SCARED TO GET HAPPY A STORY OF INDIE-POP 1980-1989 - Various Artists

SCARED TO GET HAPPY (A Story Of Indie Pop 1980-1989) is the first box set ever to document the explosion of Indie Pop in Britain across the 1980s. Compiled in loosely chronological fashion, the five CDs chart Indie Pop’s development from the post punk era and the dominance of Scottish bands through to its genre-defining C86 period and onto the end of the decade, with the arrival of Madchester and the shoegazing sound.

Inspired by the Nuggets compilations, the box set boasts 134 tracks spanning the Eighties, drawn from all the key labels of the period – Creation, Factory, Cherry Red, Rough Trade, Sarah, Subway Organisation, Zoo, Kitchenware, Pink, Chapter 22, In Tape, Medium Cool, Lazy, Dreamworld, 53rd & 3rd, Ron Johnson, el, Vindaloo, Red Rhino, Food, etc.

Many of the bands later tasted mainstream success: Primal Scream, Aztec Camera, Stone Roses, Pulp, the Wonder Stuff, Lloyd Cole & The Commotions, the Inspiral Carpets, the Soup Dragons, the Wedding Present, James, the La’s, del Amitri, the Primitives, the Jesus & Mary Chain, Prefab Sprout, the Shamen, Cud, the Bluebells, Black, the House Of Love, Strawberry Switchblade, Pop Will Eat Itself, the Darling Buds, Fuzzbox, That Petrol Emotion, the Railway Children, Jamie Wednesday (as Carter USM), the Milltown Brothers and the Boo Radleys.  

The box set boasts a stylish 54-page booklet with a lengthy sleeve-note detailing each track and illustrations of the records and bands involved.

A few tracks (Strawberry Switchblade, Soup Dragons, Bluebells, Close Lobsters, etc.) have never officially been released before. Many others are extremely rare and make their debut on CD.

SCARED TO GET HAPPY will be promoted by a mini-festival at London’s 229 club on June 22nd, with an impressive roster: the Primitives, the BMX Bandits, the Brilliant Corners, the June Brides, Mighty Mighty, the Wolfhounds, the Popguns, 14 Iced Bears, the Blue Orchids and Yeah Yeah Noh.  

RELEASE DATE: 24/06/2013
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DISC ONE   1.     REVOLUTIONARY SPIRIT – The Wild Swans 2.     GETTING NOWHERE FAST – Girls at Our Best! 3.     SHOWING OFF TO IMPRESS THE GIRLS – Art Objects 4.     (THERE’S ALWAYS) SOMETHING ON MY MIND – The Pale Fountains 5.     THE MISSIONARY – Josef K 6.     THE JET SET JUNTA – The Monochrome Set 7.     DUMB MAGICIAN –Blue Orchids 8.     DON’T COME BACK – The Marine Girls 9.     CANDY SKIN –Fire Engines 10.   AMBITION – TV21 11.   EVERYTHING AND MORE – Dolly Mixture 12.   PARAFFIN BRAIN – The Nightingales 13.   ALL ABOUT YOU – Scars 14.   IT’S A FINE DAY - Jane 15.   I THINK I NEED HELP – The Farmers Boys 16.   THINGS HAVE LEARNT TO WALK THAT OUGHT TO CRAWL – The Room 17.   SUMMERDAYS - Weekend 18.   LIONS IN MY OWN GARDEN (EXIT SOMEONE) – Prefab Sprout 19.   NERVE PYLON – The Lines 20.   FEELING DIZZY – Everything But The Girl 21.   THE LOST AND THE LONELY – The Higsons 22.   HUMAN FEATURES – Black 23.   ROLL ON SUMMERTIME – The Daintees 24.   HAPPY BIRTHDAY – The Bluebells 25.   NORMAN AND NARCISSUS – Trixie’s Big Red Motorbike 26.   A PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY (LIVE) – TV Personalities   

