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Life Too, Has Surface Noise - The Complete Dandelion Records Singles Collection 1969-1972
The complete singles collection of the late and legendary DJ John Peel's beloved Dandelion Records, compiled and brought to you for the very first time by Cherry Red Records. This FANTASTIC 3 CD Box Set features a 48 page booklet containing the story of Dandelion with original artwork, images, memorabilia and heart-warming, revealing contributions from Clive Selwood and the artistes themselves. In 1969, in the face of the entrenched attitudes of most of the major record companies, the late and legendary DJ John Peel launched his own record label with manager Clive Selwood called Dandelion. They would oversee 18 acts release 27 albums plus a sampler compilation before the label was brought to a close in 1972. They also released a similar number of singles, compiled here for the very first time by Cherry Red Records. Lovingly restored and beautifully packaged, with contributions from the artistes and Clive Selwood himself, this wonderful 3CD Box Set will astound many and bring joy to collectors and John's listeners and fans alike. "I read somewhere that John said something to the effect that he didn't really discover anyone - that artists discover themselves, and he just played their music. Well yes, we discover ourselves at home, but it took John to allow others to discover so many of us – and certainly he, and Dandelion, are in huge part responsible for anyone discovering me! I can only say and continue to say thank you" Bridget St John, New York 2006 "Forty years on it is impossible to describe the impact that John Peel had on the British music and broadcasting scene. My one and only regret is that the man is no longer with us to treasure this collection." Clive Selwood, West Sussex 2006 "John and Clive certainly swam against the tide, but they didn't change horses just for comfort. They continued with their vision, the road John took until the end." John Fiddler, (Medicine Head) 2006
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DISC 1 1917 Revolution –Beau / Sleeping Town –Beau / To B Without A Hitch - Bridget St. John / Autumn Lullaby - Bridget St. John / Ballad (Of The Big Girl Now And The Mere Boy) - Principal Edwards Magic Theatre / Lament For The Earth - Principal Edwards Magic Theatre / Mandy Lee – Clague / Bottle Up And Go – Clague / The Stride – Clague / I Wonder Where – Clague / Be-Bop-A-Lula '69 - Gene Vincent / Ruby Baby - Gene Vincent / His Guiding Hand - Medicine Head / This Love Of Old - Medicine Head / Yawney Morning Song - Mike Hart / Almost Liverpool 8 - Mike Hart / On Ilkla Moor baht'at - Bill Oddie / Harry Krishna - Bill Oddie / White Lightning - Gene Vincent / Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair) - Gene Vincent / Coast To Coast (& Shore To Shore) - Medicine Head / All For Tomorrow - Medicine Head DISC 2 Roadrunner – Stackwaddy / Kentucky – Stackwaddy / If You've Got Money - Bridget St. John / Yep Principal Edwards - Bridget St. John / The Asmoto Running Band - Magic Theatre / Mothballs – Stackwaddy / Lonesome Ride – Siren / King Dick Ii - The Way We Live / Strange Locomotion – Siren / I'm All Aching – Siren / (And The) Pictures In The Sky - Medicine Head / Natural Sight - Medicine Head / Yamasuki – Yamasukis / Aieaoa – Yamasukis / Pretty Little Girl Pt.1 - Coxhill Bedford Duo / Pretty Little Girl Pt.2 - Coxhill Bedford Duo / Kum On - Medicine Head / On The Land - Medicine Head / Fly High - Bridget St. John / There's A Place I Know - Bridget St. John/ Suzanne - Bridget St. John DISC 3 Sonny Boy / Oh Mein Papa - Will Dandy & The Dandylettes / Mood - Coxhill/Bedford Duo / No Tree Will Grow – Supersister / She Was Naked – Supersister / Stoney Glory – Tractor / Marie – Tractor / As You Say – Tractor / Only To Do What Is True - Medicine Head / Sittin' In The Sun - Medicine Head / You Really Got Me – Stackwaddy / Willie The Pimp – Stackwaddy / Cheat Me - Kevin Coyne / Flowering Cherry - Kevin Coyne / Carrie - Clifford T Ward / Sidetrack - Clifford T Ward / Nice - Bridget St. John / Goodbye Baby Goodbye - Bridget St. John / How Does It Feel - Medicine Head / Morning Light - Medicine head / Coathanger - Clifford T Ward / Rayne- Clifford T Ward
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