Sweet Smell Of Success OST - Chico Hamilton Quintet

Sweet Smell Of Success OST
One of the most important films of the fifties, Sweet Smell Of Success boasts one of the great jazz scores; a combination of abstract jazz themes written and performed by the Chico Hamilton Quintet and a furious orchestral score by the masterful Elmer Bernstein. These albums were released separately in 1957 - both became very considerable rarities - and are here combined in a single edition in digital format for the first time. Sweet Smell Of Success is memorable for the vicious performances of Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis and its uniquely nasty view of the tough underbelly of New York fifty years ago. It was directed by Alexander Mackendrick (‘The Ladykillers’ ‘Whisky Galore’ ‘The Man In The White Suite’ ‘Mandy’) Its audience is with jazz and film buffs and the eternally stylish! The Chico Hamilton Quintet / Goodbye Baby / Cheek To Chico / Susan (The Sage) / Sidney's Theme / Jonalah / Jam / Night Beat / Concerto Of Themes From Soundtrack Of "Sweet Smell Of Success"
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Elmer Bernstein / The Street / Hot Dogs And Juice (Goodbye Baby)/ Sidney And Susie / Hunsecker's Price / Tropical Island Mood / The Smear / Toots Shor's Blues / Nite Spot Rock / Susie's Problem/ Hunsecker Operates (Goodbye Baby) / Goodbye Baby Blues / The Trap Is Sprung / Love Scene (Susan-The Sage) / Out Of Darkness
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Paper Moon Original Sound Track + Django Reinhardt And The Quintet Of The Hot Club Of France
Released 16/03/09. First ever re-issue on CD for this much sought-after soundtrack to Peter Bogdanovich's famous depression-era comedy, featuring Ryan O'neal and his ten year old daughter Tatum, who memorably stole the show and walked away with an Oscar The much heralded score exclusively comprises hits of the period with such numbers as Let's Have Another Cup Of Coffee and Keep Your Sunnyside Up exemplifying the cheery chin-up mood of the period. As a significant additional feature, to complement Paper Moon our edition comprises beautifully restored thirties recordings of Django Reinhardt and the Quintet of the Hot Club of France, playing the repertoire upon which this fantastic guitarist's reputation was founded. Strong export potential (especially to America) Our Price: £9.95

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La Nouvelle Vague : The Films Of The French New Wave
Emerging in the late fifties with Truffaut's 400 Blows, Godard's Breathless and Resnais' Hiroshima, Mon Amor the French New Wave was an informal artistic movement that revolutionized the domestic film industry and had a profound influence on world cinema.The movement was spearheaded by a generation of brilliant new auteur directors; François Truffaut, Jean- Luc Godard, Alain Resnais, Claude Chabrol, Agnès Varda and Louis Malle and by such enigmatic new stars as Jeanne Moreau, Jean-Claude Brialy, Anna Karina and Jean-Paul Belmondo. Under the spell of John Ford, Alfred Hitchcock, Orson Welles and Nicholas Ray, their films were exuberant, innovative, elegant and, at times, infuriatingly pretentious. Low budgets, jump cuts, long takes, location shooting, natural lighting, collage, improvised dialogue, overlapping sound. A melange of techniques that were far from commonplace in 1958.Stylistically and philosophically, the ideas of the French New Wave have had a huge impact on the face of modern cinema. It's legacy lives on in the work of Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, Lindsay Anderson, Robert Altman and Quentin Tarantino.Our edition comprises original, historic scores from the groundbreaking films of the genre. Jazz, pop and orchestral themes by Michel Legrand, Serge Gainsbourg, Georges Delerue and others that capture the character and vitality of the French New Wave. Our Price: £9.95

