Não Fale Com Paredes - Modulo 1000

Não Fale Com Paredes
Brazil’s late 60s Tropicalia movement where electric instruments and current pop was merged with local music has been recognised as one of the most vital, exciting music scenes in the world. Modulo1000 took it even further on their 1970 album Não Fale Com Paredes (Don t Talk To Walls). RPM International’s reissue of Não Fale Com Paredes shows that Tropicalia was part of the story Brazil was the home to even freakier music.Although influenced by Led Zeppelin and Steppenwolf, Modulo 1000 sounded like no one else. Raw and exotic, Modulo 1000 pitched heavy guitars against songs influenced by psychedelia. On a line between progressive and hard rock, Modulo1000 still sounded Brazilian.RPM International’s special, band-approved issue of their only album is supplemented by all the tracks Modulo 1000 recorded for singles and rare compilation albums.Founder member Daniel Romani has been interviewed for the package.
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Não Fale Com Paredes (Top Tape tt1000, 1970) /-Turpe Est Sine Crine Caput / Não Fale Com Paredes / Espêlho / lem. Ed. Êcalg / ôlho por ôlho. Dente Por Dente / Metrô Mental / Teclados / Salve.Se Quem Puder / animáia / Bonus Tracks - Gloriosa (A Juventude, Odeon Mofb-3601, 1970) / Cafusa (V Festival Da Canção, Odeon Mofb 3657, 1970) / Big Mama (Single A Side, Odeon 7b440, 1970) / Isto Não Quer Dizer Nada (Single B Side, Odeon 7b440, 1970) / Ferrugem E Fuligem (posições, odeon mofb 3657, 1971) / Curtissima (Posições, Odeon Mofb 3657, 1971) / The Cancer Stick (As Love Machine, single a side, cs0104, 1972) / Waiting For Tomorrow(As Love Machine, Single B Side, cs 0104, 1972
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