Beat Boys In The Jet Age Deluxe Expanded Edition - Lambrettas (The)

Beat Boys In The Jet Age Deluxe Expanded Edition
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The Lambrettas were at the forefront of the Mod Revival of 1979/1980. Discovered by Pete Waterman, the band signed to Elton John’s Rocket label and enjoyed significant chart success. Their biggest hit was a cover of The Coasters Poison Ivy, recorded with a nod to the prevailing 2-Tone trend. The single peaked at No. 7 in March 1980. The Lambrettas charted again with the follow-up, Da-a-a-ance, hit No. 12 that May. Debut LP Beat Boys In The Jet Age peaked at No. 28. The band issued several more singles and a second LP, Ambience, before disbanding in 1982.

After the sad death of original single Jez Bird, a new line-up of The Lambrettas went back out on the road in 2010 to a enthusiastic response. This 2-CD set boasts everything that The Lambrettas recorded for Rocket between 1979 and 1982. This material has been out of circulation for several years now, with the previous such collection commanding top prices on Amazon and eBay.

This is the first time that their hit debut album has been presented as a Deluxe Edition.

Disc 1 contains the entire debut album plus several bonus tracks from contemporaneous singles A’s and B’s. Disc 2 offers second album Ambience, once again swelled by non-LP material. The sleeve-notes offer a fresh insight into the Lambrettas story from original guitarist Doug Sanders, who now fronts the band.
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Beat Boys In The Jet Age / Da-A-A-Ance / Cortina Mk Ii / London Calling / Poison Ivy / Leap Before You Look / Beat Boys In The Jet Age / Page 3 (Alias Another Day Another Girl) / Living For Today / Watch Out I'm Back / Don’t Push Me / Runaround / Face To Face / Bonus Tracks - Go Steady / Listen Listen Listen / Cortinas / (Can't You) Feel The Beat / Stepping Out (Of Line)

Ambience / Good Times / Written In Neon / Total Strangers / Concrete And Steel / Dancing In The Dark / Decent Town /Ambience / Men In Blue / I Want To Tell You / Someone Talking / Bonus Tracks - Lamba Samba / Anything You Want / Somebody To Love / Nobody's Watching Me / Da-A-A-Ance (Live) / Young Girls (Live)
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The first reissue of this much sought after seminal album by leading 80's indie band, The Bodines.

This 17 track CD, features the 10 tracks of the original 1987 album plus 7 bonus tracks. This CD is the most definitive album available of the band's material. This collection features versions of 5 of their singles including "Therese" (album and extended version), "Heard It All" (single version), Skankin Queens (album version), Slip Slide (album version) and God Bless (live version).


The 7 bonus tracks are on CD for the first time. The bonus tracks are Therese, Heard It All, b/side My Remarkable Mind, and four live tracks taken from the 7" official live bootleg free with the 12" of Therese, Clear, God Bless, William Shatner and I Feel. The CD booklet will include comprehensive sleeve notes and a full UK discography featuring many of her original single sleeves.


Managed by the infamous manager Nathan McGough, The Bodines hailed from Glossop near Manchester. The band signed to Creation Records and released 3 singles God Bless, the follow up Therese that also featured on the NME C86 cassette and Heard It All. The band then signed to unfashionable Magnet Records and proceeded to release 3 singles and the "Played" album, produced by Ian Broudie originally a member of influential acts Big In Japan and Original Mirrors, and latterly The Lightning Seeds.
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Pop Said
The Darling Buds were part of a strange indie phenomena in the late 1980’s – guitar bands with blonde female lead singers (along with The Primitives & Transvision Vamp).
Originally from South Wales, the band released one self-financed single and were picked up by indie label Native. After two further singles they were signed by Sony imprint Epic and in the January 1989 released their debut long-player "Pop Said” which reached No 23 in the National album charts.
The album contains the four hit singles ‘Let’s Go Round There’, ‘Burst’, ‘Hit The Ground’ and ‘You’ve Got To Choose’.
Now reissued and fully expanded by nine tracks to include all of the B-sides from the singles. The accompanying booklet includes thoughts from the band today looking back at the release, alongside sleeve images and effects from their personal archive.

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The Lost Album
Formed in the early 1980s and originally known as the Green-Eyed Children, Hurrah! initially consisted of Paul Handyside, David 'Taffy' Hughes Anthony Price (bass), and Mark Sim (drums). Sim was soon replaced by Damien Mahoney. Hurrah! were one of the first acts signed to Kitchenware, who issued the band's debut single, "The Sun Shines Here", in 1982 Second single "Hip Hip" was released the following year, The third single, "Who'd Have Thought," was another indie hit in 1984, reaching number 7 on the British charts After one more single, "Gloria", the band's early recordings were compiled on the Boxed album in 1985. Hurrah! signed to Arista via Kitchenware's deal with the major label, and the Tell God I'm Here album was re-released by the record company. In 1986, Hurrah! released their first major-label album and the single, "Sweet Sanity," in the UK and the US. Hurrah's major label debut album, Tell God I'm Here, reached number 71 in 1987,In 1989, the band released their second major-label album, The Beautiful, This, the final re-issue in Cherry Red's acclaimed look at Hurrah! is the unreleased album, this is the first time it has ever been available on CD, it contains new artwork and detailed sleeve-notes by Classic Rock's Malcolm Dome who talks to founding member Paul Handyside about the album.
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Another Year Another Address - Best Of
The Popguns, were an important part of the Indie scene during the late eighties and early nineties, the line up included on drums, ex member of the Wedding Present, Shaun Charman. This release features 18 tracks from the bands 'Purple Patch', of the early nineties, while signed to Midnight Music. This will be the first time on CD for many of the tracks included. The complete package includes new artwork designed by the band, a complete discography, exclusive photo's, information for the fan and sleeve notes by one of the bands biggest fans - Everett True of Melody Maker.


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The Best Of The Flatmates
The Flatmates released five singles between 1986 and 1988. Their singles all reached the upper regions of the UK Indie Chart, culminating with a number one placing for "Shimmer". Formed in Bristol in summer 1985, by Martin Whitehead, proprietor at the time of a weekly indie venue called The Mission Club, and "Rocker", the city's most notorious music fan. Lacking inspiration for an esoteric name, they adopted the tag stuck on them by their friends - "the flatmates". As part of the first wave of the mid-eighties resurgence of guitar-pop, they ran (and gigged) with the C86 crowd, but spurned the coy affectations of "cutism". Taking a cue from the Modern Lovers their first demos featured covers of Velvet Underground and Stooges songs. Echoes of the Shangri Las and Ronettes run through their tunes - part of a musical heritage that treads the line where classic, concise, tuneful pop meets the attitude and anarchy of rock'n'roll. If the Flatmates bore the influence of any one band though, it was their spiritual godfathers, The Ramones, to whom they paid tribute in the form of "I Don't Care". The Flatmates arrived at a time when pop was shiny and nice girls didn't play in rock bands. They never made it to the pop charts, but shortly after their demise, the likes of The Primitives, The Sundays, The Darling Buds, Lush and Elastica did.
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