Love Is My Profession / Une Parisienne - Brigitte Bardot

Love Is My Profession / Une Parisienne
1957 and 1958 were pivotal years for the young Brigitte Bardot. Hard on the heels of her breakthrough with And God Created Woman, they involved an idyllic comic role in the popular Une Parisienne opposite Henri Vidal and Charles Boyer, followed by arguably her most scandalous film, En Cas de Malheur (Love is My Profession), which had the Catholic Legion of Decency up in arms. BB also fell in love with the jazz guitarist Sacha Distel and their headline-grabbing romance was for two years the seemingly singular obsession of the international pop media. BB’s activity of the period is compressed into our edition: Both of the rare film soundtracks, Ray Ventura’s much sought- after jazz tribute to the Bardot legend, La Belle Bardot, completed by Sacha Distel’s performance of his paen to his lover, ‘Brigitte’.
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Une Parisienne (1957) - Paris B.B / La Parisienne / Valse Du Roi / Duo Du Balcon / En Cas De Malheur (Love Is My Profession) (1958) - Générique / Thème D' Amour / Romantique / Tendres sentiments / Amoureux / Final / La Belle Bardot - Mambo Bardot / Jeff's Blues / La Marchande D'anèmones / L'etang / Valse de Porte Des Lilas / Ballade pour un tueur / Les Gens Qui S'aiment / Dis-Moi Quelquechose De Gentil / Venice / Ma vie est a toi / Insensiblement / L'amour Descend Du Ciel / Java/ Arsenic Blues / Sacha Distel - Brigitte / Insensiblement / La fin d'un roman d'amour / Tout bas (Speak Low) / Cheveux dans le vent / Le Mur
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