Leicester Square: The Best Of.... - Yeah Yeah Noh

Leicester Square: The Best Of....
This CD collection features the highly original and uniquely English, Yeah Yeah Noh, a gem from the 1980’s alternative pop scene. Fusing brilliantly barbed ideas with cosmic beat tunes, the band were undeniably ‘ahead of their time’.

This collection features the very best of Yeah Yeah Noh’s singles, EP’s, LP’s and Peel Sessions with the added attraction of previously unreleased ‘post split’ tracks. The highlights include the band’s first single "Cottage Industry", Peel Session contributions of "Beware The Weakling Lines", "The Superimposed Man" and "Crimplene Seed Lifestyle" and previously unreleased titles "Hands Up For Happiness", "Pink Green" and "Chocolate River".

The CD booklet includes the band’s original single sleeves, posters, press reviews and even some of their royalty statements. A complete discography rounds of a fantastic package that gives a comprehensive view of the band’s history.  

STOP PRESS: Yeah Yeah Noh are back together and are playing live as of summer 2012, on the lookout for "interesting gigs in fields; gardens with expansive lawns considered." 

"They are a likeable bunch, with none of the pretentions of your average would-be rock stars. They have brought out a comic, called the Bumper Book of Yeah Yeah Noh, with gossip and other things about them, described as "hours of amusement for all the family." The lads and one lass appreciate their support from Leicester, and also from the droll Scouse DJ who has taken them on board. Prick Up Your Ears is the title of one of their singles which appears on the latest disc. Why not?" - Leicester Mercury, 1984  

"Derek grinds his scrawny hips to YYN's ramshackle swing, combining prole art threat with a spikey-psych, peculiarly English pessimism. Rowdy ostrich guitar keeps their anti-miserabilist suss coming at you from a uniquely human angle, and all in all five seconds of YYN's crabbed, spunky humour compensates for an eternity of Howard Jones. If this is war on pop, Yeah Yeah Noh are trainee Vietcong." - Mat Snow, NME 

"Overall, in tandem with musically dissimilar but contemporaneous US outfits like the Meat Puppets and Husker Du, Yeah Yeah Noh showed that the real future of psychedelia lay in filtering it through the disciplined lens of punk's Year Zero austerity, rather than merely trying to recreate the 60s without any attempt to validate their sound a for a more cynical era (see The Paisley Underground). They also had both punk spikiness and melodic cuteness in spades and yet were so seperate from the UK indie scene's predominantly London/Glasgow-based mainstream that no one thought to include them on the "C86" compilation. Shame they didn't stay together as long as The Fall... " - Popel Vooje, www.headheritage.co.uk  

"A tidal wave of adulation surges through the crowd to its very furthest reaches, such is the mood as Yeah Yeah Noh stumble toward their final London appearance, a mere 13 nights from their last anywhere. It's a tragedy: the band are now at an all-time creative peak, fusing brilliantly barbed ideas with with cosmic beat tunes, getting a freaky light show together and putting out 'Cutting The Heavenly Lawn of Greatness', which ranks among the best LPs of the last five years. The wonderful Yeah Yeah Noh perform a happy, tearful and sizzling set. It ends; the truth sinks home. Grown men cry. It's been a lot of fun." -  Mr. Spencer, Sounds  

"All clumsy indie bands realise that the past is there to be plundered. Giants in their field, Yeah Yeah Noh plundered, perfected and performed.  Being the perfect pop group, their demise was inevitable." - Neil Taylor, NME 

"The Peel sessions are a classic memory torn between dubbed out reggae and silly noises from Europe. Now that's the way life should be." - Dave Henderson, Sounds, 1986.
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The Superimposed Man/ Prick Up Your Ears/ Another Side To Mrs Quill/ Beware The Weakling Lines/ Zoological Gardens/ Temple Of Convenience/ Cottage Industry/ Bias Binding/ Hands Up For Happiness/ Penetration/ Pink Green/ Starling Pillowcase And Why/ See Through Nature/ The Short Cut Way To Saturday/ Stealing In The Name Of The Lord/ Married Miss New Jersey/ Jigsaw/ Mr Hammond Is Out To Lunch/ Chocolate River/ Crimplene Seed Lifestyle/ Blood Soup
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The first reissue of this much sought after seminal album by leading 80's indie band, The Bodines.

