North South Divide Ltd Ed 7" Single - John Lennon McCullagh

North South Divide Ltd Ed 7" Single
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John Lennon McCullagh – his real name – is a fifteen-year-old from Doncaster, South Yorkshire. He’s been playing guitar and writing his own songs since he was twelve. His latent talent for his beloved six-string was soon followed by mastery of the harmonica. Having returned with his family from several years in Australia to the UK in late 2012, John has been playing low profile shows this year in the north east. These included a support slot with former Housemartins/Beautiful South frontman Paul Heaton at Sheffield’s Mosborough Music Festival in June.

Debut release from one of the first wave of signings to Alan McGee’s latest adventure in music.

Limited to 359 copies worldwide.

Features the exclusive B-Side ‘Masters Of War’, a cover of the Bob Dylan classic.
Clearly indebted to early Dylan, John’s influences also include Donovan, Marc Bolan, Paul Weller, Johnny Cash and Jake Bugg.

Already creating a stir in the UK, John clearly speaks fora generation of dispossessed teenagers.

John has recently supported Paul Heaton and Richard Hawley and opens Alan McGee’s new 359 club night in Liverpool on 6th September. He will be supporting The Enemy and Reverend & The Makers at the Doncaster Dome on 6th November, as well as playing shows with Alabama 3.

Release Date: 30th September 2013

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B: MASTERS OF WAR (Exclusive track)
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Rock N Roll Animals 7" single

Cherry Red Records is delighted to announce the release of the brand new solo 7” single from Luke Haines (The Servants, The Auteurs, Baader Meinhof& Black Box Recorder).

The 7” single features the title track from Luke’s forthcoming album with two exclusive non-album B-Sides ‘Natural Mystic Furry Freak’ and John Barleycorn Must Die’. The album ‘Rock And Roll Animals’ follows a fortnight later on 29th July and will be released on CD, download and limited edition 12” vinyl.

Rock And Roll Animals is a psychedelic story for grown-ups (and children). Jimmy Pursey is a frisky fox; Nick Lowe – a solid badger and Gene Vincent – a cat who's seen a bit more of life than most of us. Three furry freaks. Three Rock n Roll animals. The fable of our four-pawed shamen is narrated by the good folk of Magic Town.

This is a story of righteous rock n roll and how our three rock n roll animal friends, when not frolicking in the undergrowth, do battle with their most unrighteous nemesis – a fuck ugly bird (from Tyneside) made of steel and wire called The Angel Of The North.
The album will coincide with the selected UK cinema release of the feature-length documentary film ‘Art Will Save The World’ about Luke Haines by Niall McCann.

Release Date: 29/07/2013
Our Price: £6.99

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Electronic Music for the Mind and Body
Five historic electronic compositions from a quartet of important modern twentieth century composers, Stockhausen, Cage, Ligeti and Xenakis.

With the breathtaking, meticulously organised Kontakte, Stockhausen demonstrated his musical and dramatical genius and that he was an incredible inventor of new sounds. The piece has been described as 'a unique document of analogue electronic music production methods, and a valuable guide to the composer's art of creative self-provocation.'

Kontakte is perhaps Stockhausen's best known work and this version for electronic sounds was realised by the composer between September 1959 and May 1960. The alternate, Kontakte for electronic sounds, piano and percussion, utilises the same electronic tape but did not emerge until later. In the sixties, everybody was talking about Stockhausen. Paul McCartney had Abbey Road engineers dissect Kontakte (along with the composers' other major work of the period, Gesang der Jünglinge, with a view to appropriating its effects for the groundbreaking Tomorrow Never Knows. Then in June 1967 the Beatles again paid homage to the composer by including his image in Peter Blake's collage on the front cover of Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Inspired by Edgard Varèse and the Italian Futurists, Greek composer Iannis Xenakis came from a background of engineering, mathematics and architecture (he was an assistant of Le Corbusier) These interests combined to create a vibrant body of work which embraced orchestral and chamber works, vocal and computer-generated music; what the composer described as "absolute music with a computer, free of tradition and contemporary trends."

In 1960, Xenakis was commissioned by UNESCO to write the score to Enrico Fulchignoni's Orient-Occident, a film about civilisations around the world. What transpired was an uncompromising but elegant work that is regarded to be one of the composer's most accessible. Two years later, Xenakis determined to create a concert version, editing the original, twenty-two minute long soundtrack down to less than eleven minutes.

In 1956 the Hungarian György Ligeti composed the electronic conversation piece Artikulation after moving to Cologne into the same building as sound pioneers Karlheinz Stockhausen and Gottfried Michael Koenig. While its reported that he was highly influenced by the crazy electronic sounds he heard coming out of this building this is one of only two electronic pieces he composed before returning back to the instrumental medium. Ligeti's music is forever linked with the films of Stanley Kubrick, and, most famously, 2001: A Space Odyssey, the director's cinematic visualisation of alien intelligence, which utilises excerpts from Atmospheres, Lux Aeterna, Requiem (the Kyrie) and an electronically altered version of Aventures.

The juxtaposition of this music and images proved brilliantly effective and Kubrick turned again to Ligeti when making the The Shining and Eyes Wide Shut, using, respectively, Lontano for orchestra and the second movement of Musica ricercata. Through Kubrick's films therefore, Ligeti succeeded in reaching a far wider audience than most contemporary composers dare dream of.
We also celebrate the work of John Cage, one of America's most influential - and controversial - composers with the inclusion of two major works.