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The Haunted Pad - British instrumental guitar music of the sixties part one 1960-61
The Halycon days of British instrumental guitar pop were in the early
sixties, sandwiched between 'What do You Want' and 'She Loves You'. The disc that sparked the revolution was The Shadows' Apache, the
summer hit of 1960 in the UK. It was flanked by 'Hit and Miss' by The John Barry Seven (the snappy new theme of Juke Box Jury) and The Ventures' Walk Don't Run; by Duane Eddy and by Johnny & the Hurricanes. Bert Weedon enjoyed four instrumental Top 20 hits that year.
Apache captured the public's imagination and brought instrumental
guitar music squarely into the mainstream and a real treasure chest of
highly individualistic groups emerged in the wake of The Shadows success; all encouraged by the recent expansion of the UK single chart to a Top 50.
Big Jim Sullivan's Krew Kats (formerly Marty Wilde's backing band,
The Wildcats) were out of the top drawer and can only wonder what
might have been. Still, drummer Brian Bennett and bassist Licorice Locking went on to replace Tony Meehan and Jet Harris in the Shadows and Sullivan himself became Britain's premier session guitarist.
Impressive also, The Scorpions, whose searing Rockin' at the Phil'
has been described as "possibly the zenith of UK rock'n'roll guitar
playing as we know it". 'Cat's Eyes' and 'Flyover’ by The Ted Taylor Four,
pop art singles distinguished by space-age interplay between guitarist Bob Rogers and Taylor's keyboards. The Phantoms, from Cambridge, who encountered phenomenal success in Scandinavia and made it their home and the guitarists Rhet Stoller and Judd Proctor, who were able to combine virtuosity with teen appeal.
Just months before 'Telstar', the "Alchemist of Pop", Joe Meek, came
with two astonishing instrumental guitar recordings, The Outlaws "Dream of the West', a Wild West concept album released before the end of '61(!), and The Moontrekkers' ghoulish 'Night of the Vampire', which infiltrated the Top 50 at around the same time but was banned by the BBC as "unsuitable for people of a nervous disposition", Nero and the Gladiators also fell foul of Broadcasting House; daring to compress Grieg's ‘Hall of the Mountain King’ into 1.57 of guitar noise and playfully dressing as Romans got them banned "on the grounds of poor taste."

Release Date: 13/08/2012

Track list:
1. Chariot Rhet Stoller
2. Jack’s Good Krew Kats
3. Trambone Krew Kats
4. Phantom Guitar The Phantom
5. Eldorado The Phantom
6. Big Man The Packbeats
7. Gypsy Beat The Packbeats
8. Night Of The Vampire The Moontrekkers
9. Palamino Judd Proctor
10. Nola Judd Proctor
11. The Outlaws
12. Valley Of The Sioux The Outlaws
13. Cat’s Eyes Ted Taylor Four
14. Canyon Ted Taylor Four
15. Flyover Ted Taylor Four
16. The Hunted Pad Ted Taylor Four
17. Entry of the gladiators Nero And The Gladiators
18. In The Hall Of The Mountain King Nero And The Gladiators
19. Teen Scene The Hunters
20. How’s ‘M Chicks The Hunters
21. Starfire The John Barry Seven Plus Four
22. Desperado Jim Gunner
23. Cossack The Barons
24. Samurai The Barons
25. Whirlwind The Barons
26. Theme From Tightrope The Volcanos
27. Rockin’ At The Phil’ The Scorpions
28. Chunky The Planets
29. Topaz The Staccatos
30. Mogambo Sounds Inc
31. Tom Tom Cat The Tom Cats
32. Easy Go David Ede With Rabin Rock
33. Bush Fire The Cannons
34. Sunday Date The Flee-Rekkers
35. Ghost Train Bert Weedon

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A unique, fifty track, two disc set, that from Manina, la fille sans voile (The Girl in the Bikini) in 1952, charts the first decade of Brigitte Bardot's career in films, encompassing the scores of such controversial productions as Roger Vadim's ..And God Created Woman, the film that turned her into a global sensation, and her first pop single, Sidonie, which Bardot performed in the autobiographical Vie Privée, Louis Malle's eloquent commentary on celebrity which explored Bardot's troubled love life and revealed the media's endless and often painful intrusions into her privacy.
Cinema had never before encountered such potent eroticism as that of Bardot. Her child-woman innocence and the daring naturalness of her attitude somehow made it all the more shocking. Here was a new kind of woman, untamed and untroubled by conventional morality.
While the quality of Bardot's work in the cinema will continue to be a matter for debate, it cannot be argued that her she did everything to encourage the era's oncoming sexual revolution.

Available 16/09/2013

Our Price: £10.95

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