Should The World Fail To Fall Apart - Peter Murphy

Should The World Fail To Fall Apart
Should the World Fail to Fall Apart is the first album by the British solo artist Peter Murphy, formerly of the gothic rock band Bauhaus. It was released in 1986, Should the World Fail to Fall Apart is a collection of singles written and recorded in 1986 with L. Howard Hughes with hopes of finding Peter a Post-Bauhaus identity other than the "Godfather of Goth”. The album displays a side of Peter Murphy rarely heard as the songs are very Romantic and out of the mainstream. The sounds are soft and orchestrated, the lyrics are poetic and deep, atmosphere is spacious, and the general tone is somber and reflective.This 2CD reissue of the Classic 1989 album comes with a second disc of bonus material, as well as new notes and enhanced booklet.


"…expanded here with various 12” mixes and alternate cuts. ‘Should The World…’ saw Murphy stepping away from the moody theatrics that characterised his former band, aiming more for an intelligent contemporary pop vibe.”  

-Hugh Galland (Big Cheese Magazine – September 2011)
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Disc OneLight Pours Out Of Me / Confessions /Should The World Fail To Fall Apart / Never Man / God Sends / Blue Heart / Answer Is Clear / Final Solution / JemalDisc Two Canvas Beauty (Up Version) / The Light Pours Out Of Me (Original Version) / Confessions (Remix) / Should The World Fail To Fall / Apart (Version) / Stay / Tale Of The Tongue (12" Version) / Blue Heart (12" Version) / The Answer Is Clear (Version) / Final Solution (Club Mix) / Jemal (Version 2) / Canvas Beauty (Fast Mix) / Tale Of The Tongue 7" Edit / Final Solution (Full Version) / Final Solution (Third And Final Mix)
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Released on 18/10/10. One of the best-remembered acts of the 80s, Cockney sisters Mel & Kim Appleby instantly conquered dance floors, charts and hearts around the world with their style, personality and a string of perfect pop anthems. Their classic album "F.L.M." is now given a much anticipated Deluxe Edition 2CD reissue on Cherry Pop.

Produced by Stock Aitken Waterman, the album reached #3 on its original release in April 1987, going platinum in the UK and topping the charts internationally with sales in excess of three million copies. "F.L.M." features three UK Top Ten hits Showing Out (Get Fresh At The Weekend), the classic #1 Respectable and the title track. Digitally re-mastered and compiled from original master tapes archived at Abbey Road and Pete Waterman's PWL Studios, this release features no less than nineteen exclusive bonus tracks across two discs, including the 1988 Top Ten hit, That's The Way It Is and its self-penned B-side, You Changed My Life. Both tracks are included alongside the "F.L.M." album for the first time ever.

Kim Appleby has generously contributed an exclusive commentary to this release. The extensive booklet also features a reversible cover, an illustrated discography, additional photos and brand new sleeve notes from PWL consultant Tom Parker. Mel & Kim s debut single, Showing Out, hit #3 in November 1986, and in February 1987 Respectable became the first Stock Aitken Waterman composition to top the charts. Combining a streetwise pop sensibility with transatlantic house grooves, Mel & Kim became a global sensation. But at the height of their fame, Mel was diagnosed with cancer. Facing relentless media attention with dignity and characteristic humour while she underwent treatment, the duo released a brand new single in February 1988 That's The Way It Is.

Tragically, Mel's health deteriorated and she passed away in January 1990, aged just 23. "F.L.M." is the latest Hit Factory classic to be reissued on Cherry Pop, following a host of popular releases from Big Fun, Boy Krazy, Hazell Dean, Lonnie Gordon, Haywoode, the London Boys, Princess, Sinitta, Mandy Smith and Sonia.

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Raoul and the Kings of Spain
Raoul and the Kings of Spain is the fifth album by the British pop-rock band Tears For Fears. Like the prior album 'Elemental', it is essentially a solo effort by Roland Orzabel. The album was originally scheduled to be released by Mercury records but the project was cancelled after Tears For Fears left the label to sign with Sony. The album features a return by Oleta Adams, who duets with Orzabal on the track ‘Me and My Big Ideas'.
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Burning In The Shade
Hailing from Whitley Bay in the Northeast of England, and taking their name from the Michael Moorcock novel 'Stormbringer', The Tygers Of Pan Tang were one of the foremost New Wave of British Heavy Metal bands. Releasing their first single, "Don't Touch Me There", in September 1979, the band later went on to tour with classic acts such as Iron Maiden, The Scorpions, and Budgie. Never Before released on CD and not available on vinyl since 1987 this album is rare glimpse at the band at the height of their career. Sleevenotes come courtesy of British Heavy Metal legend Geoff Barton, who discovered Def Leppard, The band have now reformed and are currently touring worldwide, with almost the entire original line up.
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Mouth To Mouth
Lipps Inc. are from Minneapolis and primarily consisted of producer Steven Greenberg and Cynthia Johnson ( former Miss Black Minnesota 1976).
ROCK IT was recorded and self-released as a 12” single in 1979 by Flight Records, Minneapolis and led to them signing with Casablanca Records later that year. MOUTH TO MOUTH was released soon after
ROCK IT, the first single from MOUTH TO MOUTH, saw Lipps Inc gain their first major commercial success by reaching the #20 spot in the Disco chart.
FUNKYTOWN was released in January 1980 and soon soared to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 and Disco charts as well as reaching the #1 spot in Sweden, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway and the Netherland and the #2 spot in the UK.
Released in deluxe Super Jewel cases, with bonus tracks, MOUTH TO MOUTH is a must for all Disco and Funk fans out there!

Release Date: 24/09/2012
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Three Black Nights Of Little Black Bites DVD/CD


The long awaited release of the video recording and CD of the legendary Marc And The Mambas live performances given at The Duke Of York’s Theatre in London’s West End in 1983.
Mastered and restored from the original VHS tape recordings made by the late Peter Christopherson (Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV), these remain the only recordings that exist of Marc And The Mambas performing live.
This limited collector’s edition is intended for Marc Almond’s dedicated fan-base as a souvenir of a renowned and legendary run of concerts and is testament to pivotal moment in the development of his artistry and the direction his post Soft Cell career would take.
This DVD and CD Digi-Pak comes with an eight page booklet containing an extensive reminiscence by Marc Almond himself.

Release Date: 12/11/2012
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