DISC TWO   1.     THE SUN SHINES HERE – Hurrah! 2.     IF SHE DOESN’T SMILE (IT’LL RAIN) – Fantastic Something 3.     EVERYBODY’S PROBLEM – Pulp 4.     DARK 7 – Strawberry Switchblade 5.     STOP THE RAIN – The Suede Crocodiles 6.     I'M USED NOW – Grab Grab The Haddock 7.     SENSE SICKNESS – del Amitri 8.     HONEY AT THE CORE – Friends Again 9.     OBLIVIOUS – Aztec Camera 10.   ARE YOU READY TO BE HEARTBROKEN (INDIE VERSION) – Lloyd Cole & The Commotions 11.   KARDOMAH CAFÉ – The Cherry Boys 12.   THIS BRILLIANT EVENING – In Embrace 13.   DOLLY – Microdisney 14.   PLENTY – The Woodentops 15.   SOUTHERN MARK SMITH – The Jazz Butcher 16.   WHERE THE TRAFFIC GOES – The Jasmine Minks 17.   FOREVER – The Hit Parade 18.   EVERY CONVERSATION – The June Brides 19.   IN THE AFTERNOON – The Revolving Paint Dream 20.   HYMN FROM A VILLAGE – James 21.   JUST LIKE HONEY (DEMO OCT ‘84) – The Jesus & Mary Chain 22.   THE CHOCOLATE ELEPHANT MAN – Biff Bang Pow! 23.   TEMPLE OF CONVENIENCE – Yeah Yeah Noh 24.   GOD BLESS – The Bodines 25.   DEBRA – bIG fLAME 26.   UP THE HILL AND DOWN THE SLOPE – The Loft 

DISC THREE   1.     VELOCITY GIRL – Primal Scream 2.     GO OUT AND GET ‘EM, BOY! – The Wedding Present 3.     THRU THE FLOWERS – The Primitives 4.     SAD – The BMX Bandits 5.     ALL DAY LONG – The Shop Assistants 6.     SOMETHING HAPPENS – The Mighty Lemon Drops 7.     XX SEX (DEMO) – We’ve Got A Fuzzbox And We’re Gonna Use It 8.     IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE? – Mighty Mighty 9.     QUITE CONTENT – The Soup Dragons 10.   RED SLEEPING BEAUTY – McCarthy 11.   MOTORCITY – Age Of Chance 12.   COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY – The Chesterfields 13.   CUT THE CAKE – The Wolfhounds 14.   LOGGERHEADS – The Servants 15.   DON’T WORRY (DEMO) – The Close Lobsters 16.   SICK LITTLE GIRL – Pop Will Eat Itself 17.   BIG PINK CAKE – Razorcuts 18.   IT’S A GOOD THING - That Petrol Emotion 19.   ALMOST PRAYED – The Weather Prophets 20.   VOTE FOR LOVE – Jamie Wednesday 21.   BEATNIK BOY – Talulah Gosh 22.   SHE DAZZLED ME WITH BASIL – The Dentists 23.   A GENTLE SOUND – The Railway Children 24.   BABY BLUE MARINE (ALTERNATIVE VERSION) – The Groove Farm 25.   THE RAIN FELL DOWN – Jesse Garon & The Desperadoes 26.   (WHATEVER HAPPENED TO) ALICE? – Rosemary’s Children 27.   BALLOON SONG – 14 Iced Bears 28.   A WONDERFUL DAY – The Wonder Stuff 

DISC FOUR   1.     SHINE ON – House Of Love 2.     SOMETHING ABOUT YOU – The Shamen 3.     THE ALBUMS OF JACK – The Bachelor Pad 4.     ALBERT PARKER – Gol Gappas 5.     LOVE IS BLUE – Hangman’s Beautiful Daughters 6.     HEAVEN FORBID – Whirl 7.     DELILAH SANDS – The Brilliant Corners 8.     SHIMMER – The Flatmates 9.     GRUESOME CASTLE – The Wake 10.   ENGINE FAILURE – This Poison! 11.   IF I SAID – The Darling Buds 12.   TIDALWAVE – The Boy Hairdressers 13.   SHE LOOKS RIGHT THROUGH ME – The Waltones 14.   ROOM IN YOUR HEART – The Rosehips 15.   LOVE RESISTANCE – Apple Boutique 16.   TAKE YOUR TIME YEAH! – Laugh 17.   SHE’S A NURSE BUT SHE'S ALRIGHT – The Raw Herbs 18.   TOY – The Heart Throbs 19.   TRANQUIL – The Clouds 20.   YOU MAKE MY HEAD EXPLODE – The Groovy Little Numbers 21.   MY FAVOURITE WET WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON – The Siddeleys 22.   TUG-BOAT LINE – Rumblefish 23.   THE WORLD IS - The Hepburns 24.   ONE OF THOSE THINGS – Bubblegum Splash 25.   BE SMALL AGAIN – The Corn Dollies 26.   LEE REMICK – The King Of Luxembourg 27.   SON OF A GUN (DEMO) – The LA’s  

