Re-Mit - Fall (The)

A natural progression from "Ersatz GB”, "Re-Mit” is awash in bass and drum lead grooves, off kilter modern psyk and tense guitar pop, and features some of Mark E Smith's most arresting deliveries to date. The line-up remains the same as "Ersatz GB”, which performed very well worldwide and the band will be heading out on a full UK tour to promote the album throughout the month.
The set contains 'Sir William Wray' and 'Hittite Man', which featured in different guises on the very popular Record Store Day single.

Release Date: 13/05/2013
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Weight: 200
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Shout! Records is delighted to add the renowned Philly Sound to its catalogue,
with the notable production skills of Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff assisting the
Ebonys in breaking into the Hot 100 and soul charts in the early 1970s.
The Ebonys crossed the Delaware River from their New Jersey home to the
studios of Philadelphia International Records in 1971, and with their roaring
baritone lead and contrasting falsetto harmonies cut the searing ballad You're
The Reason Why , flipped with the brisk exuberance of Sexy Ways . This R&B
top 10 smash was followed by the vibrant poignancy of It's Forever, another
crossover hit, and among the most memorable of ballads ever cut at PIR s Sigma
Sound Studio. The group s eponymous album was released in 1973, featuring five
R&B hit singles, and has become in-demand with modern-soul collectors in
recent years. This long-awaited CD re-issue also features tracks issued on
singles but not included in the original vinyl LP, together with the hit single
edit of the title track.
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Your Obedient Servant
Orson Welles is a titantic figure in popular culture. Before Kane, before Ambersons, The Lady From Shanghai and The Third Man; Before Touch of Evil, his astounding Othello, Chimes At Midnight and F for Fake, Welles created the sensational War of the Worlds broadcast that terrified a nation of American radio listeners.

While Hollywood beckoned, Welles and his company, The Mercury Theatre continued to produce compelling radio drama that still sounds extraordinary. Make no mistake, if radio held sway over us like it did during its Golden Age, much of Welles' work in the medium would be as venerated as Kane or any of the other creative triumphs that were to follow. The Hitch-hiker and the chilling Search for Henri Le Fevre were written by Lucille Fletcher. Sredni Vashtar is the work of the inscrutable late nineteenth century English writer, Saki The Music for all three performances was composed by long-time Welles (and Hitchcock) collaborator Bernard Herrmann
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Retail Price: £9.95

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I’d Rather Be The Devil: The Legendary 1931 Session
The classic blues man par excellence, Skip James ticks almost all the boxes. Only killed one man (possibly more, not authenticated). Didn't die as a result of a brawl. However... These 18 tracks are all that survive of 26 recorded for H.C. Speir of Paramount Records in Feb 1931. When, later in the year, Speir asked for more, Skip refused; he had found Jesus and gone to join his reformed father, who was now a Baptist minister, in Texas. And so, the reputation as one of the greatest singers in the history of the blues, rests almost entirely on these 18 sides. Nothing more was heard from him for thirty-three years. However, it's not the whole story. In 1964, blues collector John Fahey traced James in a Mississippi hospital and persuaded him to sing once more. Curiously, the great Son House was 'rediscovered' on the very same day. Both appeared at the famous Newport Folk Festival the same year. The only parallel one can imagine is that of the young Presley leaving just the twenty-odd tracks he cut for Sam Phillips at Sun. No Heartbreak Hotel. No Blue Suede Shoes. No Hound Dog. No Jailhouse Rock. No Suspicious Minds. No Burning Love. No '68 Special. No Aloha from Hawaii. No jump suits. No Cadillacs. No private jets. No Gracelands. Maybe young Lisa Marie doesn't even know her pappy ever cut any discs, he just sings in the church. Then one day in 1988, a man comes along and persuades the 53-year-old Elvis to sing again.... But it didn't quite happen like that. Skip was a huge influence on Robert Johnson and was feted by Eric Clapton He made more recordings and continued to play concerts until his death in October 1969. He had no time for any other Bluesman, he thought they were a "barrel of crabs" and would disguise his technique of playing if he thought any other players were watching. His I'm So Glad was covered by Cream and (as you know) Devil Got My Woman was the pivotal track that so hooks Thora Birch's character in the marvelous film Ghost World. Not a happy soul by any means, but a true giant of Blues. Our Price: £9.95

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The Marshall Suite Expanded Version
The Marshall Suite is a 1999 LP by The Fall, which builds on the techno-influenced beats of its predecessor Levitate (1997), while also returning to a more rockabilly influenced sound reminiscent of earlier Fall line-ups. The end result are songs like the primitive, catchy "Touch Sensitive", and the strange, complex, thumping jungle beats of "Crying Marshall" occurring in equal measure.Around the time of release, rumours circulated that The Marshall Suite was a concept album about "The Crying Marshall". Smith stopped short of denying this, telling The Wire that "I thought it would be good to do it as the story of his life, a themed LP, with a thread running through it. It's such an unhip thing to do". An unpublished section of the interview, later placed on the magazine's website, suggested Smith was not yet finished with his creation: "I do want to continue the Marshall theme, develop it. Maybe a five sided thing next, the return of the Marshall".This reissue of the long out print album, comes with two discs of bonus material, fully annotated booklet with notes by Mojo’s Daryl Easlea.


"Although The Marshall Suite was not a commercial success, it is testimony to Smith’s regenerative powers that he was able to turn adversity into artistic fodder.”  

-David Stubbs (Uncut – October 2011)
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Ersatz G.B


Since their formation in 1976, The Fall have released twenty eight studio albums, and more than double that number of live albums, compilations and other packages.

"Ersatz G.B." is their 29th offering, and, as with any Fall record, retains many of their most distinctive elements whilst offering a fresh take on Mark E Smith’s familiar style and subject matter. The current line-up of Smith (vox), David Spurr (bass), Elini Poulou (keys), Pete Greenway (guitar) and Kierion Mellings (drums) are now relatively established by Fall standards, and deliver another intriguing addition to the band’s body of work here. This, their first album for Cherry Red Records, contains all the trademarks of a great Fall album. It will be issued on CD, LP and digital formats, and will be proceeded by a new 7” single, featuring an exclusive B-side track. The Fall will be playing several dates to promote the album’s release, including a UK tour in November and an appearance at All Tomorrow’s Parties in March.

Vinyl Edition, and Limited 7 Inch Single ALSO AVAILABLE


"As is customary with The Fall, Ersatz G.B. offers no easy explanations, but instead twists and excites the listener’s brain with unexpected phantom bewilderments.”  

-Ian Harrison (MOJO – December 2011)

Our Price: £9.95

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