Loose Lips Might Sink Ships - Greasy Instrumental Magic from the vault of Lux and Ivy - Various Artists

Loose Lips Might Sink Ships - Greasy Instrumental Magic from the vault of Lux and Ivy
Distorted guitars, wailing saxophones, weird keyboard breaks, the sound of alien spacecraft, buzzsaws and reving engines all feature on this 26 track collection of instrumental masterpieces.
From rare and obscure sounds spliced with screams and thunder through to classic grooves by Cozy Cole, Link Wray and Duane Eddy, this set celebrates the genius of rock ‘n’ roll as spun on Lux Interior’s Purple Knife Show.
Duelling guitars and one liners on switchblades and pick-ups add to the sleazy vibe that emanate on this hour long set.
Featuring vintage, exotic riffs, ear-bending special effects and some of the twangiest guitars ever. Transport yourself to the jukebox at any early ’60s Vegas dive. Remastered from original sound sources with sleevenotes by MOJO magazine’s Dave Henderson.
Available 19/08/2013
Our Price: £9.95
Code: PSALM2373
Weight: 200
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1. THE SNAKE - Maximillian
2. MARCH SLAV BOOGIE - Homer Denison Jr
3. DRAGONFLY - Tommy Dee & The Mellotones
4. STICK SHIFT - The Duals
5. JAVA GUITARS - Tielman Brothers
6. BUZZSAW TWIST - The Gee-Cees
7. MOON DAWG! - The Gamblers
8. ROAD BLOCK - The Teen Rockers
9. SCORPION - The Carnations
12. FIREWATER - Premieres
13. COMANCHE - Link Wray & The Wraymen
14. STAMPEDE - The Scarlets
15. LIKE THUNDER - The Rialtos
16. TELSTAR - The Tornados
17. HARLEM NOCTURNE - The Viscounts
18. DESERT BOOTS - The Vi-Kings
19. SWITCHBLADE - Ron Thompson His Rowdy Guitar And The Brougham's
20. RAMROD - Duane Eddy
21. PICK UP - The Corvettes
22. MANHUNT - Dynamos
23. CAMEL WALK - The Saxons
24. SHEBA - Johnny & The Hurricanes
25. THE VULTURE - Ronnie Ray's Playboys
26. CATERPILLAR CRAWL - The Strangers

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The audio delight is accompanied by a jam-packed booklet featuring many label shots and some gorgeous ephemera.          
Transport yourself back to a less complicated time and pour yourself a nice cup of tea and then crank up the volume on your gramophone…   

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