Nancy Ames, Enzo Stuarti and Bob Crane. Stu also worked as a composer on 'The Donna Reed Show', ‘A Few Gidgets' and 'The Monkees'. During the sixties and early seventies he also composed the music for approximately 15 feature films including the celebrated score for Russ Meyer's 'Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls', 'Ride The Wild Surf' and 'Macon County Line' and the soundtracks for the potpourri of surf, sex comedy and biker films featured in this collection including 'Hells Angels On Wheels' (starring Jack Nicholson) and the extraordinary surfing travelogue 'Follow Me', one of the most creative and skilfully realised film scores of the period. Some of the artists who have recorded songs written by Stu and various co-writers are Nancy Sinatra, Tammy Wynette, BB King, George Hamilton, Dino Desi & Billy, The Sandpipers and Lynn Carey. In 1974, Phillips began a six year undertaking at universal studioscomposing the music to 'The Six Million Dollar Man' pilot, followed by 'Mccloud, 'Quincy', 'Switch', 'The Hardy Boys & Nancy Drew'Battlestar Galactica', ‘Buck Rogers' 'Knightrider' and others. When Glen Larson left universal for 20th Century Fox, Stu accompanied him, scoring 96 episodes of ‘The Fall Guy', as well as 'masquerade' 'Automan' and 'The Highwayman'. Among some of is other credits are 'Spiderman', 'Chicago story' and 'Along Came Bronson'. He has been nominated for four Grammys. The resurgence of fan interest in 'Battlestar Galactica', 'The Monkees' and 'Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls' has found Stu attending cult film and fan club conventions involved with those shows. Now Stu's autobiography 'Stu Who? Forty Years Of Navigating The Minefields Of The Music Business' has been published. It tells the story of his colourful and stellar career in the music business and is deservedly garnering excellent reviews.

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Sacred Choral Music
Released 27/11/08. Born in London circa 1540, William Byrd was the foremost composer of the Elizabethan age. A master of keyboard music and the madrigal as well as Latin and English church music, he was an organist and member of the sovereign's private religious establishment, the Chapel Royal. Yet he remained throughout his life a dedicated Roman Catholic who was persecuted as a recusant and who upheld through his art the old faith. For many, Byrd’s Masses represent the pinnacle of his work. Inspired in part by the archaic compositions of John Taverner, yet also admitting the influence of European composers such as Palestrina, they are dark, mystical and intimate works that often reach an intensity unusual for Renaissance times, with the Agnus Dei of the Mass for Five Voices in particular culminating in some of the most poignantly beautiful music ever composed. Our Price: £9.95

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Hello Hello: The Best Of
Claudine Longet, the very model of the breathy, sexy French waif as the US and world audience perceived her - film star, TV star, singer/notsinger, a fey presence in a beautiful forest, where The A&M SOUND enveloped her in an embrace of Bossa Nova and reverb while Nick De Caro and Tommy Lipuma, masters of The A&M Soun, took us all on a journey where being a singer or not a singer didn't matter as long as the languid erotic vibe was there. A journey where A.C. Jobim came and wrote and played, where there was a PARTY, and Henry Mancini wrote, as he had done for Audrey Hepburn, the perfect song/notsong, for the ethereal beauty Claudine to sing/notsing as Peter Sellers desperately searched for the bathroom and Blake Edwards collapsed laughing. A magical person in a magical world, in a magical time, "Sleep Safe And Warm" never had a more definitive reading, as Claudine brought her own take on 'vaga' to the non-latino world, and if you know what that all means you'll RUSH out and buy this...
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