Somebody Up There Likes Me/Joyride - Brilliant Corners (The)

Somebody Up There Likes Me/Joyride
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The Brilliant Corners were well brilliant!

They hovered on the edge of a breakthrough for much of the late 80 s and early 90 s. Somebody Up There Likes Me and Joyride both mark another maturing in The Brilliant Corners sound.

These recordings feature catchy tunes and Davey’s observational lyrics, it is a great place to start realising the genius of The Brilliant Corners or just simply remind yourself

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Disc One - Somebody Up There Likes Me / Teenage  / Friday Saturday Sunday Morning / She’s Dead / Never A Young Girl / Oh! / Your Feet Touch The Ground / Like Father Like Son / Trust Me / Forever /  I Can’ T Wait / With A Kiss / I Don’t Want To Talk To You / How Embarrassing To Dance Like That / All For The Good

Disc two -You Don’t  Know How Lucky You Are / Emily / This Girl / Nothing / Grow Cold / Hemmingway S Back / I Didn’t See You / Accused By Angels / Why Do You Have To Go Out With Him When / You Could Go Out With Me / Shangri-La / Things Will Get Better / Goodbye (My Love) / Ghost Of A Young Man / When The Blossom Falls

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Will Anything Happen
The Shop Assistants were one of the defining bands of the 80s independent boom. Formed in Edinburgh in 1984, originally as Buba & The Shop Assistants, they released the Peel-approved Indie staple ‘Something To Do’, which featured Stephen Pastel on backing vocals. With line-up changes and an abbreviated name, they released the ‘Shopping Parade’ EP a year later, which saw Morrissey describe ‘All Day Long’ (included on this collection) as his favourite track of the year. The band’s David Keegan (who would subsequently join the Pastels) then formed 53rd & 3rd Records, which housed the band’s ‘Safety Net’, one of two songs, along with ‘I Don’t Want To Be Friends With You’ (again, included here) to be voted part of John Peel’s Festive Fifty of 1986. The Shop Assistants, aka Will Anything Happen, is their sole album release, and is accompanied here by two bonus tracks; ‘Looking Back’ and the ‘slow version’ of ‘All Day Long’. Although reissued in 2001, it has long been out of print, fetching scary prices on a well known auction site in acknowledgement of its status as one of the indispensable articles of the C86/shambling/independent scene.
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Blue Skies & Freerides - Best Of The Creation Years
Forged in 1986 from the ashes of Creation Records trailblazers The Loft, The Weather Prophets straddled the divide between post-Postcard guitar jangle and a more robust strain rock and roll classicism. With this album, Blue Skies & Freerides… The Best Of 1986-89 (CDMRED 251), we present a long overdue 20 track compilation of the Weather Prophet’s years on Creation Records. With a tracklisting chosen by lead singer Pete Astor and including the Top Ten indie chart hits ”I Almost Prayed”, "Naked As The Day You Were Born”, "Hollow Heart” and "Always The Light”, "Blue Skies…” presents an excellent opportunity for some long overdue historical revisionism.
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The Curse of The Higsons: Deluxe Edition

· The Higsons were founded in 1980 at the University of East Anglia by Charlie ‘Switch’ Higson, Terry Edwards, Simon Charterton, Colin Williams, Dave Cummings and Stuart McGeachin. Over a string of Indie singles and an album, they married disjointed punk/funk rhythms and warbling vocals in a style which betrayed their love of Talking Heads.


· After singles on local Norwich-based labels like Romans In Britain and Waap and two releases for 2Tone, the band signed to Upright for long-overdue album The Curse Of The Higsons in 1984. Charlie later excelled as a comedian and writer (not least in The Fast Show) while Terry has seemingly played every instrument with myriad different bands.


· Long out-of-print, The Curse Of The Higsons is now treated to a deluxe 3-CD set, compiled, mastered and approved by Terry Edwards and the rest of the band.


· This expanded version adds all the versions/tracks which graced their two collectable singles for 2Tone (‘Tear The Whole Thing Down’ and ‘Run Me Down’), plus other singles ‘Push Out The Boat’, their charming cover of Andy Williams’ ‘Music To Watch Girls By’ and a demo of their swansong, ‘Take It’, from 1985.


· As a bonus third disc, the hitherto cassette-only album Live At The Jacquard Club, Norwich makes its digital debut. Issued on Chaos Tapes, it is now swelled by five tracks from a Lyceum show in 1984, three of which are previously unissued..


