Complete Works - Edgard Varese

Complete Works
One of the founding fathers of modern music Edgard Varese, was fifty years ago experimenting with sound collage and sampling that are commonplace in today¹s popular music. Amongst the composers who claimed him to be an influence were Harrison Birtwistle, Pierre Boulez, John Cage, Morton Feldman, Luigi Nono, Karlheinz Stockhausen and a teenage Frank Zappa with his profound effect on the latter so much so that it can be heard throughout Zappa's work from the Mothers Of Invention onwards. "The Complete Works Volume 1" is the exact same record that turned Frank Zappa on! The recordings are savage and beautiful and far ahead of their time; they have never previously been released on compact disc.
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Close Harmony
The best known of all girl acappella barbershop groups, The Chordettes epitomise the romance of idealised pre-rock & roll America. They combine technical precision with charm exemplified by their unforgettable American number One hit ‘Mr Sandman’. Our Price: £9.95

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Morricone Kill - Spaghetti Western
In composing the scores for the Spaghetti Westerns of Sergio Leone with their sparse arrangements, eerie tunes and unorthodox instrumentation (bells, church organs, harmonicas, slashing Spanish & electric guitars), Ennio Morricone at once revolutionised film music and from as far away as his base in Rome made the American western his own. Morricone's theme for 'The Good The Bad & The Ugly' is arguably the most famous piece of music ever recorded for film. Director and composer are inseparable; the coordination of action and music such as to prompt some scholars to compare Leone's films to opera; images and sounds that are rich, solemn and often startling. On 'Morricone Kill' the achingly beautiful melodies for Leone's 'A Fistful Of Dynamite' establish the magical Morricone atmosphere; the programme comprising three beautiful cuts from this film along with selections from lesser known westerns all of which are charged with extraordinary music. Sergio Sollima's 'Resta Dei Conti (The Big Gundown)' is generally considered to be the finest spaghetti western not directed by Leone and stars the splendid Lee Van Cleef; Van Cleef emerging from retirement to become (along with Clint Eastwood) the leading name of the genre and one of the ten biggest box office draws in Europe. Joseph Cotton stars in Sergio Corbucci's 'I Crudeli'. Franco Nero and Jack Palance in both ‘Il Mercenario' and 'Vamos' a Matar Companeros' and the immense Orson Welles is colonel cooscorro, the chief of police, in 'Tepepa' (Blood and Guns). James Coburn and Rod Steiger combine famously in 'A Fistful Of Dynamite' and Henry Fonda, who years earlier had starred in the prodigious 'once upon a time in the west', returns to the genre for 'My Name Is Nobody' Sergio Leone's biographer Prof. Christopher Frayling's quotation about the stereo effect of the spaghetti western perfectly captures the mood, "one speaker is a fairy story, the other, brutal and nasty. A fabulous combination" L'arena from Il Mercenario also featured in part two of Quentin Tarantino's 'Kill Bill' Our Price: £9.95

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Bellissimmo! El Singles Part 1
The first instalment of the EL singles collection includes the major recording artists of EL all featured in chronological order. Differing flavours make for a delightful album which single handedly portrays the magic and diversity of artists including Louis Philippe, Marden Hill and Anthony Adverse. Our Price: £9.95

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The Bitter Thoughts Of Tymon Dogg: A Collection 1968-2009
The Tymon Dogg story is really a tale of two Tymons. As Timon, he was a psychedelic pop troubadour who cut several beguiling singles in the late 60s, before disappearing forever from the pop scene that had shaped the style and sound of his early recordings. When he re-emerged several years later as Tymon Dogg he defiantly mixed folk, pop and world music influences into a distinctive and wholly uncompromising style that he pursues to this day. Initially groomed for pop stardom by the likes of the Beatles and Moody Blues, Tymon went on to record with the Clash in the 80s and was later a key member of Joe Strummer’s Mescaleros. All the while he has also continued to pursue his idiosyncratic solo career. He is still making vital music perhaps some of his best to date - and playing shows with artists as diverse as Mick Jones¹ Carbon Silicon and ex-Libertine Pete Doherty. Lose This Skin: Tymon Dogg Selected tracks the fascinating journey of Tymon Dogg, from his 1967 Pye single Bitter Thoughts of Little Jane, to his very latest recordings, including a 2009 remake of his Travelling Man which was first issued in 1970 as the b-side to the single he cut for the Moody Blues Threshold label. Our Price: £9.95

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Riding the curl - The surf music explosion 1958-61
It's been said that surfing is the only sport with its own particular genre of music. It sprang up in the years between 1958 and 1961 along the southern Californian coastline; a new lifestyle around which a whole culture evolved.
Surf music was inspired by the likes of The Ventures and Link Wray and then pioneered by the reverb-drenched guitars of Dick Dale and a legion of loud, primitive local bands such as the Bel-Airs, whose ‘Mr. Moto’ was one of the genre's early anthems.
The second half of this set is devoted to Bud Shank's remarkable music for Bruce Brown's exhilarating debut surfing movie, Slippery When Wet.
Brown chose a modern jazz scoring because he felt it would be new and different and his judgement was good. The Quartet improvised the music while actually watching the film, giving the musicians freedom to express more clearly the actual thrill of the surfer than any pre-written score.

RELEASE DATE: 11/06/2012

Our Price: £9.95

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