High In A Flat - Bevis Frond (The)

High In A Flat
•    16 track collection from the early years of celebrated cult neo-psychedelic, alternative rock band The Bevis Frond circa 1988-1991

•    Kick starting a re-issue campaign of 20 albums on limited edition vinyl and CD (with bonus tracks)

•    Focusing on main man Nick Saloman’s songwriting and taken from the ‘Miasma’, ‘Inner Marshland’, ‘Bevis Through The Looking Glass’, ‘Triptych’, ‘Any Gas Faster’ and ‘New River Head’ albums, it's a celebration of timeless alternative rock

•    Includes the super rare title track, originally released as a limited edition single via Bucketfull Of Brains magazine

•    For fans of Dinosaur Jnr, Teenage Fanclub and vintage UK psychedelia

•    Remastered from the original sound sources with sleevenotes by MOJO magazine’s Dave Henderson

•    This CD is released 14th April and will not be shipped prior to this date.

Track Listing:

3.    MAYBE        
6.    ONCE MORE        
7.    IN ANOTHER YEAR        
10.  CORINTHIAN        
12.  OLDE WORLDE        
13.  EAR SONG        
14.  HE'D BE A DIAMOND    
15.  WAVING        
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Oil And Gold
Released 15/08/11. Oil & Gold, the third full-length Shriekback
album, is widely considered the band's best. Released in 1985 on Island
Records, Oil & Gold saw the band metamorphose from contemplative to
rocking. The addition of Martyn Barker on drums and Lu Edmonds (Ex
Damned) on guitar gives many of the songs an almost punk rock feeling.Oil
& Gold is the bridge between the old trio of Barry Andrews, Carl
Marsh, and Dave Allen, and the new vehicle for Andrews alone. Longtime
singer Marsh left the band halfway through the recording, leaving
Andrews to take over the vocals, the album's highlights, including the
three opening songs, sung by Marsh, and the hit, Nemesis, became the
band's signature sound.This enhanced edition comes with a newly
remastered bonus disc for B-Sides - some never before released on CD -
as well as a enhanced booklet with new notes
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Between The Sea And The Sky
Imagine coming off the back of a defunct group, with no hits, but who have admittedly just released one of the best pop psych singles in the UK ever, and being thrown into George Martins Air Studios on a publishing/production deal and told there you are boys "make an album".

A slight license with the factual there but essentially this is what happened to Martin Briley and Brian Engel .In 1969, late of Mandrake Paddle Steamer and their classic 'Strange Walking Man', these late teens art students were given access to Air Studios and budgets for orchestras plus musicians to come up with hit singles. What they actually came up with was an almost concept album that exhibited all that had influenced them to that point, and let loose their humour and imagination. Sadly with the exception of one single ('Pale Green Vauxhall Driving Man') released under the name Prowler, a couple of years after the event, the recordings lay on the shelf, and are released for the first time now.

Briley played with GreAenslade and then as session guitarist with the Hunter Ronson band, Meatloaf and Ellen Foley. Three solo albums and a US top 40 hit 'Salt In My Tears' followed. He continues as a songwriter for international artists and backing vocalist.

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SCARED TO GET HAPPY (A Story Of Indie Pop 1980-1989) is the first box set ever to document the explosion of Indie Pop in Britain across the 1980s. Compiled in loosely chronological fashion, the five CDs chart Indie Pop’s development from the post punk era and the dominance of Scottish bands through to its genre-defining C86 period and onto the end of the decade, with the arrival of Madchester and the shoegazing sound.

Inspired by the Nuggets compilations, the box set boasts 134 tracks spanning the Eighties, drawn from all the key labels of the period – Creation, Factory, Cherry Red, Rough Trade, Sarah, Subway Organisation, Zoo, Kitchenware, Pink, Chapter 22, In Tape, Medium Cool, Lazy, Dreamworld, 53rd & 3rd, Ron Johnson, el, Vindaloo, Red Rhino, Food, etc.

Many of the bands later tasted mainstream success: Primal Scream, Aztec Camera, Stone Roses, Pulp, the Wonder Stuff, Lloyd Cole & The Commotions, the Inspiral Carpets, the Soup Dragons, the Wedding Present, James, the La’s, del Amitri, the Primitives, the Jesus & Mary Chain, Prefab Sprout, the Shamen, Cud, the Bluebells, Black, the House Of Love, Strawberry Switchblade, Pop Will Eat Itself, the Darling Buds, Fuzzbox, That Petrol Emotion, the Railway Children, Jamie Wednesday (as Carter USM), the Milltown Brothers and the Boo Radleys.  

The box set boasts a stylish 54-page booklet with a lengthy sleeve-note detailing each track and illustrations of the records and bands involved.

A few tracks (Strawberry Switchblade, Soup Dragons, Bluebells, Close Lobsters, etc.) have never officially been released before. Many others are extremely rare and make their debut on CD.

SCARED TO GET HAPPY will be promoted by a mini-festival at London’s 229 club on June 22nd, with an impressive roster: the Primitives, the BMX Bandits, the Brilliant Corners, the June Brides, Mighty Mighty, the Wolfhounds, the Popguns, 14 Iced Bears, the Blue Orchids and Yeah Yeah Noh.  

RELEASE DATE: 24/06/2013
Our Price: £30.95

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Inside The Hutt: New Zealand’s Pop-Psych Kingpins 1968-1969

  • In 2001, the Fourmyula’s 1969 New Zealand hit Nature was voted the country’s best pop
    song of all time by the Australasian
    Performing Right Association. The pop-psychedelic band beat Crowded
    House, Split Enz and indie legends The Chills.

  • Inside The Hutt: New  Zealand’s Pop-Psych Kingpins 1968-1969 compiles the best from this legendary band, an outfit that
    were in the top ten from moments after they formed.  It’s the first time they have been
    anthologised beyond New Zealand.

  • The Fourmyula formed in 1967 in Upper Hutt, a short distance
    from New Zealand’s capital Wellington. In New Zealand, they actually were as
    big as The Beatles and had sessions in London at Abbey Road, encountering the
    Fabs while there: even recording with the Mellotron used on Strawberry Fields
    Forever – their complete Abbey Road recordings are included on Inside The Hutt: New  Zealand’s Pop-Psych Kingpins 1968-1969.

  • The Fourmyula's poppy take on psychedelia was infectious. Yet
    they had their own sound, with hints of soul and Americana. They were one of
    New Zealand’s most influential bands.

  • During the punk and new wave era, when living in the UK, their
    drummer Chris Parry went on to work with The Jam and The Cure. This is where he began. The definitive liner notes tell
    his and the Fourmyula’s story.

Available 23/09/2013
Our Price: £9.95

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Élucubrations (Antoine On 45 1965–1966)

        Elucubrations – Antoine on 45 1965–1966 is the first time the complete tracks from the earliest EPs  by France’s Antoine have been collected – including, as a special bonus, the first-ever reissue of his rare English-language single from 1966.

        Antoine was France’s Bob Dylan – his every song a word-filled counterpart to ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’.

       He made waves. France had never seen or heard anything like Antoine. Johnny Hallyday ridiculed his long hair in song. Jacques Dutronc made his debut single ‘Et Mo Et Moi Et Moi’ as a comment on Antoine. He hung out in New York with the Velvet Underground.

        His early releases were joyful, tumbling slices of commentary on the issues of the day from war, to the generation gap.

         Now he is known from books and television as globe-trotting adventurer, sailing the world’s oceans. This is where the journey began.

Available 27/01/2014

Our Price: £9.95

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