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Clifford T. Ward died on December 18th, 2001. There aren't many one-hit wonders from the Seventies who still command such respect as Clifford T. Ward. He still has a devoted following and his records are played regularly on national radio, albeit, the same two or three songs. Yet the world in general still only remembers him-if at all-for gently pleading with Gaye, to let him have a say, on Top Of The Pops in August 1973. His meisterwork, Home Thoughts was released in July 1973, to unprecedented critical acclaim. Despite its impact on the media, the album hardly dented the UK charts. World-wide sales were eventually to become quite astonishing, but the good old Brits were too preoccupied with glam-rock. But the unshakeable faith of Charisma boss Tony Stratton-Smith finally paid off. 'Gaye'-the single released way back in March to promote Home Thoughts-began a steady climb up the UK charts, eventually peaking around number seven in August. The rest of the world soon followed suit: France, Holland, Italy, Australia and even Brazil, where the single actually topped the charts for three weeks. Cliff Richard, Jack Jones, Art Garfunkel, Justin Hayward, Judy Collins and many others covered have his songs. This particular selection charts his progress as a writer. Many of the tracks will surprise those who ever dismissed him, or who know just those two or three radio playlist songs. Litigation and the sheer bloody-mindedness of record companies will never allow a truly representative 'Best of Clifford T. Ward'' compilation, but thankfully the songs on this disc are free of such constraints. And they are much too good to lie around in boxes, sleeping silently on dusty reels of ancient Agfa tape.
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Its Such A Pity / Naughty Boy / My My What A Day / All That Glitters Is Not Gold / Jenny / Learning My Part / Love In The Song / There's No Such Thing / Attraction / Evening / Escalator / Sidetracked / Wherewithal / Yesterday In Parliament / It's a Nice Day / Gaye Jayne From Andromeda Spiral / Some Uncertainty / My Goddess / Ocean Of Love Taking The Long Way Round / Thinking Of Something To Do / Julia / The Dancer / Marble Arch / Jackdaw
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