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Stack Waddy
Cherry Red is delighted to announce the release of another classic album from John Peel's Dandelion Records catalogue, 1971's self-titled "Stack Waddy", a raucous four-piece from Manchester. Peel had first seen the band at the Buxton Blues Festival in September 1969. Their performance made a big impression, and a first single, 'Kentucky'/'Roadrunner', was released just under a year later in August 1970, they soon became Peel's favourite band on the label. Raw, rockin' power bottled in 1971 and unleashed again here! On stage they were loud, aggressive, fairly pissed and remarkably unsubtle, as befitted musicians who were often forced to supplement their meager gig money by working days on construction sites. Their frustrations and energies were poured into music that it was impossible to ignore. In fact, you were better off not to try to ignore it because one of the many Stackwaddy atrocity stories has John Knail (lead singer) jumping off-stage to beat to the floor a man who was paying more attention to his lady than to the band. As the late John Peel OBE said 'Stackwaddy were absolutely incorrigible, everything a rock' n 'roll band should be'
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