Morricone In Love - Ennio Morricone

Morricone In Love
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Here we see the genius of Ennio Morricone as evidenced by the collection of melodic, romantic themes that comprise 'Morricone In Love' Flooding his music with feeling, the maestro is time and again able to inspire from his musicians performances of extraordinary emotional intensity. Often a Morricone soundtrack will elevate an otherwise modest film to an unfathomable artistic status and ‘Love Sequence 1’ from the obscure 'Crescete e Moltiplicatevi' is a case in point; a wonderfully sensuous composition that open's the album with the loveliest of vocals from the unique Edda Dell'Orso. Then 'Una Donna Da Ricordare (A Woman To Remember)' from the little known 'Maddalena' bursts with charm before we reach more familiar territory with 'Messico e Irlanda' from 'Giu La Testa (a fistful of dynamite)' one of Morricone's greatest soundtracks; where James Coburn recalls in flashback and with some sentimentality his earlier life in Ireland. Morricone's music to support this famous scene is wonderful. Simply hauntingly magical Moving on, the composer delivers an appropriately melancholic theme for the tragic 'Verushka' and in 'D'amore si muore (for love one dies)' deals effortlessly with obsession, "I don't love you, I adore you. I'll only be happy when you're dead". 'Morricone in love' is a sensitive, dreamlike experience. Following 'Psichedelico Jassistico' and 'Morricone High' (mod psychedelia) and 'Morricone kill' (the spaghetti western) in the series of themed editions of the maestro's work.
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Scena D’Amore 1 from Crescete E Moltiplicatevi (featuring Edda Dell'Orso) / Una Donna Da Ricordare (A Woman To Remember) from Maddalena / Messico E Irlanda from Giu La Testa (A Fistful Of Dynamite) / Belinda May from L’Alibi / In Un Filo D’Erba from L’Alibi / Un Po D’Ironia Acida from D'Amore Si Muore (For Love One Dies) / Federico E La Sua Solitude from Questa Specie D'Amore (This Kind Of Love) / La Donna Invisible from La Donna Invisible / Sembravi Desiderare from L’Assoluto Naturale (He & She) / L’Attico Illuminato from Il Gatto / La Bambola (alternate) from Verushka / Metti Una Serra A Cena from Metti Una Serra A Cena (Love Circle) (alternate main title) / Lay Down I Think I Love You from Scusi, Facciano L’Amore? / La Cosa Buffa (Reprise 7”) from Cosa Buffa (The Funny Thing)
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