Listen To The Silence - Doll (The)

Listen To The Silence
Fronted by the effervescent Marion Valentine, the Doll are best remembered for the 1978 U.K. Top 30 hit "Desire Me," Valentine formed the band in 1977 with bassist Christopher Yianni, his keyboard-playing brother Adonis Yianni, and drummer Mario Watts, coming to almost instant attention when they landed a track on Beggars Banquet's Streets compilation.

Trash," produced by Steve Lillywhite and Ed Hollis, was a dynamic rocker and was swiftly granted a fresh audience when it reappeared as the B-side to the Doll's debut single, Don't Tango on My Heart . That flopped, despite the band's success on the Beggars Banquet Streets tour, a nationwide outing featuring many of the bands introduced by the LP of the same name.

The band gigged through 1978, reaping the reward for their work at the end of the year, when Desire Me climbed to number 28 This the first time ever on CD release of their only album come with a whole disc of rare and unreleased material combined with a updated booklet and new notes providing a great insight into the band.
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Disc One
-The One Kiss / Zero Heroes / Ce Soir, Cheri / Cinderella With A Husky Voice / Memories / You Used To Be My Hero / True Love / Frozen Fire / Carmina / Listen To The Silence / Something Rare, Something Beautiful

Disc two 
Don't Tango On My Heart A –Side / Trash B-Side Don't Tango / Desire Me A –Side / Tv Addict B-Side Desire Me / Burning Up Like A Fire B-Side Desire Me / Desire Me (Extended) B-Side Cinderella / Because Now B-side used to be a hero / true love demo / you used to be my hero demo / Is That You In A Silver Tie? Demo / Desire Me Pathway Demo / Passion For Fashion Demo / comix demo / . Free range untitled 01 / free range untitled 02 / Free Range Untitled 03 / Free Range Untitled 04 / Free Range Untitled 05 / Unkown Tape 7.5ips
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