DISC FIVE   1.     THE HARDEST THING IN THE WORLD – The Stone Roses 2.     KEEP THE CIRCLE AROUND – Inspiral Carpets 3.     INDIEPOP AIN’T NOISE POLLUTION – The Pooh Sticks 4.     SOLACE – The Sea Urchins 5.     ONLY (A PRAWN IN WHITBY) – Cud 6.     LANDSLIDE – The Popguns 7.     ALL ABOARD THE LOVE-MOBILE – One Thousand Violins 8.     I’M IN LOVE WITH A GIRL WHO DOESN’T KNOW I EXIST – Another Sunny Day 9.     STRAWBERRY WINDOW – East Village 10.   CHOIRBOYS GAS (HACK THE CASSOCK) – Bad Dream Fancy Dress 11.   CIRCLE LINE – Rodney Allen 12.   I’VE GOT A HABIT – The Orchids 13.   SKIN STORM – Bradford 14.   ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? – The Charlottes 15.   PICKING UP THE BITTER LITTLE PIECES – The Claim 16.   DREAMABOUT – The Poppyheads 17.   ADAM’S SONG (POUR FENELLA) – The Sun And The Moon 18.   JESSE MAN RAE – The McTells 19.   CECIL BEATON’S SCRAPBOOK – The Would-Be-Goods 20.   SPEAK TO ME ROCHELLE – The Desert Wolves 21.   DRY THE RAIN – The Rain 22.   FOREVER HOLIDAY – Blow Up 23.   SUBURBAN LOVE SONGS – The Fanatics 24.   ROSES – The Milltown Brothers 25.   SUN IS IN THE SKY – The Seers 26.   PERFECT NEEDLE – The Telescopes 27.   CATWEAZLE – The Boo Radleys    
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Hold On Inside, Complete Recordings 1991-1986 2CD
Brighton’s 14 ICED BEARS emerged in 1986 as part of the C86 generation of Indie-Pop bands.
Early singles ‘Inside’ (1986) and ‘Balloon Song’ (1987) were quintessential jangly guitar nuggets, issued on ex-TVPs bassist Mark Flunder’s Frank label.
After an EP Come Get Me for the impeccably cool Sarah Records, they signed to Thunderball in 1988 for more psychedelic ‘World I Love’ and ‘Mother Sleep’ and eponymous debut album.
1991’s second LP Wonder was a more sprawling, adventurous creation (close to shoegazer territory) but 14 Iced Bears split soon after. They reunited in 2010 and have since played Indietracks and some shows in the USA.
HOLD ON INSIDE is the first retrospective to offer their complete output from 1986-1991, albeit presented in reverse order, as if travelling back in time – very psychedelic!
Compiled by 14 Iced Bears singer/songwriter/guitarist Rob Sekula, this 2-CD boasts re-mastered music as well as a splendid, annotated booklet boasting rare photos and personal memories from the band.

John Peel’s enthusiasm was clearly evident: "I like these Iced Bears, all fourteen of them!"

Alexis Petridis, head music critic at the Guardian said: "I genuinely think 14 Iced Bears' eponymous debut album is a bit of a lost psych classic."

Release Date: 22/07/2013

Track Listing:


14. RISE


9. CUT
19. TRAIN SONG (Different Version)
23. CUT (Different Version)

Our Price: £10.95

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Electronic Music for the Mind and Body
Five historic electronic compositions from a quartet of important modern twentieth century composers, Stockhausen, Cage, Ligeti and Xenakis.

