Wings Of Joy - Cranes

Wings Of Joy
Originally released in 1991, the seminal debut from The Cranes, Portsmouth’s most important band, sees its first re-issue on Cherry Red. The album features 7 bonus tracks that accompanied the original release, 4 of which were on a limited edition CD and 3 that were available only as a limited edition 12" with the vinyl version. The CD booklet includes the band's UK Discography from their most productive period when signed to the Dedicated label. The artwork features the original sleeve and new liner notes telling the story of the band's creation, to signing their deal with Dedicated and includes excerpts of the original press reviews of the album from the NME and Melody Maker. Cranes remain a unique band in the modern history of the UK's serious music scene. They were an antidote to the bland and contrived acts that peppered the charts at the time, their experimental approach to making music has a lasting credibility that is still relevant today.
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Blast : Expanded Edition
An expanded collector’s edition re-issue of Holly Johnson’s first solo album Blast. Originally released in May 1989, Blast was a UK Number One platinum selling album and contains the four hit singles Love Train (#4), Americanos (#4), Atomic City (#18) and Heaven’s Here (#62). Also contains all six tracks from 1990’s long deleted Hollelujah remix album plus many other remixes, B-sides and rarities - many released on CD for the first time. We even have a special bonus DVD disc featuring the Blast promotional videos. This expanded edition has been curated in consultation with Holly Johnson himself.
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Cranes are un-doubtedly the most important band to hail from Portsmouth. Originally released in 1994 on Dedicated Records, Cranes continued their pioneering form with this self-produced offering. Led by the charismatic Alison Shaw, the band forged a niche for themselves with a fan base that still exists to this day. The album features 7 bonus tracks that accompanied the original release, on various versions of the single release 'Shining Road'. These are now all gathered together for the first time.
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First time reissue of this unsung classic of contemporary British music! Originally released in 1993 on Dedicated Records, Cranes continued their pioneering form with this self-produced offering. Led by the charismatic Alison Shaw, the band forged a niche for themselves, with a fan base that still exists to this day. The CD features 7 bonus tracks bringing together for the first time, all the tracks from all the various limited edition versions of the original release. Also included is The Cure iconic front man Robert Smith's remix of the single 'Jewel'. The band's full UK Dedicated Records discography is included featuring many of the band's rare sleeves and extensive liner notes. The artwork features the brilliant original sleeve design but has been expanded to incorporate all the new elements to the CD booklet. Our Price: £9.95

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The Independent Singles Collection
Suave; debonair; sophisticated. Haughty, perhaps, for those who favour the pejorative. Aristocratic in more than one sense, classy in at least as many. The Monochrome Set were effortlessly inventive, literate, poised and immaculate of tuneage, possessed of an internal dialogue as a band that allowed them to surf their own narrative. They were just unlike anything else, in layman'sterms. Instead, their sound harked back to a golden era of British pop songwriters. But there was nothing retrogressive about their endeavors. Instead they wrote songs that recreated the drama and promise of a Pearl & Dean interval theme, veering from lullaby to mambo to harmonic pop, accompanied by lush melodies and irresistibly playful lyrics that embraced morbidity at one extreme, and pitch-perfect satire at another.. Brand new release of Monochrome Set'scomplete independent singles collection including b-sides and rare tracks Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim, a long-term fan of the band, has recorded a cover of He's Frank with guest vocals by Iggy Pop and indeed this version has already been broadcast in Heroes.

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Thirty Thousand Feet Over China
The Passions were one of the most critically respected pop groups of the 80s, best known for their huge hit single I’m In Love With A German Film Star , among the most distinctive, atmospheric records of the era. The group'soriginal studio albums have never before been re - released, but Cherry Red have embarked on that process with this, their second and most commercially successful album, originally released on Polydor Records in 1981. As well as the original album version of I’m In Love With A German Film Star (never before included on any official CD) and the singles The Swimmer and Skin Deep, the package contains five bonus tracks, which again have never been available before. The package has been assembled with completely unpublished photographs from the bands own archive, alongside the memories of all four original members, and a breakdown of the rationale and recording of each and every track.
Our Price: £9.95

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