This 17 track CD, features the 10 tracks of the original 1987 album plus 7 bonus tracks. This CD is the most definitive album available of the band's material. This collection features versions of 5 of their singles including "Therese" (album and extended version), "Heard It All" (single version), Skankin Queens (album version), Slip Slide (album version) and God Bless (live version).


The 7 bonus tracks are on CD for the first time. The bonus tracks are Therese, Heard It All, b/side My Remarkable Mind, and four live tracks taken from the 7" official live bootleg free with the 12" of Therese, Clear, God Bless, William Shatner and I Feel. The CD booklet will include comprehensive sleeve notes and a full UK discography featuring many of her original single sleeves.


Managed by the infamous manager Nathan McGough, The Bodines hailed from Glossop near Manchester. The band signed to Creation Records and released 3 singles God Bless, the follow up Therese that also featured on the NME C86 cassette and Heard It All. The band then signed to unfashionable Magnet Records and proceeded to release 3 singles and the "Played" album, produced by Ian Broudie originally a member of influential acts Big In Japan and Original Mirrors, and latterly The Lightning Seeds.
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Leaves That Fall In Spring…
One of the quintessential 'Rough Trade' bands of the 80s and beyond, The Band Of Holy Joy are a truly unique proposition. Combining the dark but unapologetically humane poetry of singer Johny Brown with the instrument action of Chris Brierley (violin) and Alfie Thomas (accordion, keyboards), as well as many other more occasional contributors, BOHJ built a loyal international fan-base for their by turns romantic and bleakly humorous songbook. Critically adored, the band featured on the covers of several music papers and magazines in their heyday, journalists citing them as 'pop deviants inside the urban wasteland', or 'outsider art you can dance to'. With the vast majority of their records out of print, this 'Best Of' has been specifically selected by the band, drawing on a catalogue of some eight albums and a similar number of singles. Includes a brand new, never before released recording of 'Real Beauty Passed Through'. Extensive sleeve notes written in co-operation with the band, including fan testimonials, as well as lyrics, unpublished photographs and a complete discography, complete the whole package. The Band Of Holy Joy are current active on the live circuit again, making this the perfect time to re-discover the magic. Our Price: £9.95

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Growing Up Absurd / WhatÆs In A Word
Released on 16/10/09. The Brilliant Corners were… well… brilliant; they hovered on the edge of a breakthrough for much of the late 80's and early 90's and still remain very well respected. Growing Up Absurd was released as a mini album in 1985, followed by What's In A Word in 1986 and presented here with the Fruitmachine EP. Our Price: £9.95

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And Did Those Feet
When Mick Mercer, one of the most respected music journalists with some 30 years in the trenches, cites The Dancing Did as his favourite English band of all time, you know we're talking about something a little special. Yet their epic output, has always been a little too subversive and clever for the mainstream and therefore has never before been available on CD. Cherry Red's re-release puts this travesty to rights, restoring their captivating sole long-player "And Did Those Feet" in full. As if that wasn't enough, the package comes complete with bonus material from their time with Stiff and Kamera Records, including all their a-sides, plus never before heard soundboard live recordings. The package also includes Mick's detailed liner notes, written in co-operation with the band, plus exclusive photographs and memorabilia. The Dancing Did's amalgam of the rural Gothic, replete with folk jigs and Hank Marvin-esque guitar, as well as Tim Harrison's unfailingly intricate and humorous lyrics, mark them out as one of the great undiscovered treasures of the early 80s post-punk milieu. Our Price: £9.95

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Same As It Never Was
Blood And Roses were the group most closely identified with the 'positive punk' movement of the early 80s, although they were also variously described as anarcho punk, hippy punk, even acid punk. Of course, the 'positive punk' scene, of which Blood And Roses, alongside UK Decay, Brigandage et al, ranked as leaders, is now identified as a vital precursor to what would become Goth. For a period in the early 80s Blood And Roses were championed by the media, which came as a shock to guitarist Bob Short when he saw the official at the desk of his local DHSS look up from his copy of the NME and recognise him from the cover. Born out of the Waterloo squat punk scene, the band went on to score indie chart success with the singles 'Some Like It Hot' and 'Love Under Will', also releasing an acclaimed debut album "Enough Is Enough" (which is present here in full). Our Price: £9.95

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