With the breathtaking, meticulously organised Kontakte, Stockhausen demonstrated his musical and dramatical genius and that he was an incredible inventor of new sounds. The piece has been described as 'a unique document of analogue electronic music production methods, and a valuable guide to the composer's art of creative self-provocation.'

Kontakte is perhaps Stockhausen's best known work and this version for electronic sounds was realised by the composer between September 1959 and May 1960. The alternate, Kontakte for electronic sounds, piano and percussion, utilises the same electronic tape but did not emerge until later. In the sixties, everybody was talking about Stockhausen. Paul McCartney had Abbey Road engineers dissect Kontakte (along with the composers' other major work of the period, Gesang der Jünglinge, with a view to appropriating its effects for the groundbreaking Tomorrow Never Knows. Then in June 1967 the Beatles again paid homage to the composer by including his image in Peter Blake's collage on the front cover of Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Inspired by Edgard Varèse and the Italian Futurists, Greek composer Iannis Xenakis came from a background of engineering, mathematics and architecture (he was an assistant of Le Corbusier) These interests combined to create a vibrant body of work which embraced orchestral and chamber works, vocal and computer-generated music; what the composer described as "absolute music with a computer, free of tradition and contemporary trends."

In 1960, Xenakis was commissioned by UNESCO to write the score to Enrico Fulchignoni's Orient-Occident, a film about civilisations around the world. What transpired was an uncompromising but elegant work that is regarded to be one of the composer's most accessible. Two years later, Xenakis determined to create a concert version, editing the original, twenty-two minute long soundtrack down to less than eleven minutes.

In 1956 the Hungarian György Ligeti composed the electronic conversation piece Artikulation after moving to Cologne into the same building as sound pioneers Karlheinz Stockhausen and Gottfried Michael Koenig. While its reported that he was highly influenced by the crazy electronic sounds he heard coming out of this building this is one of only two electronic pieces he composed before returning back to the instrumental medium. Ligeti's music is forever linked with the films of Stanley Kubrick, and, most famously, 2001: A Space Odyssey, the director's cinematic visualisation of alien intelligence, which utilises excerpts from Atmospheres, Lux Aeterna, Requiem (the Kyrie) and an electronically altered version of Aventures.

The juxtaposition of this music and images proved brilliantly effective and Kubrick turned again to Ligeti when making the The Shining and Eyes Wide Shut, using, respectively, Lontano for orchestra and the second movement of Musica ricercata. Through Kubrick's films therefore, Ligeti succeeded in reaching a far wider audience than most contemporary composers dare dream of.
We also celebrate the work of John Cage, one of America's most influential - and controversial - composers with the inclusion of two major works.

Cartridge Music (1960), derives from its use of "cartridges," phonograph pick-ups into which needles are inserted for playing recordings. Various suitable objects (toothpicks, matches, slinkies, piano wires, feathers, etc) are inserted in the cartridges. The sounds which result are noises, some complex, others extremely simple such as amplifier feed-back, loud-speaker hum, etc
Described by Cage as "a camera from which anyone can take a photograph," Fontana Mix (1958) was assembled at the Studio di Fonologia in Milan and finds the composer dividing his sound sources into six classes; city sounds, country sounds, electronic sounds, manually produced (meaning "instrumental") sounds, wind-produced sounds (such as singing), and small sounds that require amplification, such as crickets chirping. The work subsequently appeared in a number of contexts, here the soprano Cathy Berberian combines it with Aria, another Cage piece of similar vintage.

Available 19/08/2013

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Dos Dedos Mis Amigos/A Lick of the Old Cassette Box
By 1994, Pop Will Eat Itself had developed from indie dancefloor friendly rock rappers into an angry, proto industrial machine. Signed to a new independent label, Infectious Records, they continued their steady stream of hit singles ('Ich Bin Ein Auslander', 'RSVP', 'Everything's Cool') and began to make serious inroads in America, thanks to their association with Trent Reznor and his Nothing label.