Cartridge Music (1960), derives from its use of "cartridges," phonograph pick-ups into which needles are inserted for playing recordings. Various suitable objects (toothpicks, matches, slinkies, piano wires, feathers, etc) are inserted in the cartridges. The sounds which result are noises, some complex, others extremely simple such as amplifier feed-back, loud-speaker hum, etc
Described by Cage as "a camera from which anyone can take a photograph," Fontana Mix (1958) was assembled at the Studio di Fonologia in Milan and finds the composer dividing his sound sources into six classes; city sounds, country sounds, electronic sounds, manually produced (meaning "instrumental") sounds, wind-produced sounds (such as singing), and small sounds that require amplification, such as crickets chirping. The work subsequently appeared in a number of contexts, here the soprano Cathy Berberian combines it with Aria, another Cage piece of similar vintage.

Available 19/08/2013

Our Price: £9.95

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The Dawn of Psychedelia
Piper At the Gates of Dawn, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Doors, Electric Music for the Mind and Body, The United States of America, Fifth Dimension, Happy Trails, Forever Changes, S F Sorrow, Ogden's Nut Gone Flake, A Child's Guide to Good and Evil, Music In A Doll's House, Mass in F Minor, We're Only In It For The Money: just some of the conceptual masterpieces of the psychedelic era.

But these monuments to the Aquarian Age didn't suddenly materialise. What of the earlier musical influences that inspired them, what of the art that cleared a path for psychedelia?

The Dawn of Psychedelia charts the course of the artistic momentum that had been gathering internationally from the mid nineteenth century. From Dante Gabriel Rossetti and the Pre-Raphaelites to Lewis Carroll, progressing through Art nouveau. Aubrey Beardsley, Erik Satie and The Sitwells. Dada, Marcel Duchamp. The Surrealists: Dali and Bunuel and Miro. Edgard Varèse, the "Father of Electronic Music", the "Matinee Idol of Modernism" and musical guru of Frank Zappa. Aldous Huxley's 'holiday from reality' and the yearning of he and such prophets (or charlatans?) as Timothy Leary to attain the cosmic conciousness of unity, light and love. Abstract Expressionism, Jackson Pollock and the sculptor Alaxander Calder. The Alice B Toklas Cook Book. The mysteries of Indian classical music and its introduction in the west (Ravi Shankar, Vilayat Khan, Ali Akbar Khan and his brilliant disciple, Sharan Rani). The pioneering of Sun Ra and the jazz hybrids created by such figures as Ken Nordine, Yusef Lateef, Herbie Mann and Gabor Szabo as each sought to break the boundaries of convention. The bewitching, other-worldly music of Sanctus from the Missa Luba, a version of the Latin Mass based on traditional Congolese songs, which establishes the magical atmosphere of Lindsay Anderson's If... a film that is a microcosm of the revolutionary 1960s and one of the most important films in cinema history.

The culmination of these pure, unadulterated divergent strands created the environment in which psychedelia would so memorably flower.

Available 19/08/2013
Our Price: £10.95

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It's You! Ltd Ed 7" Single
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 Buy Chris Grant‘s 7" Single NOW and get your 359 Music tote bag + sticker for FREE!! (Limited edition)

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A Liverpudlian through and through, Chris Grant has always performed straight from his heart. "Chris’s main preoccupation is writing big songs capturing northern innocence,” Alan McGee once commented. "It’s a soulful escapism that eschews the hard man approach to songwriting. As with the best bands I’ve known, I get excited to hear his new songs and his musical progression. When Chris gets it right, his music transcends the apathy of rock’n’roll over the past ten years.”

Debut release from one of the first wave of signings to Alan McGee’s latest adventure in music.

Limited to 359 copies worldwide.

Features the exclusive B-Side ‘Ringing In The Wind’.

Already receiving radio play on the BBC in the UK.

Chris was first discovered in 2007 when he was fronting The Grants.

The group performed at McGee’s club night Death Disco.

Chris is opening Alan McGee’s new 359 club night in Liverpool on September 6th and more dates are being scheduled.

Release Date: 30th September 2013

Our Price: £2.99
Retail Price: £6.99

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Serial Monkey - Ltd Ed 7" Single

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 Buy Mineral‘s 7" Single NOW and get your 359 Music tote bag + sticker for FREE!! (Limited edition)

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ON SALE for £2.99!

Imagine an electro pop outfit who hail from Paris and Dublin and cite as their influences Talking Heads, Pixies, Syd Barrett, Kraftwerk, Gainsbourg, The Beach Boys and Béla Bartók. That’s the vision behind Mineral – alias Craig Walker, Thierry Fournié, S. Armelle and Damien Li. Walker made his name in Irish indie rockers Power Of Dreams and then trip-hop act Archive, who were huge in France. With Mineral, Craig teamed up in 2012 with three of the finest musicians in Paris to create a widescreen musical canvas in keeping with the best in French music (Air, Daft Punk) while hinting at soundscapes from around the globe. They’ve even recorded a telling cover of My Bloody Valentine’s ‘When You Sleep’.

Debut release from one of the first wave of signings to Alan McGee’s latest adventure in music.

Limited to 359 copies worldwide.

Features the exclusive B-Side ‘When You Sleep’, a cover of the My Bloody Valentine classic.

Mineral are electro pop explorers hailing from Paris and Dublin, influenced by everything from Talking Heads, The  Pixies, Syd Barrett and Kraftwerk to Gainsbourg, The Beach Boys and Béla Bartók.

The video for the band’s 13-minute magnum opus ‘Atoms’ has already attracted interest worldwide.

On July 27th, Mineral performed their first-ever show as a quartet at Cabaret Frappé Festival in Grenoble in France,to rave reviews.

Release Date: 30th September 2013
Our Price: £2.99
Retail Price: £6.99

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