Virgins And Philistines - Colourfield (The)

Virgins And Philistines
Released on 22/03/10. After the demise of The Fun Boy Thee in 1983, Terry Hall formed the The Colourfield with ex-Swinging Cats member Toby Lyons and Coventry bassist Karl Shale. They released two singles in 1984, The Colour Field and Take , before the release of Thinking of You in January 85 took them into the UK Top 40, reaching number 12. Following the success of Thinking of You the band released this, their debut album, to critical acclaim from the music press. It has since become a collectable and cherished album amongst fans. This long overdue reissue is the first time the album has been released on CD in the UK. This release presents the original UK vinyl track list plus an additional 10 hard to find b-sides from the four singles.
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Thinking Of You / Faint Hearts / Castles In The Air / Take / Cruel Circus / Hammond Song / Virgins And Philistines / Yours Sincerely / Armchair Theatre / Sorry / Bonus Tracks - The Colour Field (A-Side Single) / My Wild Flame (B-Side) / Pushing Up The Daises (B-Side) / Windmills Of Your Mind (B-Side) / Sorry (B-Side) / Little Things (B-Side) / You Love Was Smashing (B-Side) / Can't Get Enough Of You Baby (B-Side) / My Wild Flame (Extended Version) (Bside) / The Colour Field (Extended Version) (Bside)
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Into The Dragon Plus
Bomb The Bass exploded into the UK singles charts with their debut single Beat Dis in February 1988, reaching number 2. Initially little was known about the people behind the record as it appeared from nowhere and was released on an unknown label, Mister-Ron Records, as it turned out an imprint of Rhythm King Records. Reputedly costing £500 to record Beat Dis was a record of moment, marking the shift away from expensive recording studios to more homemade record making, utilising the increasingly affordable sampling technology that was at the heart of the band's output.

The band went on to produce 3 further albums (with another one on the way in 2010) that refused to be formula or predictable. The development of the sound/direction is a lasting feature of their output.

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Fun Boy Three
The Fun Boy Three were formed by Terry Hall, LynvalGolding and Neville Staples in the Summer ’81 after thedemise of The Specials.
In late ’81 they reached no. 20 in the UK charts withtheir debut single ‘The Lunatics Have Taken Over TheAsylum’, and in early ’82 they reached No. 4 in a jointeffort with Bananarama called ‘It Aint What You Do…’.The final single from the album was ‘The TelephoneAlways Rings’ which also snuck into the top 20.
This welcome repress of their debut album includes 6bonus tracks - including the non-album single, a coverof the Gershwin classic "Summertime” and various bsidesand 12” Remixes, one of which makes its CDdebut on this release.
Also includes sleeve-notes by Terry Hall fan and expertPaul Rodgers.
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Lost in Love + The One That You Love
Released 18/05/09. For the very first time the first two Classic Pop albums by Air Supply 'Lost In Love' & 'The One That You Love' are available together on one fantastic CD. These Albums feature the Smash Hit Singles ‘All Out Of Love', ‘Lost In Love', ‘The One That You Love', ‘Every Woman In The World', ‘Sweet Dreams' and ‘Here I Am'. In the early Eighties Air Supply were one of the biggest bands on the planet and the above six singles all charted in the Top 5 of the American Hot 100. Our Price: £9.95

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Elvis Belt
Formed in Leeds in 1986, CUD went on to forge one of the more interesting and indefinable sounds of the late 80s, early 90s Indie scene. Fusing a catchy pop sensibility with danceable grooves and intelligent and often humorous lyrics, they soon became firm independent favourites, very quickly catching the ear of John Peel and becoming a regular fixture of his broadcasts. Three quality singles into their career, the band secured a deal with Imaginary Records, where they continued a fine run of singles and eventually released their debut album. Capitalising on the band’s underground success, in June 1990 Imaginary followed this with this fantastic compilation of their early releases, topping several independent charts in the process and further establishing an already strong reputation. Some eighteen years later, Elvis Belt is updated and reissued here by Cherry Red, together with a wealth of rarities and unreleased tracks from those formative years and beyond. This release features the original album in its entirety, carefully re-mastered and now sitting comfortably alongside Elvis Handbag, an additional disc conceived by the band as a sister album to the original release and containing a number of further B-Sides, Peel Session recordings and cover versions including the band'slegendary take on Bohemian Rhapsody previously only available on the ultra-rare Alvin Lives in Leeds compilation. Our Price: £9.95

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Milking The Sacred Cow.... The Very Best Of The Dead Kennedys
Dead Kennedys were (and still are) the most popular and respected American punk rock band with hits such as 'Holiday In Cambodia', 'California Uber Alles' and 'Police Truck'. Over the years, their catalogue has sold millions of units. Now, for the first time since the release of "Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death", Dead Kennedys have compiled their best-known recordings into one glorious package. The brand new track-listing also includes other favourites such as 'Kill The Poor' and 'Viva Las Vegas' and two previously unreleased live tracks. This gorgeous release in addition to being the ideal package for existing loyal fans, also serves as a fresh and compact introduction to this legendary and celebrated band. Our Price: £9.95

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