'Dos Dedos Mis Amigos' charted around Europe and in the US, and saw the band's profile rise considerably. The tracks also spawned a successful double album of remixes, 'Two Fingers My Friends', in 1995 and a follow up album was hotly anticipated. However, after the departure of Graham Crabb the band gradually imploded, leaving a new album's worth of recordings unreleased. Until now.

Produced in conjunction with the band, 'A Lick Of The Old Cassette Box' compiles twelve unreleased songs recorded in 1995 and 1996, and heard here for the very first time. Heavy on riffs and beats, this is the blueprint for the industrial crossover sound The Prodigy were about to fill stadiums around the world with in the late 1990s. Accompanied by detailed liner notes from guitarist Adam Mole, this 'lost' album is a must hear for diehards and casual fans alike.

  • Remastered and expanded
  • Contains three UK hit singles, demos and selected b-sides and remixes.
  • Also contains an entire unreleased album
  • Detailed essey and liner notes from guitarist Adam Mole
  • Produced in conjunction with the band, including edits and track sequencing by Clint
Our Price: £10.95

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Throw the Warped Wheel Out: Special Edition
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A much requested reissue of the debut album "Throw The Warped Wheel Out - Special Edition" by Fiction Factory.
·       The album was originally released in 1984.
·       ‘(Feels Like) Heaven’ peaked at #6 in the UK singles chart in 1983.
·       This special edition contains ten tracks from the original album plus nine essential bonus tracks.
·       The bonus tracks on this release appear on CD for the first time in the UK except ‘I Who Know You’.
·       The bonus material features 12" versions of the three resulting singles from the album; ‘(Feels Like) Heaven’, ‘Ghost Of Love (Special Dance Mix)’ and ‘All Or Nothing (Extended Version)’. The remaining tracks are all related b/sides; ‘The Other Side Of Grey’, ‘Old Game Blue Flame’, ‘Everyone But You’, ‘This Is’, ‘Dreaming Of Someone’ and ‘I Who Know You’.
·       This album has been remastered.
·       The CD booklet will feature many of the original sleeves and a full UK discography. 
·       This is the most complete collection of the band's material available.
·       Fiction Factory hail from Perth in central Scotland. After landing a deal with CBS Records, they released this album and three singles with the label, the high point being the #6 hit in the UK with ‘(Feels Like) Heaven’. The official promo video of the single has enjoyed 670,000 hits on YouTube. The band did release a 2nd album "Another Story" on Foundry Records but it's the "Throw The Warped Wheel Out" period that captured the public's imagination and support. The band did reform to appear at both legs of the 2011 Rewind Festival - a celebration of 80's music.

Available on 23/09/2013

Our Price: £9.95

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The Curse of The Higsons: Deluxe Edition

· The Higsons were founded in 1980 at the University of East Anglia by Charlie ‘Switch’ Higson, Terry Edwards, Simon Charterton, Colin Williams, Dave Cummings and Stuart McGeachin. Over a string of Indie singles and an album, they married disjointed punk/funk rhythms and warbling vocals in a style which betrayed their love of Talking Heads.


· After singles on local Norwich-based labels like Romans In Britain and Waap and two releases for 2Tone, the band signed to Upright for long-overdue album The Curse Of The Higsons in 1984. Charlie later excelled as a comedian and writer (not least in The Fast Show) while Terry has seemingly played every instrument with myriad different bands.


· Long out-of-print, The Curse Of The Higsons is now treated to a deluxe 3-CD set, compiled, mastered and approved by Terry Edwards and the rest of the band.


· This expanded version adds all the versions/tracks which graced their two collectable singles for 2Tone (‘Tear The Whole Thing Down’ and ‘Run Me Down’), plus other singles ‘Push Out The Boat’, their charming cover of Andy Williams’ ‘Music To Watch Girls By’ and a demo of their swansong, ‘Take It’, from 1985.


· As a bonus third disc, the hitherto cassette-only album Live At The Jacquard Club, Norwich makes its digital debut. Issued on Chaos Tapes, it is now swelled by five tracks from a Lyceum show in 1984, three of which are previously unissued..


Members of The Higsons, including Charlie, will be speaking about the band’s history as part of celebrations for UEA's 50th anniversary over the last weekend of September.

Available 30/09/2013
Our Price: £10.95

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