Sweet 'N' Salty Popcorn - Various Artists

Sweet 'N' Salty Popcorn
A unique collection! The first ever UK compilation of Popcorn, the continent's answer to the Northern Soul scene. The atmospheric sound of Popcorn has been an underground club phenomenon in Belgium since the late sixties, and has spread across Europe and hit British clubs in the last ten years. 

Contains mod R&B rarities and club favourites like Jackie Weaver's ‘The Tingle’ and Steve Karmen's ‘River In My Blood’, as well as rarities by stars such as Johnny Nash and Roy Hamilton.

Extensive sleeve-notes explain the history of the Popcorn scene, recently documented in Frieze magazine. 

Will appeal to fans of soul, girl groups, Latin grooves, R&B and fifties rock'n'roll.

Most of these tracks appear on CD for the very first time.

This album has been mastered by Pete Wiggs of Saint Etienne, using the latest software to ensure the best possible sound.

Avalaible  27/01/2014
Our Price: £9.95
Code: CR9003
Weight: 200
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1. La Tanya         11. Lily's Lament 
2. Some Of Your Lovin' 12. Elephant Walk 
3. The Tingle         13. River In My Blood 
4. Laugh My Heart         14. Continental Strut 
5. Rebel Heart         15. You'll Come Back 
6. Kisses That Shake The World 16. Third Window From The Right 
7. Easy Chair         17. Just A Piece Of Paper 
8. I Really Really Love You 18. Find Another Girl 
9. Oh What A Day         19. Johnny With The Gentle Hands 
10. To The One I Love 20. She Makes A Nice Cup Of Tea 

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The Changing Of The Guard ~The Sixties London Pop Explosion
The Changing of the Guard is a unique music and dialogue sound collage of Swinging London in 1968; a time of exciting developments in all the artistic fields and a time when England set cultural standards that the world is still trying to emulate. Protagonists central to the scene are included here: Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones discussing revolution; his manager Andrew Loog Oldham explaining business philosophy; the young Michael Caine debating morals in the context of the permissive society; Julie Christie on fame and Lee Marvin on Mini cars and mini skirts! The dialogue is edited against brilliant historic London pop of the period: big hits such as The Small Face's 'Itchychoo Park' and 'Here Come The Nice', Chris Farlowe's memorable number one 'Out of Time', 'If Paradise is Half as Nice' by The Amen Corner and mercurial psychedelia; The Marquis of Kensington, Fleur De Lys, Duncan Browne, Billy Nicholls and the first line up of Humble Pie featuring Steve Marriott and the Face Of 1968 - Peter Frampton. Special mention too for an early song from Vashti! The success of Andrew Oldham's two recent autobiographies, confirms that there has never been more fascination with the period, even if some of it is nostalgia for what we have subsequently unfortunately lost. Our Price: £9.95

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Dream Babes Vol 5 - Folkrock 'n' Faithfull
Continuing the series that focuses on british female recordings of the sixties.The rise of folk rock in the mid 60's, together with that of the singer/songwriter troubador, are the backdrop and theme to this new edition of the Dream Babes series. The arrival in '65 of Marianne Faithfull encouraged many producers to push forward their own wistful and innocent proteges. Examples abound here, such as Trisha with a Donovan song, and include Faithfull's guitarist of the time Caroline Carter. The latter a Tony Calder Production (at times Andrew Loog Oldhams business partner) , with another example being Phillipa Lewis on a number written and musically directed by Jimmy Page (one of four tracks on this album that Page had a hand in). Not all were in the Faithfull field and Page's work in London with beau Jackie De Shannon yielded some cracking Folkrock gems such as De Shannons own Don't Turn Your Back On Me. An immediate successor to Faithfull , but who later found her own niche , is Vashti . Her recordings with Loog Oldham, appearance in the cult film Tonite Lets All Make Love in London, and classic album ' Just Another Diamond Day ' are some examples. The two tracks here are from '66 after she'd come down from Oxford where she had been part of an art and music scene with Jennifer Lewis & Angela Strange. This circle also included Michael Palin.More of this great interweaving story and history is to be found on the essay written by Bob Stanley for the album . With unreleased tracks and first time reissues this album not only sounds good but contains many rarities as well. A perfect addition to the series!
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The keenly awaited follow up to the innovative and ground-breaking compilations - Songs For Mario’s Café and Songs For The Dog And Duck.          

Compiled with knowledge and TLC by Bob Stanley… this is a glorious slice of life from those halcyon Pre-Rock days.          
Features many era defining artists and household names such as Frankie Laine, Al Martino, Dickie Valentine, Eddie Calvert and Peggy Lee.          

The audio delight is accompanied by a jam-packed booklet featuring many label shots and some gorgeous ephemera.          
Transport yourself back to a less complicated time and pour yourself a nice cup of tea and then crank up the volume on your gramophone…   

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Saint Etienne Presents Songs For A Central Park Picnic
Wake up and smell the coffee! Here's the ideal soundtrack for spring, the latest in the highly successful Saint Etienne Presents... series following on from last year's Songs For The Lyons Cornerhouse compilation, which is still getting constant spins on Robert Elms' BBC London show.
It's a perfectly curated, seasonal blend of the sounds of New York - girl groups, doo wop, Latin and atmospheric instrumentals. It features names like the Drifters, Burt Bacharach and Lalo Schifrin, alongside a host of fabulous unknowns.
Songs For A Central Picnic is also the first release on Saint Etienne member and renowned pop archivist Bob Stanley's new label, Croydon Municipal.

Release Date: 29/07/2013
Our Price: £9.95

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