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La Verite
Classix Nouveaux were one of the leading lights of the New Romantic scene from the early 1980's. Formed from the ashes of the punk band X-Ray Spex, the band were fronted by the bald headed Sal Solo and they went on to enjoy success with 8 charting singles. Their most successful single was "Is It A Dream", it reached number 11 in 1982 and is featured on this their second album. This is the first time that "La Verite" has been released on CD. The CD features the 11 original tracks from the "La Verite" album including the 3 chart singles "Is It A Dream", "Never Again" and "Because You're Young". The CD booklet includes all the original artwork and a complete discography of the band featuring the sleeves of all their releases.
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Foreward / Is It A Dream / To Believe / Because You're Young / Six To Eight / La Verite / Never Again / It's All Over / 1999 / I Will Return / Finale Bonus tracks: It's Not Too Late / Where To Go
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The Liberty Singles Collection
Released on 18/01/10. Classix Nouveaux formed from the ashes of X Ray Spex when the band auditioned for a new front person in the Melody Maker after the sudden departure of their wild wailer Poly Styrene. The enigmatic Sal Solo was chosen by guitarist Jak Airport and drummer BP Hurding and with the addition of bassist Mik Sweeney from Sal's previous band the News, a soon to be cult band was born.

The band's heavily made up, theatrical image led them to be quickly associated with the New Romantic movement as they filled the alternative dance floor with their synth-driven beats, though their sound was more guitar driven than that of their peers Japan, and Ultravox.

After three successful previous Classix Nouveaux's releases along with one Sal Solo album Cherry Red is thrilled to announce the Liberty Singles Collection. Featuring A and B sides some of which have never been on CD before, this is a must have for any fan of Classix Nouveaux, and a perfect starting point for anyone who has missed this criminally ignored band. With sleeve-notes by front man Sal Solo.
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Night People
Classix Nouveaux were one of the leading lights of the new romantic scene from the early 1980's. Formed from the ashes of the punk band X-Ray Spex, the band were fronted by the bald headed Sal Solo and they went on to enjoy success with 8 chart singles. This album reached the top 50 on release in 1982 and has never been on CD before plus includes rare bonus tracks! This album has been in great demand from fans of the bands, both new and old, and we have great delight in re-issuing it on CD for the first time! Classix Nouveaux's contemporaries include Visage and Ultravox though the band's own musical identity was built on harder guitar driven material rather than the synth based sound that was so common at the time. Our Price: £9.95

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Classix Nouveaux was one of the first new romantic acts in England. Cherry Red Records revisit their third and final studio album here with the release of 1983's Secret. Although Classix Nouveaux's more guitar-heavy sound separated them from the mostly synthetic rhythms of Japan and Ultravox, the group's appetite for stylish fashion and danceable keyboards had them quickly associated with the new romantic movement. Formed in 1979 with Sal Solo (vocals), Mik Sweeney (bass), BP Hurding (drums), and Jak Airport (guitar), Classix Nouveaux originated in the punk underground, namely from the ashes of the controversial X-Ray Spex. After banshee wailer Poly Styrene departed from X-Ray Spex, the remaining members held auditions for a replacement singer. The charismatic Solo won the approval of Styrene's former bandmates and they went on to record the album NIGHT PEOPLE (1981), followed by LA VERITE (1982). SECRET (1983) turned out to be a very appropriate title for most of the world, as this final album was Classix Nouveaux's best kept secret. With top American producer, Alex Sadkin, at the helm Classix veered between the artistic experimental of Peter Gabriel and the synthy pop of the Thompson Twins. However if you are Polish, then this is THE Classix Nouveaux album as far as you are concerned, since it yielded massive hits with NEVER NEVER COMES and HEART FROM THE START. The release coincided with Classix's first tour of Communist Poland. Few Western bands had been there, but the band arrived at Warsaw airport to hordes of screaming fans. Something akin to Beatlemania followed them there over the next three years. SECRET did not produce major hits, but probably does represent the best studio artistry ever achieved by Classix Nouveaux.
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Tell God I'm Here (Expanded)
Originally known as the Green-Eyed Children, Hurrah! consisted of Paul Handyside-guitar/vocals, David ‘Taffy’ Hughes-guitar/vocals, David Porthouse-bass and Mark Sim-drums.    Switching to the moniker of Hurrah!, the quartet signed to the new Kitchenware Records label in 1982. Mark Sim soon departed to be replaced by Damien Mahoney, whereupon a series of acclaimed singles such as ‘The Sun Shines Here’ and ‘Hip Hip’ earned the band great respect from the British Independent sector. Based upon the pivotal force of the singing/guitar-playing/songwriting partnership of Paul Handyside and David Hughes, Hurrah! mastered a jittery, urgent style rich in melodic content.   By 1986, however, the band had pushed their sound towards a rockier terrain, replacing the initial charm with power and passion. Damien Mahoney left to join the police force in the spring of that year, allowing Steve Price to fill the vacant drum stool. Their debut ‘Tell God I’m Here’ saw the light of day in 1987, swiftly followed by a support date with U2 at London’s Wembley stadium but commercial success remained elusive   This glorious package is housed in a digi-pack with full and informative sleeve-notes and features some rare memorabilia.   Re-mastered from the original tapes, this is the first European release for these titles.

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