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The Photos
An expanded re-release of this much-loved Top Five UK chart album first released in June 1980. Often touted as 'the UK's answer to Blondie', there was much more to the Photos than that, with fiery, Buzzcocks-like guitars coiling round Wendy Wu's vocals. Formed in Evesham from the ashes of cult punk act Satan's Rats, the Photos also released a clutch of great 'garage-girl' singles, including 'Irene', 'Friends' and 'Now You Tell Me That We're Through', all included here. As a bonus, both sides of the band's debut single, 'I'm So Attractive' c/w 'Guitar Hero', and later bside 'Je T'Aime', which have never before released on CD, are included! The album also includes the entire "Blackmail Tapes" album of demos and out-takes. The artwork has been expanded to include new liner notes written in collaboration with guitarist Steve Eagles, with accompanying interviews with others around the band. The band were originally due to sign with Cherry Red, before accepting an offer from CBS. Nearly three decades later, Cherry Red is delighted at last to be able to offer a home to one of the great pop albums of the early 80s.
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Do you have fun? / Irene / Barbarella's / Now You Tell Me That We're Through / Look At The Band / Friends / Loss Of Contac / She's Artistic / All I Want / Maxine / Evelyn 2 / I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself Blackmail Tapes (Original Bonus Album) / Last Time / With Honours / Sex Object / Lady Is A Tramp / Do You Wanna Dance / Skateboard / Evelyn / I Saw Her Standing There / I'm So Attractive / Guitar Hero / Je T'aime
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Released 18/05/09. Girls At Our Best were one of the finest, most life-affirming of a new breed of independent bands who cropped up at the turn of the 80s – long-standing fan John Peel once referred to them as one of the few groups that made the period bearable. Formed in Leeds from the ashes of legendary original punk band SOS, the group were fronted by distinctive female vocalist Jude ‘Jo’ Evans, forming a songwriting team with guitarist James Alan and bass player Gerard Swift after they met at art college. All four of their singles for their own Record Records, Rough Trade and Happy Birthday Records are included here as bonus tracks – including the wonderful ‘Getting Nowhere Fast’ (later covered by The Wedding Present), its coruscating b-side ‘Warm Girls’, ‘Politics!’, ‘Go For Gold’ and ‘Fast Boyfriends’. Also included is a previously unreleased session for BBC DJ Richard Skinner. As a final bonus, there’s also a completely unheard, virgin demo from the band’s very final recording session. All tracks have been digitally re-mastered from source tapes where possible. Our Price: £9.95

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Crystal Tips And Mighty Mice
Released 21/07/08. Following the widely welcomed re - release of the Photos self - titled Top 5 debut album last year, Cherry Red are delighted to have secured the rights to the band'sfollow - up LP, produced by the legendary Tony Visconti, which was shelved before release by CBS in the early 80s. Formed in Evesham from the ashes of cult punk act Satan’s Rats, the Photos were often touted as the UK’s answer to Blondie. But there was much more to the Photos than that, with fiery, Buzzcocks - like guitars coiling round Wendy Wu’s distinctive vocals. The bonus tracks serve as a compliment to our earlier reissue of The Photos by completing the band’s entire discography, including a clutch of single tracks that have never before appeared on CD, as well as two unheard cuts. The artwork has been expanded to include new liner notes written in collaboration with guitarist Steve Eagles, featuring accompanying interviews with other members of the band as well as photos and memorabilia. The CD has been re - mastered from the original master tapes, and will be warmly welcomed as one of the great lost albums of the early 80s finally sees the light of day. Mojo Magazine awarded a very respectable 3 stars to this CD. Our Price: £9.95

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Theodore And Friends
Released 20/07/2009. The Adventures were a rock band formed in Belfast in the1980s who moved to London where they had hits in the UK Singles Chart during the 1980s. Released back in 1985,'Theodore and Friends' is a rock album that proves The Adventures were one of the most underrated bands around at that time. The First single from the album Another Silent Day failed to chart, but it was followed later in 1984 by the superb Send My Heart - a top quality 80's single which made it into the UK top 40. This was then followed up by the Hit single Feel The Raindrops that was a massive radio and chart hit.

This timely reissue contains the original UK album re-mastered and also contains selected rare bonus tracks, which have never been on CD before. The booklet with an exclusive interview with guitarist contains rare memorabilia as well. Much sought after release on CD New sleeve-notes by Classic Rock s Malcolm Dome with original member Pat Cribben. Contains the top 20 hit Feel The Raindrops.
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Best Seat In The House - A Cock Sparrer Story
Cock Sparrer are widely considered to be one of the most influential streetpunk bands in history, and helped pave the way for the late-1970s punk scene and the significant Oi! subgenre. After battling through the 1970s and 1980s, the 1990s’ punk revival saw them rediscovered by hordes of fans old and new and, as a result, they now enjoy huge success as a live attraction, particularly in the UK and Europe, and find themselves headlining festival bills and performing their own shows to large ecstatic crowds all over the western world.

Best Seat In The House tells the band’s story from the perspective of drummer and driving force, Steve Bruce. From their beginnings in London’s East End, through the mid seventies’ punk boom, Malcolm McLaren’s attempts to mould them prior to his adventures with The Sex Pistols and entanglements with Carrere Records, into the eighties and the reality of civvy street, and on into the nineties and beyond, a period which sees them as surprised as anybody to find themselves touring the world, releasing new material and enjoying the respect and love of the punk and Oi! community.

The book is packed with photographs, memorabilia, tales and anecdotes – a must for any fan. Its initial run will feature a numbered limited edition of one thousand copies, with advance mail order buyers being named in a special section at the back of the book. In Steve Bruce’s own words: "I'm 54 years old and am a founder member of the band that was to become Cock Sparrer, which we formed at school in the year 1972. The four original members are still together as friends and a band today. We’ve never been on "Top of the Pops", but these days we seem to be Top of the Bill”.
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Independence Days - The Story of UK Independent Record Labels
Even by the standards of Alex Ogg’s previous work (The Hip Hop Years, No More Heroes etc), Independence Days is an exhaustive undertaking. Collating more than 150 interviews, it traces the story of the UK independent record label boom from the late 70s to the mid-80s, a period which saw a new generation of independent spirits take up the baton and revolutionise the course of popular music. Independence Days cover the era’s most celebrated labels including Rough Trade, Beggars Banquet/4AD, Factory, Cherry Red and Mute, and covers releases by notable acts such as The Smiths, Joy Division, The Buzzcocks, Elvis Costello, New Order, Depeche Mode, Erasure, Echo & The Bunnymen, Gary Numan, Teardrop Explodes, Nick Cave, KLF etc. There is also extensive coverage of a myriad of less familiar labels and their unique stories, revealing a fabulous, almost Shakespearean cast of characters along the way, simultaneously profiling their achievements and contributions. From the budget, DIY ethic beloved of many labels and their audiences to the grandiose packaging of Factory and 4AD and eventual chart dominance of Depeche Mode and New Order, all the key moments are documented through painstaking research, analysis and eyewitness accounts. Scheming, rivalries and fiscal brinkmanship contrast with the optimism and opportunism - and incredible diversity of music - of a decade when anything seemed possible. Interviewees include: Geoff Travis, Daniel Miller, Ivo Watts-Russell, Dave Robinson, Ted Carroll, Bill Drummond, Roger Armstrong, Penny Rimbaud, Richard Boon, Martin Mills, Richard Scott, Iain McNay, Mike Stone, Mike Alway, Bob Last, Terri Hooley, Bill Gilliam, Charlie Gillett, Miles Copeland, Seymour Stein and Geoff Davies among others.
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