Meet The R. Stevie Moore! - R. Stevie Moore

Meet The R. Stevie Moore!
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Over the last 40 years, the legendary R Stevie Moore (son of Nashville'sveteran bass session man Bob) has dedicated his life to the crafting of hundreds of home recorded albums and sound diaries, most of which have been released on his own self-run label. His mastery of song craft, combined with an impressive ear for production and an unmatchable work rate, have resulted in a good degree of underground recognition, although mainstream success has managed to consistently elude him until now. Covering everything from Psych-Pop to Hip Hop, Spoken Word to Found Sound, his oeuvre is as beguiling as it is intriguing, making him both a much loved Lo-Fi figurehead (receiving high praise from artists and press alike) and a significant contributor to the untold history of recorded music. This comprehensive release, compiled in collaboration with Stevie himself, provides a fascinating introduction to the most accessible areas of his early work, covering material recorded between 1974 and 1986. Far from a complete overview or Best Of (an impossible task given the size of his repertoire), it'sbest viewed as a gateway into a vast, freeform world of music for music's sake a place where freedom roams, one man is king and just about anything can happen, provided it can be caught on tape. Press Quotes "R Stevie Moore is probably the world's most prolific unknown singer-songwriter, his colossal output representing a victory for creativity over indifference. A sort of bedroom Brian Wilson, for 40 years RSM has crafted elegant and complex pop in a vast array of styles, playing everything himself and releasing the results on an estimated 400 albums, of which 1986's Gold Music is the most accessible. It’s the source of several tracks, including the cute but complex Why Should I Love You? and the psychedelic doowop prog-pop masterpiece Don't Let Me Go To The Dogs. The serpentine melodies and falsetto vocals betray the influence not just of Wilson but also Zappa, whose comedic cynicism informs Moore's own fiercely independent attitude." 4/5 The Independent "R Stevie Moore is 56. His father, Bob, played bass for Elvis. He has home-recorded more than 400 albums, mainly self-released in cassette and CD-R format. While Guided by Voices’ Robert Pollard and Jandek, similar lo-fi American auteurs, have found relative fame and acclaim, Moore still awaits discovery, perhaps via this compilation of his golden period (1974-86). Hidden among self-consciously strange experimental pieces are the likes of Cool Daddio, Oh Pat, Answers, Why Should I Love You? and Adult Tree, twitchily neurotic art-pop nuggets that compare with the finest work of XTC’s Andy Partridge and GameTheory’s Scott Miller." Stewart Lee for The Times on Sunday
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I Wanna Hit You / 'Interview Fragment' / You And Me / Hobbies Galore / Cool Daddio / Goodbye Piano / I Want You In My Life / Don't Let Me Go To The Dogs / Play Myself Some Music / Show Biz Is Dead / Horizontal Hideaway / Schoolgirl / Oh Pat / Answers / I Hope That You Remember / Puttin Up The Groceries / Why Should I Love You ? / Debbie / She Don't Know What To Do With Herself / Once And For All / Teen Routines / I Wish I Could Sing / Thinking / Adult Tree
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Me Too!
Released on 24/08/09. Cherry Red’s second journey into the heart of RSM’s extensive catalogue sees the universally acknowledged "Godfather of Home Recording” further explored, following 2008’s "Meet The R Stevie Moore” (CDMRED348). This time we’re jumping from ‘76 to ‘94 and back again…..

21 slices of home baked lo-fi genius pie from a genuine underground legend, meandering from perfectionist pop to strung out beatbox angst via country, melacousticonica and something that sounds suspiciously like hair metal….
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