Members of The Higsons, including Charlie, will be speaking about the band’s history as part of celebrations for UEA's 50th anniversary over the last weekend of September.

Available 30/09/2013
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Dung 4: Expanded Edition
•    THE INSPIRAL CARPETS – along with the Stone Roses and the Happy Mondays – made their name as part of the whole ‘Madchester’ scene, with a string of classic singles and a lucrative line in iconic T-shirts.

•    Between 1989 and 1995, the band notched up 15 hits and four Top 20 albums before disbanding. In 2003, they re-formed and have been playing sporadically ever since. In 2011, they reunited with original singer Stephen Holt and are now working on a brand new album for Cherry Red – their first for two decades.

•    Back in mid-1989, after the Inspirals had launched their own Cow label, they released the mail-order cassette DUNG 4. This album’s worth of demos had been recorded around New Year’s 1987, boasting unique songs as well as versions of tracks which they later re-recorded. Dung 4 went on to sell some 8,000 copies but has never been reissued on vinyl or CD.

•    Officially sanctioned by the Inspirals and remastered with help from their organist Clint Boon, Dung 4 is now expanded with the addition of four tracks from their earlier demo tape, Cow, recorded in May 1987.

•    The band will be properly supporting this release with radio and press interviews, etc.

•    This CD is released 28th April and will not be shipped prior to this date.

3.    JOE
9.    26
11.    96 TEARS

14.    WHISKEY

UPDATE: 16/06.2014: - Please note all signed stock has now sold out, regular version is still available.
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New York In The '70s

Luke Haines

New York in the '70s- May 26th 2014.

A mythic re-imagining of the New York Rock n Roll scene 1972 - 1979.

Scene 1 – A Dorset Chalkhill, Britain 2014.

A gigantic mythical naked man awakens from thousand year kip. Chico, a messenger bird, is speaking in tongues and whispering a poem into the naked dude's chalky ear:

"Oh Little Johnny Jewel

He's so cool

He has no decision

He just trying to sell a vision

Chico (something of a savant, bless) is reciting the lyrics to Television's seismic year zeroin classic Little Johnny Jewel.

"He's just trying to sell a vision,” repeats the messenger bird. With an ancient rumble, the nakeddude stands up to reveal his true height of 180 ft.

"I am Cerne Abbus Giant, and Tom Verlaine is my main man,” bellows the Chalk Giant. "I awaken from Dorset Hills as the seeker. The seeker of Mythic Muthafuckin' Rock n Roll. Show me the way to CBGBs in the 1970s Chico. We will bestride the Atlantic and I'll carry you on my fantastic 36 ft phallus. Climb aboard Chico.”

"Oh my,” says the bird.

Scene 2 – New York City. One year later

The Kaballistic order of OM AKA The Real Dead Boys, comprising of Alan Ginsberg, Jim Carroll, Stiv Baters, Johnny Thunders and Sid Vicious are holding an invocation, on 213 Park Avenue South. The chanting begins at 23.23pm:

Shalom Shalom - David Johanson

Shalom Shalom - John Genzale

Shalom Shalom - Jerry Nolan

Shalom Shalom - Killer Kane

Shalom Shalom - Max's Kansas City

Shalom Shalom - The Mercer Arts Centre

Shalom Shalom - Billy Murcia

Shalom Shalom - Syl Sylvain

On it goes until dawn, Shalom Shalom... Lou Reed... Shalom Shalom... Alan Vega...

Scene 3 – A press release from London, England. March 2014.

Luke Haines has made an album about the 70's Rock n Roll scene in New York City which is released on Cherry Red on Monday May 26th 2014. A mythical re-imagining of a long gone age, by a man who hails from Surrey, Southern UK. It is the third and final part of a psychedelic trilogy that began with 2011's 9 and a half psychedelic meditations onBritish Wrestling From the 1970s and early '80s. This one is for the real rock n roll animals.

Hail the Mythic

Hail the Muthafuckin'

Hail the Rock n Roll



1. Alan Vega Says

2. Drone City

3. NY In The '70s

4. Jim Carroll

5. Tricks N Kicks N Drugs

6. Bills Bunker

7. Doll's Forever

8. New York City Breakdown

9. Lou Reed Lou Reed


11. Cerne Abbas Man

12. My Stars

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