C'Mon Kids - Boo Radleys (The)

C'Mon Kids
Released on 20/09/10. The Boo Radleys are - for reasons that are hard to understand - a greatly underrated band. Formed in 1988 in Merseyside and their own way through the changeable music scene of the 90 s leaving many classic albums and singles and a couple of massive hits. C mon Kids is the fifth Boo s album although a departure from hit album Wake Up it is still packed with classic pop based songs wrapped in wonderful soundscapes. The album is presented here as an enhanced double CD, positively packed with bonus tracks and a luxury booklet
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Disc One -  C Mon Kids / Meltinsworm / Melodies For The Deaf (Colours For The Blind) / Get On The Bus / Everythings Is Sorrow / Bullfrog Green / What’s In The Box (Seewoacha Got) / Four Saints / New Brighton Promenade / Fortunate Sons / Shelter / Ride The Tiger / One Last Hurrah / Disc Two ~ Bonustracks - Bloke In A Dress / Flakes / What’s In The Box (Krisneedsmix) / Atlantic / The Absent Boy / Annie And Marnie / Spion Kop / To Beautiful / Bullfrog Green (Ultra Livingmix) / Nothing To Do But Scare Myself / From The Bech At Belvidere (Ultramarine) / Fourtunate Sons (Greg Hunter Remix) / Vote You / A Part I Know So Well/ Everything Is Sorrow (Grantby Mix) / Roadie / Safe At Home / C Mon Kids(Mekon Mix)

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The Boo Radleys are - for reasons that are hard to understand - a greatly underrated band. Formed in 1988 in Merseyside and their own way through the changeable music scene of the 90 s leaving manyclassic albums and singles and a couple of massive hits. Kingsize was the bands sixth and final album they split on its release not helping its sales. It is a great album and well worth discovering twelve years on. It is presented here with bonus tracks and an exclusive booklet. Our Price: £9.95

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E For Edward / Pure / Et Dieu Crea La Femme
Released on 24/08/09. Three albums excavated in their entirety documenting the closing act of the Nineteen Eighties, the dawn of a new Pop Ascension and the Fall Out that ensued. Definitive period pop music leaving behind the Gothy-Table Set murkiness of the Black Decade, announcing the Swinging Acid House about to erupt, with songs like Manchester almost accurately predicting the 'Madchester' mass hysteria that was to follow. These albums signalled the beginning of a new prolific song writing/recording period for Edward Ball and the Times on Creation Records at a time when True Independent Pop was never more celebrated. Our Price: £4.95
Retail Price: £9.95

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Released on 17/08/09. Moose XYZ is one of the great ‘lost’ records of the 90’s. XYZ is an ambitious album, instead of looking at their shoes like so many of their contemporaries - Moose looked west… The album is full of country tinged pop gems. The guitar sound is at times dreamy and distorted whilst the songs are not born out of head down jam sessions, but have been crafted on an acoustic guitar and arranged with a great deal of skill and affection. Moose were ahead of their time, if XYZ had been used as the blue print for Britpop then the musical landscape could have been a lot more beautiful. Our Price: £9.95

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La Varieté
La Varieté was the 1982 debut album by Weekend, formed by Alison Statton of much-loved Welsh avant-garde/indie pioneers the Young Marble Giants alongside guitarists Simon Booth and Spike. A beautifully realised and delicate collection of songs set against a jazz backdrop, it switches across myriad musical settings including samba, cabaret, Afrobeat and highly personal, confessional pop. The album was originally released in 1982 on the Rough Trade label and made it to No 4 in the independent charts staying in there for 15 weeks. It was revered by critics on release as a bold new departure from the prevailing post-punk ethos and served as a major influence on Saint Etienne, the Sundays, Belle And Sebastian and many others. This comprehensive reissue features nine bonus tracks, including demos and 12-inch versions of singles ‘A View From Her Room’ and ‘Drumbeat For Baby’, and liner notes prepared by the band itself. Our Price: £9.95

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Songs On Page One
Released 16/03/09. There are many standard-issue personae to which an aspiring rock star might be drawn, but one has always been cooler, darker and sexier than all the rest. It is that of the artist who single-mindedly pursues his creative muse while embracing the full panoply of self-destructive, decadent, badboy behaviour: heavy drinking, frequent drug use, committed womanising, a general fuck-you attitude to both public and media, a casual disregard for society's sacred cows and taboos, and a self-belief bordering on the messianic. For three turbulent decades Serge Gainsbourg heroically exemplified all of the above - and much more.

He wrote and directed four controversial movies, he published a scurrilous novel, his records were often denounced as obscene and he was perpetually embroiled in scandal, whether for turning up drunk on a TV show and offering to f**k fellow guest Whitney Houston, recording a reggae version of Le Marseillaise, burning a 500 franc banknote on prime-time TV, or making a decidedly queasy video with his 13-year-old daughter Charlotte to promote their single, Lemon Incest. Summarising his approach to life and art, he said: "Without controversy it would all be very boring" and "For me, provocation is oxygen."

The EL edition comprises his shockingly brilliant debut album, a live track from the same period transmitted on Radio France and fine versions of songs from this momentous first album recorded with commercial success by Parisian comtemporaries Michèle Arnaud and Jean Claude Pascal Serge Gainsbourg has been one of, if not the, major single international influence on British and American independent pop music; Portishead, Franz Ferdinand, Tricky, Jarvis Cocker, Beck, Arcade Fire, Placebo, PJ Harvey, Brett Anderson, Mick Harvey, Momus and Belle and Sebastian have all claimed him as mentor In France, Gainsbourg is nothing less than an institution. As Jane Birkin put it recently: "Now French culture is talked of as before and after Serge."
Our Price: £4.95
Retail Price: £9.95

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