Somebody Up There Likes Me/Joyride - Brilliant Corners (The)

Somebody Up There Likes Me/Joyride
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The Brilliant Corners were well brilliant!

They hovered on the edge of a breakthrough for much of the late 80 s and early 90 s. Somebody Up There Likes Me and Joyride both mark another maturing in The Brilliant Corners sound.

These recordings feature catchy tunes and Davey’s observational lyrics, it is a great place to start realising the genius of The Brilliant Corners or just simply remind yourself

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Disc One - Somebody Up There Likes Me / Teenage  / Friday Saturday Sunday Morning / She’s Dead / Never A Young Girl / Oh! / Your Feet Touch The Ground / Like Father Like Son / Trust Me / Forever /  I Can’ T Wait / With A Kiss / I Don’t Want To Talk To You / How Embarrassing To Dance Like That / All For The Good

Disc two -You Don’t  Know How Lucky You Are / Emily / This Girl / Nothing / Grow Cold / Hemmingway S Back / I Didn’t See You / Accused By Angels / Why Do You Have To Go Out With Him When / You Could Go Out With Me / Shangri-La / Things Will Get Better / Goodbye (My Love) / Ghost Of A Young Man / When The Blossom Falls

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Hysterics' is our third Nightingales catalogue release in recent years, originally came out on the Red Flame label in 1983 and spent several weeks in the Top 20 Indie chart

Robert Lloyd formed the original band in 1979 in Birmingham after the demise of his original outfit The Prefects. They were immediately championed by John Peel and went on to record the highly acclaimed debut album 'Pigs On Purpose' which we released on CD last year.

There has been a renaissance of interest in the band over the past couple of years. They have reformed, performed several highly acclaimed gigs both here in the UK and in the
US, and are currently writing material for a new album.
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Retail Price: £9.95

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Will Anything Happen
The Shop Assistants were one of the defining bands of the 80s independent boom. Formed in Edinburgh in 1984, originally as Buba & The Shop Assistants, they released the Peel-approved Indie staple ‘Something To Do’, which featured Stephen Pastel on backing vocals. With line-up changes and an abbreviated name, they released the ‘Shopping Parade’ EP a year later, which saw Morrissey describe ‘All Day Long’ (included on this collection) as his favourite track of the year. The band’s David Keegan (who would subsequently join the Pastels) then formed 53rd & 3rd Records, which housed the band’s ‘Safety Net’, one of two songs, along with ‘I Don’t Want To Be Friends With You’ (again, included here) to be voted part of John Peel’s Festive Fifty of 1986. The Shop Assistants, aka Will Anything Happen, is their sole album release, and is accompanied here by two bonus tracks; ‘Looking Back’ and the ‘slow version’ of ‘All Day Long’. Although reissued in 2001, it has long been out of print, fetching scary prices on a well known auction site in acknowledgement of its status as one of the indispensable articles of the C86/shambling/independent scene.
Our Price: £9.95

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Blue Skies & Freerides - Best Of The Creation Years
Forged in 1986 from the ashes of Creation Records trailblazers The Loft, The Weather Prophets straddled the divide between post-Postcard guitar jangle and a more robust strain rock and roll classicism. With this album, Blue Skies & Freerides… The Best Of 1986-89 (CDMRED 251), we present a long overdue 20 track compilation of the Weather Prophet’s years on Creation Records. With a tracklisting chosen by lead singer Pete Astor and including the Top Ten indie chart hits ”I Almost Prayed”, "Naked As The Day You Were Born”, "Hollow Heart” and "Always The Light”, "Blue Skies…” presents an excellent opportunity for some long overdue historical revisionism.
Our Price: £9.95

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Graduation day
The greatest vocal group of all time, one whose influence on both contemporary jazz and rock is impossible to overestimate. The recordings on this very collection established their unique style of harmonising. It is well known that their beautiful unique quality directly influenced Brian Wilson; so much so that one can hear the Beach Boys (and indeed the burgeoning sixties) in any one of these recordings. Our Price: £9.95

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Dance Moderno/Orgao Espectacular
This El edition combines two important Brazilian piano, organ albums from the pioneering days of bossa nova.  Dance Moderno by Sergio Mendes, is the acclaimed debut album of a musician who would form the bridge between Bossa Nova and sixties pop. Mendes' breakthrough came - in the same year as Revolver and Pet Sounds - with his group Brasil '66 who developed an evocative new style involving two female vocalists, sensual harmonies and warm Latin rhythms. Their recording of Jorge Ben's Mas Que Nada was a worldwide hit, the first Latin-pop crossover to make the American charts.  Mendes remained in America to become Brazil's most commercially successful musician of the sixties. When the fashion for Bossa Nova gave way to the British Invasion and The Beatles, he notched up another big hit single with his own easy listening version of The Fool On the Hill. Brazilian pianist and master stylist of the Hammond B3 organ, Ed Lincoln served a singular musical apprenticeship in the1950s, working with Luiz Bonfa, Baden Powell, Claudette Soares, Luís Eça, Maestro Radames Gnattali, Nara Leao, Carlos Lyra and Roberto Menescal. And it was with Joao Donato, Joao Gilberto and Tom Jobim that he stayed up all night drinking and improvising Hi-Los style vocals. Fate led him to concentrate on the organ and what followed was a sequence of albums that would showcase his irresistible style. His second album, Orgao Espectacular is one of the best; full of the urbane, quirky, party style music often deployed by Ennio Morricone in his sixties scores. Our Price: £4.99
Retail Price: £9.95

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