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Songs In The Key Of Z Volume 1&2
Songs In The Key Of Z is a very unique compilation of "Outsider Music". Each track, although maybe lacking in tunefulness and musicianship, has an abundance of earnestness and passion Outsider Music has caused quite a stir recently, Channel Four have been airing a series of mini documentaries about outsider music and all of the artists featured on the TV show are on the two albums. Also, the Wesley Willis song “Rock ‘N’ Roll McDonalds” was recently used in the smash hit film, “Super Size Me”. This fantastic release combines Volumes 1 & 2 onto a 2 CD collection for the first time and features (amongst may others) the uninhibited coyote howls of the legendary Stardust Cowboy, the star which is Daniel Johnston, a romantic duo between Tiny Tim and his wife Sue, Joe Meek's ultra rare wobbly "Telstar" vocal demo, The Shaggs aboriginal backwoods track and Captain Beefheart's "Vampire Suite" The release of this CD also ties in with the 300 page "Songs In The Key Of Z" book also published by and available through Cherry Red.
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Volume One: The Shaggs – “Philosophy of the World” / Daniel Johnston – “Walking the Cow” / Lucia Pamela – “Peter Grudzien” / Peter Grudzien – “Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere” / Jack Mudurian – “Downloading the Repertoire” (excerpt) / Shooby Taylor, the Human Horn – “Stout-Hearted Men” / BJ Snowden – “In Canada” / Eilert Pilarm – “Jailhouse Rock” / Song–Poem – “Virgin Child of The Universe” / Wesley Willis – “Rock n’ Roll McDonalds” / Joe Meek – “Telstar” (rough demo) / Sri Darwin Gross – “At the Grass Roots” / Congress Woman Malinda Jackson Parker – “Cousin Mosquito #1” / Luie Luie – “El Touchy” / The Legendary Stardust Cowboy – “Standing In A Trash Can (Thinking About You)” / Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band – “Vampire Suite” / Arcesia – “Butterfly Mind” / Jandek – “They Told Me I Was A Fool” / ‘Dusty Roads’ Rowe – “Baby, Your Love’s In Town” / Tiny Tim (with Miss Sue) – “True Love” Volume Two Shooby Taylor – “Lift Every Voice And Sing” / Bingo Gazingo And My Robot Friend – “You’re Out Of The Computer” / BJ Snowden – “America” / Alvin Dahn – “You’re Driving Me Mad” / Congress – “Woman Malinda Jackson Parker” – “Cousin Mosquito # 2” / The Space Lady – “I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night” / Luie Luie – “Touch of light” / Unknown – “Curly Toes” / Eddie Murray – “Stepping High Dance” / Dick Kent – “5 ft. 9 1/12 Inches Tall” / Gary Mullis – “Recitation About Roy Acuff” / Wayne – “Deep Bosom Woman” / Bob Vido – “High Speed” / Thoth – “The Herma, Scene 5; Recitation/AN” / Tangela Tricoli – “Jet Lady” / Buddy Max – “The Birthmark Story” / Mark Kenneth – “Heart Of The Heartland”
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