Box Frenzy: EXPANDED 2011 EDITION - Pop Will Eat Itself

In 1987, Pop Will Eat Itself surprised the independent music world by morphing overnight from two minute, three chord indie pop wonders into hip-hop rock crossover pioneers. Years ahead of their time, PWEI produced Box Frenzy , a furiousmix of beatboxes, metal riffs, MC ing and pop songs. Featuring the notorious Beaver Patrol single, and the hugely successful There IsNo Love Between UsAnymore , the album brought the band a whole new audience and opened them up to as much praise as it did ridicule amongst a perplexed music press.Produced with the band’s assistance and approval, and featuring three never before heard home demos and three rare, never before on CD tracks, as well as an extensive sleeve essay, sleevenotes from keyboardist/guitarist Adam Mole and a wealth of unseen photographs, press clippings and so on, this release is a treasure trove for fans and collectors alike.

This package is the second in a series of Cherry Red Pop Will Eat Itself reissues, which will take in the band's entire catalogue, tell their story and see the release of dozens of unreleased, rare and never before on CD tracks.This unique band, whose influence touched the careers of acts such as The Prodigy and Nine Inch Nails, still has a large, strong following worldwide, and there is an active online community who have shown great interest in these titles thus far. A new PWEI album will be released this year, and the current incarnation of the group will be touring in support of this release, no doubt including plenty of these back catalogue tracks in their set. Three previously unheard home demos, Three rare, never before on CD tracks, Sleeve-notes from keyboardist/guitarist Adam Mole.


"Their earliest indie rock scuzz is collected on ‘88’s Now For A Feast!, by which time ‘87’s Box Frenzy had incorporated sampling and other hip hop moves into proto-indie dance off daffy joie de vivre. Both come engorged with bonuses, some of which seem to have been mastered off old cassettes.”  

-Ian Harrison (Q Magazine – November 2011)
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Grebo Guru / Beaver Patrol / Let's Get Ugly / U.B.L.U.D. / Inside You / Evelyn / There Is No Love Between Us Anymore / She's Surreal / Intergalactic Love Mission / Love Missile F1-11 / Hit The Hi-Tech Groove / Razorblade KissesBonus Tracks Picnic In The Sky / Kiss That Girl / There Is No Love Between Us Anymore (Specially Extended Dance Mix) / Grebo Guru (Sonic Sounds Ep Mix) / Supersonic Human (Graham Shome Demo) / Intergalactic Love Mission (Graham’s Home Demo) / Def Con One (Clint Shome Demo) / Def Con One / Def Con One (Doomsday Power Mix)
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Released on 27/09/10. May of 1995 saw the long-awaited release of the Wildhearts second full length album, P.H.U.Q. . The album was the band's greatest success to date, reaching a number six in the UK charts. Released originally on East West, the CD came inside a limited edition velvet slip case that was only available for the first month of its release.

The album diverged from earlier releases with a collection of subtly darker and more involved tracks that still offer the classic sound of the Wildhearts ,chunky riffage and catchy melodies. The band bring on the usual pounding rock anthems you know and love them for, with tracks such as I Wanna Go Where The People Go , Just In Lust and Nita Nitro . Their energy seems to have tripled with these riff heavy rock numbers. Complementing these tracks by the sheer contrast are the slower, quieter songs such as Jonesing For Jones , Be My Drug and In Lilly’s Garden .

This 2CD collection contains all the b-sides from the era housed in a slipcase, the booklet contains notes by Classic Rock’s Dave Ling and extensive artwork with photos and memorabilia from the era, all approved by Ginger himself.

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Endless Nameless

Released on 27/09/10. Released under the Mushroom Records label back in October 1997, the Endless, Nameless album caused a huge stir amongst Wildhearts fans, due to its distorted sound and white noise mixing. The album produced two sets of singles, Anthem and Urge . The track Anthem sported Danny McCormack as lead vocalist for the first and only time. Abandoning past sound in favour of an almost industrial punk style, the Wildhearts hid ten gorgeous pop songs behind infinite layers of noise. 'Anthem' and 'Pissjoy' emerge as tunes first, with the kind of choruses which would guarantee chart success if you could only make them out.

But the production, is utterly fantastic. The songs are still undeniably of the same breed as 'I Wanna go Where The People Go' and 'Sick of Drugs', but are elevated to even greater heights by the production. It's never gratuitously noisy. The songs were made to work with the production. It's perhaps the most innovative and misunderstood masterpiece of the nineties. And nobody has even come close since.

This 2 CD collection contains all the b-sides from the era housed in a slipcase, the booklet contains notes by Classic Rock’s Dave Ling and extensive artwork with photos and memorabilia from the era, all approved by Ginger himself. 

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Earth Vs The Wildhearts
Earth Vs The Wildhearts is the Major label debut by British Rock band The Wildhearts, Released in 1993 South-Shields rock 'n' roll fourpiece. Raw, technical melodic rock with touches of punk and power-pop evoking influences such a Cheap Trick, Jason & The Scorchers, Johnny Thunders and The Ramones. Lyrics concerning world politics, quality of life in London and the general rock 'n' roll lifestyle fill tracks such as 'TV Tan', 'Suckerpunch' and 'Miles Away Girl'.This 2 CD collection contains all the b-sides from the era housed in a slipcase, the booklet contains notes by Classic Rocks Jerry Ewing and extensive artwork with photos and memorabilia from the era, all approved by Ginger himself.
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Fishing For Luckies
The Wildhearts released the original Fishing for Luckies in December 1994, in a limited edition available only via their fan club. The songs were newly recorded and featured the lineup of Ginger on vocals and guitar; C.J on guitar and vocals; Danny McCormack on bass; and Ritch Battersby on drums. Gordon Mabbett contibuted accordion on "Geordie in Wonderland" and Marc Fox played additional percussion on "Do the Channel Bop."

After the top 10 success in the UK of the album P.H.U.Q. in 1995, East West Records planned to release an official version of the album, to be titled Fishing for More Luckies, with three extra demo tracks. The only change to the tracks from the original fan club release was a count-in to introduce "Do The Channel Bop."Of the added tracks, a completed version of "Underkill" was later included on the Sick Of Drugs single. A string quartet made up of Charles Mutter (violin), Thomas Norris (violin), Bruce White (viola), and Phillip Sheppard (cello) appeared on Saddened .

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Manners & Physique
Released 20/07/2009. The first UK reissue of this Top 20 album from 1990 by Adam Ant, his 4th solo album. The CD features 5 bonus tracks including not previously released mixes in the UK of the US single "Rough Stuff", and 2 mixes of the "Room At The Top" single. The CD booklet features a biography, an extensive UK discography and features all the single sleeves from the time of the original release.

Adam Ant split from his Ants in 1982 and went on to launch a successful solo career, enjoying highlights that included performing at Live Aid and continued chart success before moving to the States. Switching his interest from music to acting Adam Ant has appeared in many films and popular tv programmes including The Equalizer, Northern Exposure and Tales From The Crypt. In 1989/90 Adam Ant released "Manners & Physique" having teamed up with Andre Cymone, a solo artist and early member of Prince's band. The album and resulting singles enjoyed chart success both sides of the Atlantic. Adam Ant went on to record and release one further solo album "Wonderful" in 1995. Adam Ant's talent and influence has resulted in a lengthy and varied career both sides of the Atlantic, he was once voted the sexiest man in America by the viewers of MTV, such was his status. The "Manners & Physique" album has been reported to be" a combination of contemporary dance tracks and Adam's old flair for mockery".

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